Thursday, December 25, 2008

A belated merry Christmas to ye all, and a happy new year!

Uncanny X-Men #143 (March 1981)
"Demon" Claremont/Byrne

It was long ago that the grounds of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters saw the sprouting of a demonic totem connecting to the world of the N'Garai -- a Cairn, the bridging gateway for these demonic creatures to spew forth into our world and wreak havoc.

Storm and her fellow X-Men were able to overcome the N'Garai who attacked them, but months later a N'Garai demon emerges once more on the grounds on Christmas eve, seeking to bring misery to the mutants of the X-Men mutant academy.

Alone in the mansion while the other X-Men spend down time with their loved ones, Kitty Pryde decides to direct her misery toward training in the Danger Room. Her session is interrupted by an alarm alerting her of the intrusion, and her investigation leads her to the greatest workout of her career -- one-on-one battle alone against a N'Garai demon!

Fantastic Four #361 (February 1992)
"Miracle on Yancy Street!" Ryan/DeFalco

It's Christmas Eve and festivities come to the Thing with mixed fortunes. His night begins with having his broken arm mechanically aligned, and set in a cement cast by Reed Richards -- but quickly turns around with the emergence of an old friend!

William "Slugger" Sokolowski was one of Ben Grimm's running buddies from the golden days of life on Yancy Street, and as Thing soon learns, things have gotten considerably darker around the old neighbourhood, with a spate of disappearances.

Concerned his son may be involved with drugs, Sokolowski turns to his friend as a college graduate success story of Yancy Street, in the hopes that his hero status will turn his son around. A good plan, that is unless young Jimmy has become one of the missing -- and the person responsible is none other than the nefarious Latverian monarch: Dr. Doom!!!

Marvel Holiday Special 1992 (January 1993)
"The Big X-Mas Blackout" Howell/Lee/Lightle/Milgrom

They say Christmas 'tis the season to be jolly, but for Electro, it's just an annual reminder of his many failings as a man and electrically charged superpowered villain.

Not content to see out the holidays without lashing out in an act of senseless violence, Electro storms Rockefeller Centre to interrupt the ceremonial lighting of the tree.
To punish the society that failed him, Electro blacks out the Centre, with the promise of more power drains to come all across New York.

With his night out with Mary Jane ruined: enter a red garbed hero with a Christmas miracle! The spectacular Spider-man's making a list to check twice, and Electro's front and centre on the naughty list, but will it be coal for the villain, or will it be an early present and lights out for the wall-crawler?

Batman: The Long Halloween #3 (February 1997)
"Christmas" Loeb/Sale

A new serial killer has emerged in Gotham City, and the Joker doesn't like it one bit!

The clown prince of crime is spending his holidays investigating the interference of the calendar killer called Holiday, who strikes only once a month, on a day of significance.

With the criminal underworld beginning to feel the hurt, and the Gotham police department in flux, the freaks are free to play, and neither establishment is happy about it.

Batman's the least of his problems as Joker takes the fight to Harvey Dent, offering the District Attorney a stern example of what it takes to be a murdering madman in the city of Gotham.

Detective Comics #826 (February 2007)
"Slayride" Dini/Kramer

Socks, ties, and underwear. Christmas with the old folks is a bore, so who could blame Tim Drake for heading out for a little patrol duty as the boy wonder, Robin?

Things are going well until a fight with a biker gang goes awry, leading a wounded Robin into the clutches of his worst enemy: the Joker!

What would a Christmas with the Joker be without a few holiday homicides, hit-and-runs, and hilarity?!
Forced to watch as events unfold out of his control, Robin gets seasoned in the seasons as he locks wits with Batman's oldest foe, and does his best to stop the madness.

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