Sunday, April 27, 2008

During the week, we introduced you to the first registrants in the Infinite Wars Fantasy League! If you have not yet signed up then you should do so immediately! The Fantasy League provides a simple platform of interaction with the Infinite Wars by using the results catalogued in our many reviews! By following submission guidelines you're on your way to adopting a team!

The Fantasy League offers us a great opportunity to acknowledge sponsor websites from across the web. Where is my Power Ring? is a site sure to strike a chord with Infinite Wars readers fond of; the topical pursuit of company crossovers, fan-fiction, and discussion podcasting! Doc Blue recently kicked off a series of Amalgam-esque exploits, featuring mish-mash versions of fictional icons. As if by contradiction, I'm not a big fan-fic guy, but it's great to be able to reflect some of the content generated by Infinite Wars readers! Which is why you should be signing up, too!

Today we take a look at some of the back catalogue featuring members of The DC Illuminati! Remember, you too can become a part of the fun by enlisting in the Infinite Wars Fantasy League! Blogger membership is not required, and readers new and old are encouraged to join in and promote their corner of the internet. Stay tuned Thursday as we wrap the month's action up in the Punch-Up; featuring the first round winners and grinners of the Fantasy League!

Secret Origins #32 (November 1988)
"All Together Now" Giffen/David/Shanower

In a team analgous to the recently revealed cabal of Marvel masterminds; the Illuminati; it's no surprise to see one Atlantean monarch represented by another. I may be a Sub-Mariner man at heart, but even I have to admit to having a soft spot for Aquaman, who's success is reflected in a top ten charge in Season 2008!

In a recent series of posts, we featured the adventures destined to bring together the heroes of the Justice League! Despite being a slight obscure version of the origin, no longer regarded canonically; Aquaman's consistent presence in the big seven guarantees a surprisingly self-conscious appearance. The story touches on Aquaman's feelings of inadequacy as morepractically empowered individuals emerge in the world. Reflecting a very modern predicament for this classic character; Aquaman finds himself literally helpless as he loses form at the mercy of the Mercury Monster!

Steel #28 (July 1996)
"The Drowning Room" Tomasi/Robinson

It's no secret! On the Infinite Wars I'll often take time to play favourites, and while he might not be the most significant or unique character to grace DC comics, there's something special about Steel!

Rescued from a fatal fall by Superman; John Henry Irons was inspired to turn his brilliant mind to the design of a suit of armor. Repentant for his involvement in the design of weapons plaguing street crimes; Steel emerges as one of the many would-be replacements after the death of Superman; but endures even after his return as a force for good on the streets of Washington DC!
With his identity exposde: Steel finds his niece kidnapped by the gelatinous villain, Plasmus! In an effort to force John Henry to use his technical expertise to fashion a suit of armor, Plasmus seeks a solution that will sustain his deteriorating condition and burning touch.

Identity Crisis #3 (October 2004)
"Serial Killer" Meltzer/Morales

The controversial blockbuster of 2004 was undoubtedly Identity Crisis; a dark tale of secrets within the Justice League, and the who dunnit murder of a hero's wife.

Sue Dibny's funeral is just the beginning as the indiscretions of the League's past come back to haunt them. Junior members discover a shocking history of manipulation, placing Zatanna and the group at the centre of a witchhunt for a villain who once assaulted Dibny, before having his memories altered by the magician.

In hot pursuit of Dr. Light, the angered team find themselves confronted by hired bodyguard, Deathstroke!
The combat unfolds as a grieving Elongated Man does his best to strike out at those he believes have wronged him, but have the team pursued the wrong man, and in doing so, opened pandora's box?

Justice League Unlimited #14 (December 2005)
"Everybody Limbo!" Beechen/Barberi

If you're setting up a secret sect of superpowers and leaders in your universe, then you've absolutely got to have the magic side of things covered -- enter Dr. Fate; mystic agent of order!

Summoned together by the wandering spirit of the Deadman; Kent Nelson joins a ragtag team of occultists and mystics to tend to a coup that threatens to corrupt the universe! Three lowly demons have clogged up the realm of Limbo in an effort to amass power sufficient enough to rebel against both Heaven, and Hell!

Order is well represented as Dr. Fate throws in with the ethereal influences of the angel Zauriel and the demon Etrigan! With victory all but assured for the powerful magics, things go horribly awry when a traitor emerges in their midst!

Green Arrow #72 (May 2007)
"Back to School Night" Winick/McDaniel

Few names are added to the 'DNR' list in comics, but for twenty years Jason Todd remained a part of this revered number. 2005 saw that theory smashed when Todd, (and Marvel counterpart, Bucky), returned from the dead to menace his former mentor, Batman!

After being beaten to death by the Joker; the former-Robin was laid to rest in a grave he would soon awaken to, as a result of cosmic influences in another dimension. Returned to life, Todd escapes his grave only to fall into a coma, from which he wakes with no memory of his true identity. Recognised by Talia Al Ghul, Todd is nursed back to help with the aid of the Lazarus Pit, and so begins a journey of revenge against the man he feels abandoned him. It begins with a deal with the villain Hush, but Todd's aspirations quickly turn to the criminal underworld of Gotham, and eventually the next generation of superhero sidekicks. Death or seduction awaits!

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