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Okay, so there's the obvious things; longer character notes, more image scans, lengthier discussion pieces. A lot has cosmetically changed in two years of Infinite Wars, but on this journey of self-reflection, what have we really learnt about Secret Wars on Infinite Earths as not just a fight competition, but as a blog.

A frustration I've found from some comics communities and blogs is that they become repetitive, if not predictable. I get a little tired of the same self-conscious ironies of character based gags [not naming names *cough*Batroc*cough*], and weekly fawning over the usual suspects, whose names seem to be more important to some folks than the contents of their written work.
So what do those blanket criticism have to do with us? Well, even if occasionaly guilty of falling into that same trap, I like to think looking back on early entries in the Infinite Wars, we're anything if predictable. Though not reviewing weekly releases means we fail to capitalize on strong regular readerships, I'm content that we're doing something unique, and interesting.

I fully submit that the Infinite Wars is not without it's own faults. I sometimes wonder if better efforts could be made to engage with you, the reader, who remains mostly anonymous, despite an open comments policy. I wouldn't look that gifthorse in the mouth, mind you, given that I rarely have to rise to any specific criticms, or unfounded harassment.

Batman #612 (April 2003)
"The Battle" Loeb/Lee

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00006
It's a rivalry that's become a significant moment in comics history, and is certainly always a big deal when it comes to the Infinite Wars. This, in the scheme of our records, is the rematch after the DKR battle.

Batman and Catwoman are on the ropes as Superman, controlled by the botanical influences of Poison Ivy, pursues them with violent intentions. The Batman, as is oft the case, is forced to use his knowledge in the battle to make use of the Metropolis geography, and the inherent weaknesses that lie within Superman's home territory.

This, so much like the DKR fight, is about the brilliance of Batman, and proves that Gotham only went so far in his victory of the Man of Steel!

Marvel Comics Presents #49 (1990)
"White Messiah" Fligueroa/Wilson

Infinite Wars Fight File #00007
Daredevil joins the Infinite Wars in what was destined to be a strong outing for the character in Season 2006! This induction of the character comes from an unlikely source as we present the MCP short story White Messiah, which introduces the analogous super-villain, Scope, who has never appeared beyond this eight-page short.

As an aspiring comics writer, I've always thought of Scope as one of my holstered secret weapons, should I ever reach acclaim enough to touch Daredevil, or the criminal underworld of the Marvel Universe. Now, if that were to happen, then you've got a significant spoiler here, but I like to think this can be a fun secret between me and my pals from back in the early days of the Infinite Wars!

Marvel Zombies #1 (February 2006)
"Part 1" Kirkman/Phillips

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00008
The phenomenon that spawned an entire range of merchandise from Marvel Comics shows up early in Season 2007! Spinning out of the ground breaking storyarc in Mark Millar's Ultimate Fantastic Four, the zombies descend upon the self-sacrificing Magneto, whose efforts proved crucial in saving the Ultimate Universe from certain doom.

Unfortunately for the master of magnetism, that leaves him well and truly up the creek without a metallic paddle! Thus far the Zombies have been unstoppable, but as one of the most powerful mutant forces on the planet, could Magneto be the one to turn the tables?

... With a five issue mini-series on the line, we doubt it!

Batman #647 (January 2006)
"The Away Team" Winick/Mahnke

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00009
The Infinite Wars love affair with the work of Judd Winick and Doug Mahnke on Batman begins here! This proves the first taste of what was an unforgettable run of sorely missed versimilitude in Gotham City!

The return of Jason Todd from the grave is causing Batman much more than elevated psychiatric bills. Taking the original identity of his murderer, the Joker, Jason begins his own campaign of pain for the criminal underworld of Gotham, which has recently fallen under the control of the East End menace, Black Mask.
Todd has his own set of rules, but when Black Mask gets desperate, he may just be forced to join Batman in battle against the united Society of Villains!

Street Fighter II #1 (July 1994)
"Battle 02: Little Las Vegas" Masaomi Kanzaki

Infinite Wars Fight File: #00010
In February 2006 noone could've fully appreciated the love of Street Fighter that would eventually become evident in the last quarter of 2007. It all begins here with a preview into the world crafted by Masaomi Kanzaki, where the man-made island of Shad plays host to an entire world of street fights, and organized crime.

The wandering world warrior, Ryu, has arrived in Shad to prove his might against the other fighters of the big tournament, but before he gets there he's going to have to settle some scores with new friends. The fallen champion boxer, Balrog, has challenged Ryu to a fight for interfering in his "insurance" business, and Ryu has told his new friends to bet the house on him. Will they regret their choice?...

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