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If I love martial arts video games so much, why don't I marry them?
If I lived in Utah that might just work, because it's no secret: As much as I'm a loyalist to some of these brands, I gladly play the field with many rival properties. Case in point -- comic adaptations reviewed on the Infinite Wars!

The hype surrounding a fourth core installment for the world warriors has made Street Fighter one of the most successful attractions on the site. Actually, Zangief grabbing R. Mika's ample posterior [Street Fighter Legends #2] has fast replaced our DC vs Marvel round-up as the most lasting highlight of the site.

Street Fighter isn't the only beat 'em up to transcend the medium, and it's not the only comic series you'll find in the Infinite Archives, either. Here are but a couple of examples of the cream of the crop, for you the fans, and even for those of you who are grumbling about wanting to see superheroes instead.

Street Fighter II #1 (July 1994)
"Battle 02: Little Las Vegas" Masaomi Kanzaki

The man-made island of Shad has seen a new challenger stroll into it's midst with the power to change everything in the lawless metropolis. Ryu, a wandering warrior hailing from Japan, has come to enter the street fighting tournament, and before long finds himself an opponent as he steps in to protect a brother and sister pair of orphans who are being harassed by criminals.

Their boss, the former boxing champion, Balrog, will step up to face Ryu in one-on-one combat. In his day Balrog was one of the greatest and most brutal fighters on the circuit, but will ring rust get the better of the cocky American? And what secret power lies behind Ryu's fist?

Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #4
(October 1994) Marshall/Rolo

Earthrealm has defended itself, as it has for centuries, in the fighting tournament known as Mortal Kombat. Though the sanctity of the tournament rules protects Earth from Shao Kahn's Outworld invasion armies, various entities seek power to tip the balance in the on-going war.

An ancient book of riddles called the Tao Te Zhan is an artifact containing seven timeless riddles. The book promises untold power to the one who can solve the final riddle, and unlock the secrets held within.

The MK warriors are locked in a scrambling melee to possess the book, and two old rivals are about to come to blows for it: it's Scorpion versus Sub-Zero!

Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #5
(November 1994) Marshall/Chansomone

Mortal Kombat has been one, but the various kombatants still seek victory as they pursue the sacred book of riddles called the Tao Te Zhan! The book promises the possessor untold powers should they unlock seven riddles.

The undead ninja, Scorpion, has pursued the book across the wastelands of Outworld. He easily solves the next riddle, but a previous conflict with his murderer, Sub-Zero, and Earthrealm's protector, Raiden; has brought his spectral presence to their attentions.

Raiden's back to finish the job Sub-Zero started as he challenges Scorpion for the book in a battle of God vs Ghost!

Tekken Forever #1 (December 2001)
"What's This Life For?" Chi/Diaz

For generations the Mishima bloodline has been cursed, but with the influence of Kazama blood, it seems possible that the circle of violence may end with the noble warrior that is Jin. Revolted by his father's actions, he confronts him on the battlefield where he has already defeated some of the greatest fighters on the planet.

Disinterested, Kazuya sets his henchmen Ganryu and Bruce Irvin, fallen sumo and kickboxer respectively, with the license to kill his son if they believe they truly can.

Though he fights on the side of angels, this young man has a devil inside him, and it's waiting to come out. Will it?

Street Fighter #1 (September 2003)
"Stage 01" Siu-Chong/Lee

For Interpol recruit and US Air Force Captain, Guile, the battle to bring down the International crime syndicate called Shadaloo is a personal mission. Disgusted by their habits from the lowliest thug, to their mysterious boss, Guile mercilessly brings them to justice in the name of his murdered best friend, Charlie Nash.

Guile comes face-to-face with Shadaloo's street presence as the British punk and Shadaloo wannabe, Birdie, raises hell in a small diner. The wandering fighter Ryu just happens to be present, but Guile proves capable and willing of delivering a beat down Birdie won't soon forget!
And who's that femme fatale waiting in the wings?...

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