Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Alright, I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Welcome back to Secret Earths for the second of what will perhaps be many monthly punch-ups. Having added a hit counter this month, I actually know people are visiting, so... go team!

A pretty good selection of fights this month, even if I do say so myself. Perhaps garnering some of the most attention was Daredevil vs Scope, and for that reason I'm going to endeavor to mix the eras up. Not that you should hold me to that, because there are so many great comics grabbing my attention.

For anyone interested, I was pleased to be informed that Scope is in fact a character unique to the aforementioned feature story. Thanks to Vonn Hennigar for finding confirmation on that.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, I'm running a little behind schedle (contrary to the dates of these entries). Because of that, the weekly punch-up is going to take evasive action, so instead of just waffling on about a character, you're just going to get the top ten as it stands. Thanks for your patience.

March will kick off the three month celebration of the tenth anniversary of Marvel versus DC, and with any luck I'll find them time to upgrade to two entries every week, to offer some diversity. Three months is a LONG time for one theme.
In the mean time, hopefully you'll enjoy the attempt at making interesting selections for February.

The Top Five
#1 Batman (Unchanged)
Hardly surprising on a site like this that Batman would weigh in at first early, and continue to do so. That's largely due to the exposure of the character, and the successful nature of his strengths as a thinking hero. In the next coming months there will hopefully be a greater diversity, which may see this change for a time.

- Batman versus Superman
- Batman versus Superman
- Batman & Red Hood versus Captain Nazi, Hyena and Count Vertigo

#2 Captain America (+1)
Like Batman, you'd have to consider Captain America, a character known for his prowess as a fighter, as a worthy inclusion in the top five. Cap enjoyed a return to my comic collection thanks to the efforts of Ed Brubaker on a new series, but because it featured largely character driven stories, Cap may slide from the top by numbers.

- X-Men & SHIELD w/Captain America versus Wolverine
- Zombies (inc. Captain America) versus Magneto

#3 Mr. Fantastic (-1)
His gradual decline from the top ten has already begun, and you'd imagine it will continue as numbers accumulate. Generally not an active fighter, but as a member of the Fantastic Four, there's still a good chance he'll stick around. With pretty versatile powers, and the brain to potentially use them in infinite ways, Mr. Fantastic is often regarded as one of the most underrated, and potentially powerful, fighters in comics.

- Mr. Fantastic versus The Super Apes & Red Ghost

#4 Daredevil (new)
Here's a guy I'm sure will climb the ranks, just because I'm really digging the character lately. The end of Bendis and Maleev's run will no doubt inspire nostalgia, and several entries.
Like other entries, Daredevil is known for his fighting prowess, and should be considered a very valid top five fighter. Unfortunately my collection is lacking in previous appearances though, so his status could be in question.

- Daredevil versus Scope

#5 Wasp (new)
Okay, to the three or four Wasp fans out there -- I wouldn't expect her to stick around. As an unlikely offensive instrument of doom, zombie Wasp actually proved useful for something other than hasty retreat to deliver messages to loved ones. Yes, alternate reality counterparts to characters are included in the ranks to save confusion. DKR Batman is Batman, and Zombie Wasp is... well, I wouldn't want to say infront of the children...

- Marvel Zombies (inc. Wasp) versus Magneto

The Hammer...
That about wraps it up for this monthly punch-up.
As my efforts become spread thin amongst other projects this is likely the method I'll be taking each month, rather than trying to string together a monologue about a character.

With the Marvel/DC action taking over in March, I took the time to pick out four personal favourite fights for February. You've got a brick shithouse, reality bending mystic battles, old rivalries and more!

Next week: There'll be fighting in the street! Be here!

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