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IN STORES: April 16, 2008
You can probably find complete shipping list updates on most major comics sites. Consider this an opportunity to either do all your info-shopping in the one place, or get a speculative perspective on what might be worth checking out. These are untested reads. Secret Wars on Infinite Earths can offer no guarantee or endorsement of quality. These are simply titles that may be of potential interest. Some items may ship late.

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Site Update...
Yes! We're terminally running late, but it seemed foolish to delay the week's shipping any further than we already do. Rest assured efforts are being made to recoup lost time, which couldn't come at a worse junction than after launching the Fantasy League! Everyone should continue to feel encouraged to draft a team. There'll be more info on progress in the coming week(s), as well as all the action you expect with, at the very least, our historic dedication to Friday postings. Thanks for the patience!

Thin and Crispy...
JAN088148 ATOMIC ROBO #1 (OF 6) 3RD PTG (PP #807) $2.95
JAN088149 ATOMIC ROBO #2 (OF 6) 2ND PTG (PP #807) $2.95
JAN088150 ATOMIC ROBO #3 (OF 6) 2ND PTG (PP #807) $2.95
JAN088151 ATOMIC ROBO #4 (OF 6) 2ND PTG (PP #807) $2.95
JAN088152 ATOMIC ROBO #5 (OF 6) 2ND PTG (PP #807) $2.95
FEB082219 CAPTAIN AMERICA #37 $2.99
FEB080196 GOTHAM UNDERGROUND #7 (OF 9) $2.99
FEB080279 PROGRAMME #10 (OF 12) $2.99
FEB080208 ROBIN #173 $2.99
FEB080201 SUPERMAN #675 (NOTE PRICE) $3.99
FEB082263 X-FACTOR #30 DWS $2.99

The Deep Dish...
- JAN082140 CAPTAIN MARVEL #5 (OF 5) SII $2.99

So it's out: Mar-Vell is a damn dirty Skrull, or at least, that's what we've been led to believe in the pages of Secret Invasion. Expect up-and-comer Brian Reed to cap off his mini-series stint on the character with a confirmation or denial of the status of this mangled character-out-of-time. For those not keeping track, Cap was brought to the present from a period prior to his fatal battle with cancer that resulted in the character's long standing death. I wouldn't expect to see the character's life get any less complicated in the coming months, but it will be very interesting to see if Marvel can slide the character back into obscurity with dignity, or if this is another opportunity to rearrange history for a cheap return. I'm hopeful, but sceptical.

- FEB080209 CATWOMAN #78 $2.99
The cover that reduced a portion of the fanbase to hysterical idiots finally hits shelves! Okay, maybe that's a bit of a reaction, but one certainly expects the reception of this Salvation Run tie-in to be more measured than initial reactions to a pseudo-sexual cover depicting Catwoman and Cheetah locked in close-quarters combat. I for one am looking forward to seeing a new chapter in what could potentially be a better measured rivalry for the feline villainness. I mean, sure, getting wailed on in a mismatch with Wonder Woman is probably fun, but it might be nice to see Cheetah actually fight someone in her own league for a change... That clash of leagues will probably be the subject of upcoming review as we take a look at the recent machinations of the Injustice League -- but I digress...
Here's looking forward to the end of the crossover tie-ins, and hopefully something fresh for the slightly stale Cat-book.

- FEB080184 DC WILDSTORM DREAMWAR #1 (OF 6) $2.99
Okay, did anyone know this was coming? I haven't heard or seen anything until today when the "DC" prefix got me curious about whether or not this might be a crossover. Lo and behold it appears it's exactly that, and one has to wonder if this isn't an attempt to boost fleeting sales and slowed production. Making Wildstorm one of the fifty-two worlds of the newly structured MegaVerse seemed like a contingency plan in waiting. The question is whether or not this will be dwarfed by Final Crisis - or be a part of it!
Despite some interest, I'm a bit of a philistine when it comes to Wildstorm. That said, I did rather enjoy the work on Captain Atom: Armageddon, even if it was the harbinger of mayhem to longtime readers of the brand.

- FEB082226 INCREDIBLE HERCULES #116 $2.99
What is with Hercules and stealing other character's books!?
Since taking titular chores from the once incredible Hulk; Hercules' stock has risen exponentially! I think it's got to be said that Hercules was the character to benefit most from World War Hulk, and although the formula of his adventure has been fairly similar to the smash-em/bash-em mini-event! I didn't particularly enjoy Khoi Pham's pencils on recent issues, but that's something we'll probably get to talk about more intimately in coming reviews. Suffice to say, Incredible Hercules is a book after this site's heart! Solicitations tease a Skrull fake-out, but I wouldn't fear, because this character has never had such momentum. Next up on the gauntlet are the Eternals - I'm not usually a fan, but bring it on!

- FEB082230 IRON MAN LEGACY OF DOOM #1 (OF 4) $2.99
Recent issues of Mighty Avengers [#10] have thrust Dr. Doom, Iron Man, and the Sentry into Marvel's past, recalling the now classic adventures of Doom and Stark in medieval times.
It's tempting to accuse the story, and surrounding interest in the relationship, of being little more than awkward nostalgia, but much like New Avengers: Illuminati, I suspect (and hope) there's more here than meets the eye! I don't know if Legacy of Doom will necessary deliver on the meat of any Secret Invasion-related issues, but no doubt it'll be a bit of fun on top.

At this point I really am just fulfilling the weekly quota of hyping the Adventures books.
If any of you have been reading any of these things with any kind of regularity, I want you to scroll down and use that bastard of a comments link! You don't have to be registered and I'm very interested to know if all this attention has been warranted, because they seem to be bloody fantastic throwback comics to times without spanning consequence (and lots of great guest characters!). Shades of the Giant-Size X-Men as Cap and Spidey set out to form a new group to rescue the missing old group. Fun!

- FEB080194 SALVATION RUN #6 (OF 7) $2.99
I'm way out of the loop on Salvation Run, but it continues to look like a decent enough endeavour from afar. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship when it comes to letting the Joker roam beyond his own little box of evil. It seems reasonable enough that Joker and Lex Luthor would come to blows over domination of their evil planet, but as this series gears toward it's inevitable World War Hulk-style conclusion, I can't help but feel reticent about playing the card that the upcoming The Dark Knight is trying to avoid.
In these conditions Joker cannot live-up to the potential of the character, and it's perhaps disappointing he couldn't have stayed at home in the Gotham Underground.

Finally! After months without anything from publisher UDON, we get a little taste of Street Fighter goodness! SFIII: Ryu Final is the latest translated work from visionary writer/artist, Masahiko Nakahira. Nakahira-san delivers a cohesion to the Street Fighter story never before seen in the games, and in many ways, justifies the third core installment in ways that almost obscure the infamy of the game and it's cast! Likewise, Nakahira's care and understanding of the Street Fighter mythos exposes cracks in the approach of the team currently heading up the first official follow-up to SFIII; Street Fighter IV: New Beginning. So far the game appears to be anything but a new beginning, but as Bahlactus kicks off his black and white round of Friday Night Fights, we'll be all too happy to accomodate as we take another look at SF manga, and dive deeper into the complexities of what would be nice from a new Street Fighter.

- FEB082271 WOLVERINE ORIGINS #24 $2.99
When Cable and Deadpool was cancelled, Marvel were quick to tease future adventures for the merc' with a mouth. As one of Wolverine's less classic villains, it came as no shock to see the character next in line for a storyarc in Wolverine Origins, a series taking a tour of Wolverine's most iconic nemesis. As a guy on an incredibly strict budget, I was pretty resentful when I fell for one of the Cyber issues of the series. The comic is awful and continues to be so, but I almost want to fall for it all over again, just because the Poolman's in there. In an ironic twist, the thing convincing me to do otherwise is consistent characterization. Though best known for his yellow thought balloons and fourth-wall breaking antics, DP once had a pseudo-serious career as an assassin, and I expected something more akin to that in this book. Worse still, this will probably wind up being one of those one-track logic situations where marketting assumes nobody wants any more Deadpool if they don't boost sales on this tragic title. *groan* This is a stick-up!

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