Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A little bit of a rethink for the Cover to Cover back issue feature. Rather than slogging through the back catalogue, I thought it might be nice to try to use themes to isolate certain groups. So, while I take a quick breather before continuing the Halloween entries, why not check out some of these past reviews with a spooky theme?

Uncanny X-Men #143 (March 1981)
"Demon" Claremont/Byrne

'Tis the season to be jolly! As the X-Men fan out of the mansion to join up with loved ones, Kitty Pryde is left alone in the mansion.

What begins as a great opportunity for a shower, turns into a horror scene as the dreaded N'Garai demons sprout another totem on the X-Mansion's grounds, and one of their demons has come for Shadowcat!

Like a classic slasher flick, Kitty has to rely on her wits as the Mansion becomes a labyrinth in which she desperately tries to lose her hunter. Is Kitty ready to become a full fledged X-Men, or will this deadly confrontation with the N'Garai Demon see her losing her head?

What if...? #24 (April 1991)
"What If... Wolverine had become Lord of Vampires?" Thomas/Lofficer/Morgan

Come as the Watcher shows you a world not so different from our own, where Wolverine was able to resist Dracula's hold and defeat him to become lord of vampires!

It begins with the X-Men, but eventually Wolverine and his hordes of vampires are able to selectively turn and feed on their pick of Marvel heroes! New York City becomes a quarenteen zone, but a few brave warriors continue to take the fight to the vampire legion!

With the help of the spirit of Dr. Strange, Frank Castle aka; the Punisher, does his best to avenge humanity, and put an end to Wolverine's reign as vampire lord!

Justice League Unlimited #14 (December 2005)
"Everbody Limbo!" Beechen/Barberi

The Demons Three; Abnegazar, Ghast & Rath are up to no good, and Deadman's going to need some help if the afterlife of Limbo is going to be saved from their scheme!

Heading back to the land of the living, the spirit Deadman seeks the aid of the Justice League, but in situations such as these it's not Superman or Wonder Woman, but the occult collective of the Trenchcoat Brigade that need answer the call!

Travelling together, this unlikely motley group of demons, magicians, sorcerors and angels travel into the realm between heaven and hell. Can they possibly restore the balance, or does evil have a trump card up it's sleeve?

Marvel Zombies #1 (February 2006)
"Marvel Zombies Part 1 of 5" Kirkman/Phillips

When Reed Richards discovered a means to contact an older version of himself in a parallel universe, he could never have dreamed that it would lead to the evolution of one of the most destructive cosmic forces in the multi-verse!

Come back to where it all started, as the macabre Marvel Zombies find themselves stranded in a world where most humans are already devoured. Between the zombies and their crushed hopes -- Magneto; mutant master of magnetism! Can he possibly survive the onslaught, or will he be a valuable source of iron for our former-heroes?
Spidey and the undead gang are just dying to show you!

Batman #663 (April 2007)
"Clown at Midnight" Morrison/Van Fleet/Klein

A funeral procession for a clown is slaughtered by an unseen killer, all former agents of the sinister Joker!
The murerous clown prince of crime is back to his old tricks, having recovered from a pointblank gunshot to the face! What evils lurk behind the healed grin of the Joker?

The Batman is about to find out as he follows the Joker's grim and deadly line of clues to the mental hospital where he intends to unveil his newest iteration.

Batman and Joker comes to blows in one of their eeriest encounters to date, in this rare prose edition of the Batman series, as envisioned by Grant Morrison, writer of the original Arkham Asylum series!

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