Monday, November 12, 2007

I'd hoped to have something a bit more meaty than this, but to catch up to the present timeline, desperate tactics must be called upon! If you're wondering why I don't just skip to today's post, you should scroll down to the Secret Archives to get an overview of the site. We try not to make promises, but likewise make efforts to deliver quantity in the absence of quality.

While the scanner warms on new reviews fresh out of 2007, here's another focused chance to look back at the year that was. We might not cover the blanket of the year, but I like to think there have been some good times within the gems that follow. Have a browse, and stay tuned!

Fantastic Four #543 (January 2007)
"A Day at the Races" Paul Pope

The FF are celebrating their 45th anniversary, and in this instant classic, Johnny Storm is making headlines as he heads out to burn some rubber in his new hotrod!

J. Jonah wants pictures of the racing event of the year, and Peter Parker is on hand to get the job. Problem is, Peter Parker is Spider-man, and when he uses his wall-crawling skills to try to get a better vantage point, the old rivalry between the web-slinger and the hot head is on!

Paul Pope delivers a kinetic chapter in one of Marvel's most hilarious heroic rivalries! Is the bug drawn to the flame, or will Crystal be the calming voice of reason? Click on to find out, true believer!

Cable & Deadpool #36 (March 2007)
"Unfinished Business: Part One" Nicieza/Brown

From one hilarious rivalry, to another!
Cable's got the night off as Deadpool, with some help from his bestest pal Weasel, is cooking up ways to restore his credibility with the assassin-hiring community.

'Pool has the ingenious idea to bust out his old sparring buddy, Taskmaster, to use his superior name to benefit his own!

It's zany antics all around as Deadpool kidnaps representitives of various factions, including the US government, to put on a staged show. Much to Taskmaster's chagrin, the merc with a mouth is coming out arms tied, and quips ready. Don't miss it!

Batman #663 (April 2007)
"The Clown at Midnight" Morrison/Van Fleet/Klein

It was the experiment of the year, as only Grant Morrison
can be expected to getaway with!

The Dark Knight taps into his pulp roots, in this rare prose issue of the flagship Bat-title. Complimented by eerie CG art, Morrison delivers a winding tale of two indominatable forces, and Harley Quinn, who is stuck in the middle!

The Joker; having previously been shot point blank; has a new face, and the doctors say along with his once grinning exterior, his mind has been healed too.
Batman knows the harsh lesson coming, as the Joker rips through the asylum, and prepares to usher in a new era of violence and murder as the ultimate super-personality emerges.

Green Arrow #71 (April 2007)
Seeing Red Part Two: The Buddy System" Winick/McDaniel

The Red Hood and Danny Brickwell are about to pool their resources to pull a switcheroo on Green Arrow and the Batman. Jason Todd's plan is simple: turn the tables on the heroes that have plagued their operations, and keep them busy enough to distract from his true goals!

It's the best of superhero action as Green Arrow gets a chance to exercise his newly acquired expertise with a blade. Will the archer be tempted to cross the line that seperates he from his crimson cowled foe, or will the Hood take full advantage of Green Arrow's unwillingness to put an end to him once and for all?

Thunderbolts #111 (April 2007)
"Faith in Monsters Part 2" Ellis/Deodato Jr.

The superhero Civil War has decimated the forces for good that patrol New York City. With a potential window for crime to run wild, it's the efforts of obscure heroes like Captain America protegee, Jack Flagg, that protect us all.

Despite their achievements, Tony Stark's regime will have no tolerance for heroes unwilling to declare, and it's the sub-section that controls the Thunderbolts that will show these heroes the true colour of the new ways.

It's the first chance for this new brand of Thunderbolts to step on stage: but which member is confined to lurking in the shadows? Justice like lightening!

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