Thursday, November 15, 2007

Like RYU, the Infinite Wars may be down, but they'll never be out!
There'll be a slight delay on your order... Ding! Your meal is served!
EDIT: With a little bit of a lighter load for the week, the Infinite Wars expect that things should return to a more regular schedule. Be sure to scroll down to check out some of the 'new' posts you might have missed, and stay tuned for more exciting battles from 2007!

We here at the Infinite Wars toil in earnest to provide you with the very best content we possibly can, but it was in our error when we made the decision to attempt to provide new materials daily. Inevitably we have been served, (by sub-contracted Manhunters), papers detailing our mandatory term of disarray under a sub-section of Murphy's Law.

Your interest is important to us, and we invite you to browse the many exciting battles and curiosities found in the Secret Archives back catalogue, located just a little lower on the right-hand menu in monthly arrays, or as part of the organized Issue Index.

While you wait, you may also enjoy taking in the sites [and sound effects] of some of our resident writer's comics work. Mike Haseloff has made available his short story, The Spirit of Chernobyl, which dishes up an exciting battle between two original characters. Also available, for purchase, is the first issue of the exciting new pseudo-hero character series; The Kirby Martin Inquest, which can be bought online for $2.99 and features more artwork by Pedro Cruz [who also drew the Chernobyl short].

Here at Secret Wars on Infinite Earths, we pride ourselves on delivering your money's worth, and believe this is just further proof of that. Mutants of Genosha, always remember, your Leader loves you! Joe Quesada does not.

Yours sincerely,
The Watcher

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