Thursday, April 24, 2008


Finally the update has come back to the Fantasy League! Wait no longer as we officially canonize the teams that have been competing during this first month of the Infinite Wars Fantasy League!

Before we get to the pretty colours, there's some housekeeping to be dealt with first. Probably the most important is to assure all you readers out there that there's nothing to be afraid of! If you haven't yet drafted a team, but think you might want to, then head over to the sign-up page, where you'll get the oh-so easy registration instructions that require nothing more than a functioning e-mail address, and a megalomaniacal desire to manipulate heroes and villains like pawns on a chessboard!

Even with a month of competition nearly behind us, it's still a wide open arena! The fluctuating influence of the Super Stock means you never can be sure just who'll be on top! I suppose it's a bit like matching wits with the Joker, in that respect. Only if you lose a round of Fantasy Fights, there's always next month!

We'll get to the next wave of teams momentarily, but first, there's one last matter of importance -- the much talked about new rule -- which is really more of an addendum, but who's counting?...

Since the Fantasy League isn't an exact science, we're going to balance out the odds by introducing a new factor -- the Fantasy Fights! Influenced by current events, it seems fitting that the [statistically] inconsequential rounds contribute to the success of your team! Obviously, given the current situation, that's potentially a bigger advantage to those with DC draftees in their team, but all hope isn't lost! In the Punch-Up we'll have more information about how you can turn your points into opportunities in a bid to win the month, and win the year!

First, just like last time, here's a chance to get to know your enemy!...

THE REVOLUTION [Captained by CaptainSkill!]
Effectively the modern lynchpin of the Marvel Universe; Iron Man's a solid bet in this pony race. Next month sees the release of a major motion picture, and all the merchandising that comes with it, ensuring a catalogue of Iron Man for future reference. Speaking of stockpiling; The Punisher and Magneto promise to pay dividends when future sequels resume their assault on the box office; while Bucky Barnes brings a strong show from the comics as the new Captain America in a series widely acclaimed as one of Marvel's best books! Bringing up the rear is Robin who may yet follow in his counterparts footsteps, should things go according to plan in the upcoming Batman storyarc, RIP.

THE BLACK DEATH [Captained by Buzzlefett!]
The Merc' with a Mouth, Deadpool, has just been announced to star in a new on-going series off the back of his appearances in Wolverine: Origin. This reneissance of the 'Poolman might pick up the slack for Black Adam, whose time seems to have reached a conclusion, pittering out during Countdown. Black Canary hasn't had any problems maintaining her presence as leader of the Justice League and partner to Green Arrow. Darkseid, on the other hand, has it worse than anyone! The gamble on the New Gods has backfired, Darkseid having just been killed in a prophetic clash with his son, Orion. Lobo's future is anything but predictable, as the character loiters around outsider projects.

DIVINE JUDGMENT [Captained by Rafael!]
A supernatural bent makes for a great looking team, but when it comes to the statistics, it's as grim as the line-up. Apocalypse brings doom to the Ultimate Universe in an arc set to cancel Ultimate X-Men; while the Phantom Stranger remains an unknown quantity with the death of the New Gods. Mediocrity saw the recent Blade series cancelled as Marvel continue to bungle the pioneering character; and a similar effect is being felt in the Ghost Rider book, which continues to be an exercise in disappointment. The Spectre's goateed visage looms ominously over the coming Final Crisis, but the involvement of the Crispus Allen character remains to be defined in a series set to defy all expectation!

MAKIN' IT HAPPEN WITH THE CAP'N [Captained by Chris!]
Steve Rogers may be dead, but Skrulls, clones, and time travel keep the real Captain America in the spotlight! Even as Bucky deals with the Red Skull's sponsorship of a potential return, the character plays vital roles elsewhere. The same can be said for Libra, who, despite being incredibly obscure, looks to follow in the footsteps of the Psycho-Pirate, to be a key element in the upcoming Final Crisis. A gamble far less certain than Thanos, who might haved been finally killed by Drax, but continues to tear things up in Ultimate Fantastic Four. Powergirl and Zatanna don't have anything specific on their agenda, but with the heavyhitters to be tied up pretty quickly by Final Crisis, anything goes for the other heroes of the DC Universe, all eligable for this round of Fantasy Fights!

THE CORPS [Captained by Calvin!]
Calvin jumps on something I've been wanting to see - strong theme in a team - but will it come with a cost? The Green Lantern Corps have enjoyed a reneissance under writer Geoff Johns, but even as Mongul embarks on his quest to obtain ultimate power, the Lanterns appear in a period of event-transition, leaving behind the Sinestro Corps War, with promise of Final Crisis and Blackest Night.
A Golden Age undercurrent on the site puts Alan Scott in good stead, but Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart seem at even-odds, tied up in filler issues, and the chance to appear in the new MK vs DC game.

X-PARTY [Captained by Tyler!]
Tyler does his best to draft a team reminiscent of the days in Madripoor, and with Wolverine being the best there is at what he does, those odds look pretty decent. The X-Men might be in their latest version of shambles, but the Canuck remains a safe bet at the core of Secret Invasion, the various X-series, and a new First Class book. At this point; your guess is as good as mine regarding the whereabouts of Rogue, Jubilee, Dazzler, and Psylocke; but the X-franchise has a way of doubling back on itself, so they won't stay gone for long.

The Hammer...
And there you have it, folks!
The ebb and flow of the Infinite Wars remains a mysterious science. Though fluid like water, it's reaction to influences can be unpredictable. Do you think you've got the winning formula for the ultimate team? We want you to join the fight today, by following drafting instructions for the first annual Infinite Wars Fantasy League!

It's as simple as doing as the captains of the teams featured today have done -- have your pick, and await the slow burn excitement of the monthly punch-up's results! It's as involving or demanding as you want it to be, with the potential to trade characters, and maneuver your way to the ultimate victory of becoming 2008 champion!

COMING: Friday promises another round of black and white fisticuffs, before we wrap up our spotlight on the first four teams in the weekend Cover to Cover. Also in the C2C; more Mortal Kombat/DC Universe action, continuing into Monday, before we crown our first champion in the Monthly Punch-Up! PLUS! May is Invicible Iron Month on the Infinite Wars! Stay tuned!


buzzlefett said...

I really don't think Darkseid is gone. I believe he is on the promo poster for the new crisis with the words "the day evil won." on it. I just hope I'm right and the gamble pays off.

Christopher said...

Pretty pleased with my pick of Libra. Also Powergirl has her own self titled ongoing starting in the summer. Anyway this should be awesome.

Cvazi/Calvin said...

Stupid 6 part "Secret Origins" storyarc in Green Lantern Corp. Less story, more killing.

Mike Haseloff said...

@christopher: Oh! My bad, I forgot about that!

I think it's safe to say everyone will be keenly watching Final Crisis for more on a lot of these characters. I'm really looking forward to it, if I ever have enough cash... :-p


Anonymous said...


X-Party has started!!

WHen I first read X-Men comics, I started at 248 with favorites through about 276 - Good times. Wolverine, Jube, Psylocks, Forge and Banshee were ripping things up - with others joining along the way!!!! (Rogue, Dazzler, Colossus)

Wolverine is the best bet, but I have high hopes for all my picks:

Dazzler just "retired" again with Longshot (after a stint with Excaliber). Psylocke is running with the Exiles. Jubilee aka Wondra is with the New Warriors. Rogue is supposed to appear in X-Men Legacy. . . . Good times.


Tyler said...

after a brief pause. .

Plus, Wolverine, Rogue, Dazzler AND Psylocke are currently Ultimate X-Men. I can only hope that Ultimate Jubilee will join too. . .


Mike Haseloff said...

Shame on me!
You'd think I could've at least mentioned Rogue in X-Men Legacy. The character could use a tune-up after the last few years, but it's not like that's a small deal!

Thanks for the (superior) coverage!

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for!!! Ultimate Jubilee has made her debut - just as I predicted - Muah ha ha!!! as part of Ultimate Alpha Flight?!?

Go X-PARTY!!!!!!!!

Now all I need is a half illion dollars!!! ( a cool million is to much !!)

- tylerdrake