Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh, yessir. Cheating our way back from the missed entries of the past!
In English? A return to the back issue bins for another round of tag teaming action. If you enjoyed the last cover's slice of tag team gold, then feast your eyes upon another realm of two-man combat.

Every so often a pair of powers are forced to unite their efforts against an evil so powerful, only their combined might will do the job. Then there also other occasions, where Paste Pot Pete is just begging for a good kicking.
I like to think both kinds of feature have their uses... Click-away!

Marvel Team-Up #58 (June 1977)
"Panic on Pier One!" Claremont/Buscema/Marcos

It's panic at the pier as a stunt movie crashes and burns due to the interference of none other than the dreaded Trapster -- aka; Paste Pot Pete!

Pete's looking for a little paste-pot payback on the hellacious hero in disguise, Ghost Rider, and he's come to the work place of his human host to do it! Thus, the visage of celebrity stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze burnss away, revealing the flaming skull of the Ghost Rider.

With hellfire and brimstone in mind, Ghost Rider is happy to indulge Pete's sinful ways, and with Spidey on the scene, the web-slinger may be forced to turn on a hero!

Captain America #252 (December 1980)
"Cold Fire!" Stern/Byrne

Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!
From the legendary annals of the late, great Captain America comes this rare team-up between the sentinel of liberty and his leaping arch-rival, Batroc!

When Mr. Hyde threatens to ram a tanker full of natural gas into New York Harbor, even a dirty Frenchman can take only so much. Thus, with a twist of his moustache and a kick of savate, the Leaper turns the tables, rescuing Cap from certain doom!

Even with Cap by his side, can even this unlikeliest of team-ups possibly rival the sheer strength of the mad Mr. Hyde?!

Marvel Two-In-One #92 (October 1982)
"This Evil Returning--!" DeFalco/Wilson

Jocasta feels she isn't welcome in a world of human heroes, but that's not the only thing getting her down! It seems her creator, Ultron, has activated long dormant programming to force the robotic Avenger to free him from entrapment within a stoney prison.

Thing and Machine Man are on the scene to come to Jocasta's rescue, as she's forced to usher in a new era of Ultron, and an army of adamantium-shelled warriors!

The genocidal robot is out to destroy all humans, but for the hero Machine Man, he's happy to make a killing exception, and it looks like the ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing is on Ultron's! Egads!

Batman #637 (April 2005)
"Under the Hood Part 3: Overnight Deliveries" Winick/Mahnke

He began his career at Batman's side, and now Dick Grayson is back at the Dark Knight's side as his own brand of hero, Nightwing!

The Red Hood is running amok in Gotham City, interfering in criminal activities to the chagrin of Batman and Black Mask both. His latest scheme sees the release of an unchecked Amazo unit, signed and paid for by the Gotham kingpin of crime.

Designed to turn the powers of the Justice League against them, can the super-powerless dyanmic duo possibly make a scratch in Amazo's metallic exterior?

Batman #647 (January 2006)
Siu-Chong/Double KO/Dogan

If you think wrestling isn't real, then you want to stay well clear of the Russian red cyclone -- Zangief!

Blissfully unaware of the scripted portion of the show, Zangief has not taken defeat kindly. The mountain of muscle pursues Rainbow Mika to a signing, where she unexpectedly finds herself in the throws of a rematch!

With Zangief out of control and Sakura keen to develop new skills through the learning of other techniques, it looks like this bout is scheduled for a handicap match!
It's a women's workout and chick chairtoe that will leave one fighter reeling -- and it's not Zangief!

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