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Mortal Kombat exploded onto the gaming scene in 1992 with a spray of blood and bones, and ever since, fans have watched closely as Scorpion and Sub-Zero have battled their way through thick and thin; sometimes against each other, but usually for the greater good of Earthrealm!

The first MK presented us with the mysterious Japanese ninja, Scorpion, whose bitter hatred for his Lin Kuei counterpart brought him back from the pits of hell on a mission of revenge. As we would learn much later, Scorpion believed Sub-Zero and his clan to be reponsible for the death of himself, his family, and the entire army of Shirai-Ryu ninja. In truth, Sub-Zero was only responsible for the death of the ninja, having killed him while the pair were pitted against one and other in a competition to obtain rare artifacts belonging to the fallen Elder God, Shinnok.

Responsible for their adversarial contest, and the eradication of the Shirai-Ryu, was the elusive Netherealm sorcerer, Quan Chi. In exchange for Sub-Zero's successful retrieval of Shinnok's powerful amulet, Quan Chi used his mystic arts in an ambush to destroy the clan.

Unware of these details - Scorpion pursued Sub-Zero even after successfully avenging his death at the Mortal Kombat tournament of the first game. In the sequel, believing his foe to have survived, Scorpion returned once more, but soon discovered this Sub-Zero was an honorable inheritor of the mantle that had once been his brothers! Scorpion vowed to defend this Sub-Zero if ever he could, but their alliance would be uneventful, if short lived.

Still bound to the vengeful curse of the spectre, Scorpion returned during Shinnok's war on the gods to seek out Sub-Zero once more, now believing him to be tied to his infernal damnation. Scorpion defeated the younger Sub-Zero, but soon learned the truth of Quan Chi's treachery, which had involved his manipulation against the interference of the younger Sub-Zero.

As defeat was dealt to Shinnok -- Scorpion dragged Quan Chi down with him to the Netherealm, where the ninja spectre intended to pursue the last stage of his quest for vengeance.

The powerful sorcerer was able to evade death at the hands of the ninja, but did not escape the Netherealm until discovering ancient runes that revealed the prophecy of the Dragon King. Using two oni - Moloch and Drahmin - Quan Chi successfully drove of Scorpion's attacks and escaped the Netherealm to form an alliance with another powerful sorcerer - Shang Tsung.
Scorpion too escaped in an unsuccessful bid to exact revenge on Quan Chi (and end the deadly alliance), but was thwarted by the oni who pursued him, destroying his physical form in a tornado of souls that ripped the impurities of his body apart.

Reformed - Scorpion was recruited by the Elder Gods as their new champion, destined to defeat the ultimately resurrected Dragon King - Onaga! Scorpion served them well, but when Onaga was finally defeated, his vengeful attentions were torn from Quan Chi, redirected toward the Elder Gods who promised him the resurrection of the Shirai-Ryu, but delivered an army of undead.

The scenes in our special presentation, taken from Mortal Kombat 4, reveal the dramatic moment Quan Chi revealed his treachery to Sub-Zero and Scorpion. With music by Matt Berry (the theme from Snuff Box), a little imagination will have you singing along as each character sings his part in a musical tale of betrayal, treachery, and retribution.

In this scene, Sub-Zero compells Scorpion to recognise his innocence ["To live on my own just seems tragic"] when the ninja confronts him ["I can't be in love if it's plastic"]. Scorpion warns of his vengeance should Sub-Zero be deceiving him ["But we'll raise our swords high when our day comes"], only to learn the truth in shocking fashion ["You thought it was gold, but it was bronze"]. Scorpion then ultimately joins Sub-Zero, using his powers to destroy the sorcerer.

Critics are already calling Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Scorpion the Musical as tragic anything the Greeks ever conceived. Tragic, indeeeeeed!

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