Sunday, November 11, 2007

Every now and then I have to admit, things get a little whiney about our current predicament. The Infinite Wars are many things, and ideally they reflect the zeitgeist and developments of the superhero world in any given year, but the dollars just aren't there to splurge on weekly comics like other blogsites.

With a sufficient amount of Halloween Hangover behind us, it seems like now, leading up to the end of the year, we should be doing exactly what we're talking about. So, less whining, more comics that we do have access to, from 2007!

While things are on catch-up mode, why not soak up some of the solid reads already reviewed in 2007? We've got everything; from the Punisher's return to active duty in the Marvel Universe proper, to Captain America's unceremonious exit via assassination! Check it out, and stay tuned for more!

Punisher War Journal #3 (March 2007)
"How I Won the War Part 3: Mutually Assured Destruction" Fraction/Olivetti

What do you get when you cross the Punisher with the rampaging Rhino? Why, a whole lot of chaos and destruction, of course, stupid!

The Civil War is in full swing, and while the Marvel heroes are busy fighting and killing each other, the Punisher is going to pick up the slack and start killing some bad guys!

Stilt-Man has already felt Frank's lethal kiss, and with access to a variety of ammunitions and occult weaponry, the Punisher is about to follow SHIELD intelligence to make a house call to Spidey's sparring buddy: the Rhino!
Isn't he reformed? Eh, shoot first, ask later!

Captain America #25 (April 2007)
"The Death of the Dream" Brubaker/Epting

It was the shot heard around the world!
Covered by the world's most prominent media outlets, here's the story that has completely reshaped the Marvel Universe in 2007 and years to come!

With Captain America dead, the Red Skull has finally achieved his life's goal of destroying his super-patriot counterpart. Of course, that doesn't mean Skull and the gang are without enemies.

Sharon Carter may have been manipulated into delivering the killing blow, but Cap's other friends are still fighting mad! Bucky, Falcon and Nick Fury are on the job, and they've got would-be assassin, Crossbones, in their sights!

Spider-man Family #1 (April 2007)
"Homesick" McKeever/Bobbett

Spidey may have been back in black to mourn deaths in the Marvel Universe, but the year was coloured by the big screen debut of the original black costume - Venom!

Spidey 3 saw Venom and Sandman team-up, but check out this story from Spidey's past that pits the black costume Spider-man against a seemingly innocent Sandman!
Is this the sinister symbiote bringing out the worst in Spider-man, or is Sandman destined to forever reoffend, just looking for an excuse to fight?

Get right in the thick of it with what is arguably the best Spider-man title on stands today! Jam packed with action, and highlighting the villains of the movies!

52 #45 (May 2007)
"Every Hour Wounds, The Lask Kills" Johns/Morrison/Rucka/Waid/Batista/Igle/Giffen

It was DC's experimental weekly comic project that took focus to some of their lesser known characters in the absence of the major stars. Among them, Black Adam, who dominated the first half of the year as 2007's MVP!

There were so many Black Adam moments of note, but it's here that the now classic genocidal pursuit of Azraeuz made Black Adam one of the most prominent and conflicted heroes of the DC Universe!

It's harsh justice at it's purest, and it's Black Adam on the warpath as he seeks vengeance for the death of his adopted family, and the suffering of his nation!

Checkmate #12 (May 2007)
"Corvalho: Part Two" Rucka/Defilippis/Scott/Richards

While the Amazons attacked, and Black Adam sparked a World War; behind the scenes the clandestine operations of Checkmate were quietly influencing corners of the DCU!

It's the sleeper hit of season 06/07! Greg Rucka delivers politically charged thrills and espionage as the members of Checkmate juggle in-house opposition, and world changing battles across the globe!

Following up on events from Infinite Crisis, see what happens when the son of Judomaster comes face-to-face with his father's killer, the South American rebel, Bane!
Bane sees enemies everywhere, and with good reason!

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