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As informative as the Infinite Wars attempts to be, we are by no means a comprehensive omnibus of information. We do our best to maintain an interesting balance between frivilous fun, and fact finding -pedia, but with so many cross references, the Blogspot search engine is crippled by repetition.
To accomodate readers there's always the Issue Index, or to pique your interest, this kind of entry which helps direct you to the spread of touched upon informations regarding topics such as popular crossovers!

It wasn't so long ago we featured Civil War, so it only seems appropriate to offer the same service to DC's big event of 2006: Infinite Crisis. Quite thankfully it was an event that failed to live up to it's name, allowing us to isolate five finite entries from battles and discussions past. Enjoy them with compliments from us; the good people at Secret Wars on Infinite Earths.

Superman #206 (August 2004)
"For Tomorrow" Azzarello/Lee

Superman finds himself locked in battle with triumverate of villains as the world reels from the worldwide disappearance of thousands into the Phantom Zone.

Supes goes head-to-head with the bio-tech villain Equus as tensions in the Middle East reach boiling point, and mass genoicide become the method of change, leaving many to shallow mass graves in the desert.

While General Zod plots his revenge from the Phantom Zone; Superman does his best to protect truth, justice, and the American way, far from home. He remains blissfully unaware that the menace of a new OMAC will affect a close friend, and grow into a far greater crisis.

Infinite Crisis #1 (December 2005)
"Infinite Crisis" Johns/Jiminez

With the Justice League satellite headquarters in ruins, and the stationed Martian Manhunter nowhere to be found, the League falls into disarray like never before.

The iconic trinity of leaders gather amongst the wreckage to ponder their next move, and encounter only further mistrust as they are forced to recognise great division between them. Even as they pull together to defeat the opportunist, Mongul; the trinity are torn further apart by their differences.

So begins the grounds for a series of events that will threaten to tear the entire multiverse apart if the heroes cannot band together in time!

Infinite Crisis #2 (January 2006)
"The Survivors" Johns/Jiminez

Powergirl finds herself the target of machinations breeding from the united front of the secret Society of villains.

Confronted by a unit specially formed to bring her down, PG does her best to battle the brute force of Girder, Mister Atom, Clayface, and Giganta, as led by Lex Luthor's Society General, Psycho-Pirate.

As she struggles to prevent mass civilian casualties as a result of the urban skirmish, the embattled Powergirl finds salvation from the most unlikely of sources. Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a Superman from a forgotten time? The Infinite Crisis ramps up as cousin Kal-L makes an unexpect visit just in the knick of time!

Infinite Crisis #6 (May 2006)
"Touchdown" Johns/Perez

The leader of the united villainous Society has been revealed, and Alexander Luthor's plans of interdimensional tailoring are finally uncovered as his Generals bring to him conduits of great significance in the Multiverse.

Black Adam, tired of being a pawn in Luthor's games, turns on the Society at the crucial moment, putting an end to the Psycho-Pirate, who was an unlikely survivor of the last crisis to threaten the multiple Earths.

Though the powerful Black Marvel proves a potential decider in the struggle for existence, his strength will truly be tested when he is forced to face far stronger opponents.

Blue Beetle #1 (May 2006)
"Blue Monday" Giffen/Rogers/Hamner

With the crisis of the Brother Eye satellite and the armies of OMAC converts brought to an end, the crucial contribution of a new Blue Beetle goes unthanked, when young Jaime Reyes is hurled back to Earth by the mystic blue scarab.

Desperate to escape the Green Lanterns for reasons unknown, the blue scarab's worst fears come true when it's the Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, who discovers Blue Beetle upon his crash landing in the desert.

Unhinged at the best of times, Gardner is driven to madness when his ring responds to the magic of the Blue Beetle, and so, Reyes is forced to defend himself, even if it isn't he who's doing the fighting!

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