Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here we are once again for the first day of another month!

As the image to the right may suggest, next month is the beginning of the three month celebration of the DC vs Marvel mega-event.
More on that in a moment, but first some things pertaining to this past month.

While I wasn't able to dig up any concrete information on the featured issue of Street Fighter II, I did discover something that may prove enlightening.

Apparently there is a Japanese manga company called Tokuma Shoten, which may or may not have published the original, Japanese version of this particular Street Fighter series. If anyone can confirm or deny this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Also, a big thanks goes out to Ragnell who was able to tell me Zor has appeared prior to Seven Soldiers: Zatanna. He can be seen battling The Spectre in the Golden Age Spectre: Archive Edition published by DC. Very interesting, and a fight that may feature in future editions of Secret Earths.

Now, onto the business of the day; DC versus Marvel/Marvel versus DC.

The above is a cardboard foldout ballot from the Skybox DC versus Marvel trading card series. One of the few utterly worthless pieces of memorabilia in my meager collection. The image at the top of the page is a ballot from the actual comic, which presumably some suckers probably ripped out of their books.

Beginning next month we will be celebrating the much maligned, but thoroughly interesting crossover that happened this time ten years ago. It's really quite frightening to think that much time has elapsed.

In the interest of keeping updates versatile Monday will be DC/Marvel day, while the regular Friday slot will be maintained by other entries.
Each featured fight from DC versus Marvel will be it's own single entry, with an extra final recap rounding things out to twelve weekly entries in total.

For the first month, regular Friday entries will try to steer toward characters that were omitted from the crossover. Beyond that, things are still up in the air.
Hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy the festivities, and perhaps even chime in with a comment or two on the more controversial results.

The Top Five...
#1 Batman (-) (#1)
With so little history behind Secret Earths, it comes as little surprise that despite not being featured, the Batman remains top of the pile.
With an interesting and unique crop of characters being featured as part of the DC vs Marvel milestone, Batman may be challenged by other characters as he slips from the spotlight.
Ever a present and favourite character, he will no doubt be a stalwart of the top five.

- Batman versus Superman
- Batman versus Superman
- Batman & Red Hood versus Captain Nazi, Hyena & Count Vertigo

#2 Daredevil (+2) (#4)
As a personal favourite, Daredevil is no doubt a promising challenge to Batman in these early months. Perhaps the only things keeping DD from taking the top spot will be Batman's solid exposure in my collection, and also Daredevil's capacity for loss. Though an incredibly proficient fighter, one would struggle to find a character as challenged and battered as Daredevil.

- Daredevil versus Scope
- Daredevil & Elektra versus Bullseye

#3 Captain America (-1) (#2)
Again, a minum of entries all spread out amongst different characters mean Captain America moves very little. I would expect the Captain to slide further in coming months, with interests being diverted in other directions. As a prevelent character in the Marvel universe, no doubt Captain America will rise again, but he may have to fall to do it.

- X-Men & SHIELD (w/ Captain America) versus Wolverine
- Zombies (inc. Captain America) versus Magneto

#4 Green Arrow (re) (#5)
Ousted for a month, Green Arrow returns to the top five.
Having gained larger recognition as a vital player in the goings on in the DC universe, there's a chance Green Arrow may continue to ebb in and out of the top five.
With a large DC shaped hole in my collection, it may be the events of the Infinite Crisis mega-crossover, and it's consequences that control Green Arrow's fate.

- Justice League (inc. Green Arrow) versus Deathstroke (w/ Dr. Light)
- Batman (w/Green Arrow) versus Superman
- Green Arrow versus The Brick

#5 Zatanna (new) (-)
A somewhat surprising entry is Zatanna!
I had made the mistake of assuming Mr. Fantastic would maintain his top five position for one more week, but apparently I was wrong!

Zatanna is probably an unlikely character to sit this high on the list, really thriving solely on recent interests in the character. I have had very little to do with the character in the past, and I wouldn't expect to see her in the top five again. This may be her swansong.

- Justice League (inc. Zatanna) versus Deathstroke
- Zatanna versus Zor

The hammer...
If any of you are crazy enough to be running some sort of elaborate betting system based on this website, then there are a few names not mentioned worth keeping an eye out.

Featured in the DC versus Marvel crossover; Wolverine and Elektra are both characters lurking outside the top five. With Zatanna and Green Arrow each absent from the event, there's good odds that one of those [Wolverine or Elektra], might steal a spot.

Not featured in the event, Daredevil is a shoe-in to remain competitive with five characters spotlighted in March that did not partake in the event. Two bruisers not featured at all yet, are Hulk and the Thing. These guys are definite outside chances to make an impact, as solid fighters.

Finally, if anyone's going to rise through the ranks faster than a speeding bullet, it's probably Superman. Currently ranked at a disgraceful fourty-fifth, and with a major motion picture on the way, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a resurgance in popularity for the Man of Steel.

That's all from Secret Earths today, as we prepare to kick off the DC versus Marvel triple threat from now until the end of May!

THIS WEEK: Hawkman! 'Nuff said!
NEXT WEEK: Marvel versus DC
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