Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy, busy, busy! It's been a big week of Halloween havoc, and the fun won't stop here! Leaving the spooktacular to the end of the month seemed the appropriate thing to do, but with so many monsters, vampires, zombies and demons still to be featured, we're going to keep it rolling into November!

The Infinite Wars continues it's launch of daily updates, which, yes, will sometimes include these thematic retrospectives, because I'm just one man!
I can only slur my way through poorly constructed discussions and reviews so often before the dark hadou takes me! Speaking of which; check out some of these groovy back issues, and be with us tomorrow for the Sunday Street Fight!

The Demon #17 (November 1991)
"The Region Beyond Part II: Beyond Redemption" Grant/Semeiks

The impish witchboy, Klarion, has teleported Wonder Woman into the infernal realm! Surrounded by flame and torture, the Amazon warrior princess is ready to confront all trials that await her -- that is, perhaps except the affections of the Demon, Etrigan!

Battle with a vile demonite called Banshee soon turns to a fatal attraction as Etrigan finds himself compelled by Wonder Woman's crimson blood, and affronting brutality!

Will the demon woe his Wonder Woman, or is he destined for a date with a fate not so great? "Gone, gone the form of man" indeed!...

Captain America #408 (October 1992)
"Dark Dawn" Gruenwald/Levins

When Captain America finds himself turned into a savage werewolf, things are pretty bad. When, just as he's about to be cured of such an affliction, an evil doppelganger Cap shows up, things are REALLY bad!

Through the haze of his primal thoughts, Cap struggles to not only protect himself and his friends, but also resist the animalistic lure of bloodlust.

While Cap struggles with the machinations of the Magus, Dr. Druid's also on the scene to protect him from the menace of the lord of werewolves; Dredmund!
Yeah, I don't know if I'd entrust my well being to Dr. Druid either...

Hawkman #31 (October 2004)
"Fate's Warning" Gray/Palmiotti/Sook

A murderer is on the loose in Hawkman's newly adopted home of St. Roch, and all signs point to him! The "Angel Killings" have seen each victim strung-up with fake wings and a red X on their chest, sound like anybody you know?

Hawkman hunts the true killer, who proves to be a chemically infected madman referring to himself as the very spirit of the city, St. Roch! This personification proves to be a monster of pure evil, and he's turning his touch of pestilence to Hawkman and his loved ones.

Can Hawkman and Hawkgirl overcome this zealous, disease-ridden showpony; or will it be St. Roch that fullfils the curse that keeps them apart forevermore?

Marvel Zombies #3 (April 2006)
"Marvel Zombies" Kirkman/Phillips

Life on Earth is nigh-extinct, but the zombies are still hungry! Lucky for them, an immensly powerful visitor from the stars has come to survey the planet! The Silver Surfer is a cosmic-foil wrapped delight waiting to munched down, but with his master Galactus on call, will the zombies finally have met their match?

Perhaps in Galactus they will find peace in a kindred spirit... But more likely it's feasting time, and silver chrome domed surfer dudes are on the menu!

It's the Marvel heroes like you've never seen them, unless of course you've seen any single cover this October... *Groan*...

52 #44 (May 2007)
"Deaths in the Family" Johns/Morrison/Rucka/Waid/Giffen/Barrows

The trials of Shazam are nothing compared to the assault of war, famine, pestilence and death!

It's a sneak attack by a brand new Monster Society, as Black Adam and his adopted "Black Marvel" family do battle with the newest creations of Dr. Sivana: the creatures responsible for bringing plague and suffering to Adam's nation of Kahndaq!

Adam has travelled far and beaten many to rescue his country, but has he finally met his match? The Four Horseman of Apokolips would sure like to think so!...

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