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ARTWORK: Leinil YuMark Millar's penchant for big battles and widescreen action has made him an all-around honored General of the Infinite Wars; but it's been his work on Wolverine that has kept us coming back time and time again. Since our humble begining in 2005, the Enemy of the State storyline has been a constant touchstone, reemerging with new instalments every year. If you're a regular reader you now know first-hand what to expect [Wolverine #22], but if not, backtrack!

No doubt there'll be more of this furious fighting favourite in the future, but before that comes along, maybe you'd like to get better aquainted with the story that's been!

Wolverine #20 (December 2004)
"Part 1" Millar/Romita Jr

The story begins when Wolverine travels to Japan to respond to a call concerning the kidnapped child of a tangential relative of Wolverine's deceased wife. The plot, believed to be a bungled kidnapping of a richer man's son, in fact turns out to be a diabolical plot to lure Wolverine into the clutches of the terrorist organization: Hydra!

Having teamed with the Hand and sponsored the admission of a young Japanese mutant with the ability to kill on-sight, Hydra intends to murder and resurrect Wolverine as a puppet under their control. The plot is the trump card in a General's tactical deck, as Baron Von Struck faces harsh opposition from a Hydra that has grown despondent with his charge.

New Invaders #6 (March 2005)
"Oil and Water" Jacobsen/Lucas

In this unlikely crossover chapter; Wolverine is sent to the Middle East where the Invaders have become involved in an international struggle to secure the oil rich nation of Mazikhandar. Hydra, having invested in the production of over ten thousand synthetic Pterrorist units, sends their secret weapon in the interest of protecting an investment, and supporting the legacy of Nazi ally, Herr Nacht.

An Atlantean alliance ensures the the continued pacification and military security of the region, but when Wolverine murders a water-breathing counsellor, it becomes a bitter vendetta when the Sub-Mariner steps in to squash the Hydra interference in bloody warfare.

Wolverine #24 (March 2005)
"Part 5" Millar/Romita Jr

Upgraded with an arsenal of technology, and under the total remote-control of Hydra, Wolverine officially becomes an enemy of the state as he engages in assassination plots and assaults on the United States President, and various members within the superhero community.

Old rivalries are reignited when Wolverine joins an army of Hand ninja in battle with an old enemy -- Daredevil. Another embroiled in the history of the clan is Elektra, who, having already tussled with Wolverine after his possession, joins SHIELD in attempting to defuse the situation.

It's all out chaos as DD becomes the latest target for
forced recruitment, and Enemy of the State continues!

Wolverine #25 (April 2005)
"Part 6" Millar/Romita Jr

Wolverine's career as a Hydra assassin comes full circle when the terrorist organization sends him home to come face-to-face with his friends and pseudo-family, the X-Men.

With his mission to take a telepath hostage in the interest of locating a hidden President of the United States, Wolverine goes on a hunt across the Xavier Estate, where some of the mightiest forces in the Marvel Universe converge for a final showdown.

Can even the combined power of the X-Men, SHIELD, and assorted Avengers put a stop to Wolverine's murderous rampage, or will they all fall before his unstoppable blade?

What if? Wolverine Enemy of the State #1 (January 2007)
"What If Wolverine Was Never Deprogrammed?" Robinson/Di Giandomenico

Subdued by Captain America, Wolverine is eventually successfully deprogrammed by SHIELD in an interest to turn the tables on Hydra. There are, however, secret Earths where infinite realities playout, and the possibility of Hydra's success is vividly realised.

In this world Captain America suffered crippling defeat at the hands of Wolverine, who went on to declare or destroy America's superheroes, forcing a ragtag bunch of survivors to band together under SHIELD direction. Cap, Sue Storm, Magneto and Kitty Pryde make-up the unlikely last defense; a fantastic foursome with the weight of a world on their back.

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