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MONTHLY PUNCH-UP #39 (March 2009)
Greetings, folks!

I'm sure by now it has not passed you by that we are running atrociously [characteristically?] late! As the calendar turns ever forward to a day of fools, we are almost an entire suitable month behind. Apologies for that, but really, by any other date does an update not smell as sweet? Y'know, in a "web 2.0" sort of way.

Among the many distractions getting the better of my time: resumed production on The Kirby Martin Inquest, which means I need to have a little chat with you kids about something I don't usually like to bring up...

In this grim post-apocalyptic future of Financial Crisis, I understand that for many of us, every penny takes on great new meaning. That's exactly why the handsome folks at Nite Lite Theatre are been selling the first exciting issue of their pulp-inspired superhero mystery for the low price of $1.99*! Granted, it's black and white, but these days that's a damn rare price for twenty-two pages of comic!

"Mike Haseloff shares a tale that is thick with atmosphere and maintains a nice subtext of tension." -

"It's nice to see a tale that is easily approachable but actually requires some puzzle work..." - Broken Frontier.

"[Those] are the sort of questions that won’t - and can’t - be found in a mainstream super-hero comic. It also shows that Haseloff and Cruz have much more on their minds than writing a Batman story..." - Fortress of Fortitude
The Kirby Martin Inquest introduces White Ghost (stylistically interpreted on the cover by Ted Wing) -- a hero whose future is haunted by his own past. Born to fight a serial killer, the White Ghost now continues his crusade of truth and justice, seeking answers to the disappearance of an important man.

The story attempts to engage readers with a multi-layered, narrative experience that reveals complex characters in a world of equal dimension. It's a ground level superhero tale steeped in the fiction, but packed with surprises and mystery.

Hey! Don't take my word for it!

As you can see stage-right, there are some very reputable sources who have already read and reviewed the first issue of the Kirby Martin Inquest! Why not make up your own mind by picking up an issue online! At this independent level, every sale is appreciated and vital to the continuation of these stories.


The second issue continues an evolution of story, character, and presentation, developing artwork by Pedro Cruz while bringing you deeper into the world that the White Ghost occupies. Sales of the first issue go right back into producing the second, so please, give generously. Thank you.

Now that we've done that -- and hopefully some of you will be intrigued enough to go buy the comic -- we can get back to the Infinite Wars kinda business!
Even though we're attrociously far behind, as longtime readers will know, commitments will be met! Expect plenty of no longer relevant updates, and general review and superhero smackdown. That's just how we roll.

Wall Street War Journal: Market Analysis...
"Amazing" Sales Fig.
November 2007:
#545 124481 (-1.2%)
December 2008:
#581 64961 (-47.81%)
#582 59932 (-7.74%)
#583 352953 (+588.92%)
#584 63754 (-81.94%)
Month End: (-1.86%)
With the necessary sales data now available; this month we're taking a look at the big two summer blockbusters to see who fared how over the '08/'09 spread! Before we get to the Final Crisis/Secret Invasion debate, let us turn to a little Amazing housekeeping.

Those of you joining us might like to track back through the past year's worth of Monthly Punch-Ups. After Spider-history was rewritten with One More Day, we decided to observe the impact the reboot would have on sales.
With 2009 comes a new perspective. The unfortunate nature of the change remains -- OMD/Brand New Day deserves a place of infamy in history, a creative black mark against Marvel and the Spider-man franchise far worse than anything the "Clone Saga" ever threw up. That said, the sins of the past have gradually been rescinded as the shift of focus has returned to strong storytelling, and classic storytelling of a less derivative nature.

2009 is said to feature the return of plenty of classic Spider-man villains, leading this month with the long anticipated return of The Spot! The lethal loser comes back mere months after Spidey diced with Shocker, Scorpion, Hammerhead, Norman Osborn, and teamed with classic pals, Daredevil and Punisher.

January shows an expected decline in sales, but also boasts the none-too-surprising boost of the now infamous Obama issue. Amazing led the charge in what has been a referencial bonanza for both Marvel, and independent publishers, all getting a piece of the Barack Obama pie. While the effect on sales was short-lived, that is hardly an indictment of the title. With many big hitters set to return in '09; including movie villain, Dr. Octopus, and previous sales booster, Mac Gargan; there's sure to be plenty of life in it.

Final Crisis vs Secret Invasion: The Final Verdict
With both stories finished, the Infinite Wars has only just recently begun to really enter into the debate surrounding the major comics events of 2008.
The heated conversation between Final Crisis and Secret Invasion ultimately went far deeper than a mere test of loyalties. Quaint notions of preference; Darkseid or Skrulls, DC or Marvel; quickly went out the window to make room for an argument rooted in the very philosophies of comics writing.

Tensions were far from limited to traditional rivals as the work of Grant Morrison provoked a divisive response from all reading. In fact, it was arguably the Scot who created most of the discussion as his Marvel rival, Brian Bendis, quickly devolved into the slow moving grind that has come to personify his approach.

It simply cannot be debated that Marvel has emerged from it's summer event with the greatest benefit. In fact, the Skrull threat was so abruptly and totally resolved, one might cast the aspersion that Dark Reign has been the only tangible benefit from Bendis' second outing as an event writer. Norman Osborn's ascension to the top ranks of the Marvel Universe, replacing Tony Stark as head of government intelligence, came about directly as a result of the "end" of Secret Invasion. A conclusion that highlighted just how uneventful said invasion was.

Across the fence, DC has been exceptionally slow to respond to concepts left by the apocalyptic epic that led the DCU to face a world where evil had won. Geoff Johns has picked up the slack of lingering plotlines surrounding the corruption of Mary Marvel in his final JSA arc, while the aftermath of the event has finally this month caught up with the Justice League, under Dwayne McDuffie. Other spin-offs will wait until the middle of the year with the launch of several mini-series dealing with some of the lesser known characters from the event.

At the end of the day, individual taste will dictate opinions of each event.
It is the opinion of the Infinite Wars that the two series were polarized by Final Crisis being exceptionally good, and Secret Invasion being particularly poor.
This goes in hand with a theory that Final Crisis and it's expansive approach has inadvertently touch upon a nerve of legitimacy within the fanbase. Arbitrary "elitist" distinctions are worthy of scoff, but the genuine enjoyment and understanding of comics became a specific subject as many submitted bizarre opinions of confusion, and misunderstanding, in response to Morrison's story.

The unfortunate habits of modern readers is likely to be discussed in subsequent entries reviewing issues of Final Crisis. Today, we instead take a look at less interpretive data, that of sales. Sales inevitably drive the medium and are an irrefutable measure of approval. In that respect, Marvel wins the battle.

1 351.8 SECRET INVASION #1 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 250,263 [Apr 08]
1 179.11 SECRET INVASION #2 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 182,443 [May 08]
1 359.23 SECRET INVASION #3 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 175,735 [Jun 08]
1 175.2 SECRET INVASION #4 SI* $3.99 MAR 175,459 [Jul 08]
1 160 SECRET INVASION #5 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 165,958 [Aug 08]
1 240.74 SECRET INVASION #6 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 164,440 [Sep 08]
1 148.81 SECRET INVASION #7 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 154,675 [Oct 08]
1 163.1 SECRET INVASION #8 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 152,429 [Dec 08]

269 4.11 SECRET INVASION #1 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 4,186 [May 08]
172 20.01 SECRET INVASION #2 (Of 8)* $3.99 MAR 9,789 [Jun 08]
185 17.54 SECRET INVASION #1 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 8,581 [Jun 08]
129 17.72 SECRET INVASION #1 DIRECTORS CUT $4.99 MAR 17,746 [Jul 08]
207 6.43 SECRET INVASION #2 (Of 8) * $3.99 MAR 6,661 [Aug 08]
211 6.23 SECRET INVASION #3 (Of 8)* $3.99 MAR 6,454 [Aug 08]
254 6.36 SECRET INVASION #3 (Of 8) SI* $3.99 MAR 4,344 [Sep 08]
2 142.18 FINAL CRISIS #1 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 144,826 [May 08]
3 257.73 FINAL CRISIS #2 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 126,082 [Jun 08]
2 119.59 FINAL CRISIS #3 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 123,881 [Aug 08]
2 111.28 FINAL CRISIS #4 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 115,666 [Oct 08]
2 116.8 FINAL CRISIS #5 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 109,181 [Dec 08]
3 152.63 FINAL CRISIS #6 (OF 7) $3.99 DC 110,892 [Jan 09]
4 142.17 FINAL CRISIS #7 (OF 7) $3.99 DC 103,292 [Jan 09]

207 14.06 FINAL CRISIS #1 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 6,878 [Jun 08]
266 5.53 FINAL CRISIS #2 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 5,538 [Jul 08]
133 14.42 FINAL CRISIS #1 DIRECTORS CUT SPECIAL $4.99 DC 14,937 [Aug 08]
287 2.41 FINAL CRISIS #2 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 2,496 [Aug 08]
130 17.14 FINAL CRISIS #6 (OF 7) $3.99 DC 12,453 [Jan 09]
260 3.57 FINAL CRISIS #6 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 3,974 [Feb 09]
293 2.52 FINAL CRISIS #7 (Of 7) $3.99 DC 2,803 [Feb 09]

While Marvel's event saw the abrupt jettison of some 100,000 readers from the first issue, to last, it's substantial drop-off still failed to see a relinquishment of the top spot. Issues of Secret Invasion ranked #1 on each month's sales chart, while Final Crisis was forced to also contend with Ultimate Origins, Dark Avengers and the Obama issue of Amazing Spider-man (in October and January).

What does all of this mean?...
You can read the data just about any way you like. For the the Infinite Wars, these numbers remind us of the tremendous market share commanded by Marvel in the direct sales arena. The data appears to fly in the face of DC's consistency as a far stronger creative force over the past five years. That said, Marvel's traditional hold on readers established twenty years ago, and it's recent success in the feature film arena, has almost certainly guaranteed familiarity will steer them toward success.

... Midway to Sell Mortal Kombat?
Financial turmoil has apparently pushed Midway to do the unthinkable. In February it was revealed the company was considering cash incentives for any employee able to secure the profitable sale of company cash cow, Mortal Kombat.

Once a giant of the gaming industry, the MK franchise has since garnered relative apathy from mainstream outlets, struggling to develop an image beyond it's nineties kitsch. Despite a shrinking fanbase, the series has remained profitable for Midway, making the decision to tempt interest from potential buyers a double-edged sword.

Despite the rumored sale, the company has made reference to developing a ninth core instalment for the series, while also putting a secondary team to work on a spin-off title akin to the 2005 action-adventure title, Shaolin Monks.

... The Ghost Walks into SyFy Series?
The first union-suited superhero is set to star in a live-action movie-length pilot for the Sci-Fi Channel! Originally revealed in 2008, it seems talk of a four-hour TV movie was more than just wishful thinking. Production for the 2010 special(s) has officially begun.

Set to tell the tale of a modern twenty-third Phantom; the Sci-Fi film possesses similarities with other modern reinterpretations of the character. As a traditionalist, it's hard not to feel a cynical concern for the treatment of the character, even if such an interpretation is logical.

Rights issues cropped up in 2008 when Dynamite Entertainment announced their acquisition of rights from Phantom parent company, King Features Syndicate, to produce a new series of comics in opposition to Moonstone Books. A similar situation arises with the forward momentum of the Sci-Fi project, clashing with Australian producer Tim Boyle's plans to launch a brand new feature film version of the character. Boyle has been quick to respond with claims this production will not prevent his film, Phantom: Legacy.

Barring revision of the license, it seems 2010 could very well be inundated with Phantom, as the quartet of US licensees revitalize the brand with their wares. Success could finally foster recognition of the pre-Superman hero from US audiences, but as each interpretation strays ever further from the source material, one has to wonder if the man who never dies might never make it.

As always, I must refer you to the Chronicle Chamber for more on global developments surrounding the Phantom! The legendary character is beloved worldwide, and the Chronicle Chamber is the closest you'll find to his Skull Cave home on the world wide web.

Season 2009: Top Five Update...
Here on the Infinite Wars we like to play a little game of rank and review.
At the heart of the site is a series of reviews that recap the battles that embody the superhero universes as we know them. By tallying these results, we shuffle stats in the pursuit of the knowledge of who truly is the greatest hero of all.

Breaking up the cumulative grind are our yearly rankings, giving us a chance to observe the successes of characters and companies each year. Season 2009 is now well under way, giving us some interesting results out of the second month of competition. Read on to find out more, true believer!

ARTWORK: Ivan Reis#1 Alpha Lantern Kraken (new) (DC)
Battles: [3] Last Opponent: [Batman]
Win Percentage: [100%] Cumulative: [#49]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [DNR] 2008: [#121]

After ten months at the top spot, Batman has been dethroned!
It's somewhat fitting that with a victory over the Dark Knight, Kraken leaps into her unlikely reign at the top!

By opening the Infinite Wars up to the influences of Final Crisis, we have the pleasure of effectively giving Grant Morrison reigns over competition. That means there'll be plenty of more surprises as we dive deeper into the series, surrendering a level of control that makes it all the more exciting!

Kraken was among the specially chosen Corpsman who were initiated into a special internal affairs section called the Alpha Lanterns. Somewhere between a Lantern and Manhunter, these powerful agents were supposed to be incorruptable, but the fall of the New Gods exposed how fallible they were. We do not yet know the fate of Kraken after her partial possession by Granny Goodness. How she and her fellow Alpha Lanterns will factor in to the war of light and Blackest Night, remains to be seen, to say nothing of whether or not the faction has been decomissioned after their involvement in the Final Crisis.

ARTWORK: Ed McGuinness#2 Batman (-1) (36) (DC)
Battles: [43] Last Opponent: [Kraken]
Win Percentage: [72.1%] Cumulative: [#1]
2006: [#1] 2007: [#2] 2008: [#1]

Defeat at the hands of Kraken will be but the first Final Crisis deals. Batman's clash with Darkseid has led his fellows to assume his death, making it unlikely he will reclaim top rank in 2009!

Dick Grayson has to be odds on favourite to succeed the Dark Knight Detective, allegedly confirmed by leaked concept artwork by series artist, Tony Daniels. While the artist shrinks from the limelight with claims the design confirms nothing, it also does little to refute what many have assumed for months. Batman, for the time being, is as good as dead, and Grayson is his most logical successor, seemingly to be joined by Damian as a new Robin!

Meanwhile, the true fate of Bruce Wayne remains unknown. Trapped in another time or universe, he remains out of reach, suffering the death that is life thanks to Darkseid's Omega Sanction. You can, however, still find the original Batman adventuring on TV in the delightful animated series, Brave and the Bold!

ARTWORK: Ethan Van Sciver#3 Flash (-1) (2) (DC)
Battles: [4] Last Opponent: [Wood King]
Win Percentage: [100%] Cumulative: [#29]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [#38] 2008: [#63]

Next week, the official return of Barry Allen begins! DC wheels out the first issue of Flash: Rebirth in an initiative to reinstate iconic representations of their famous characters. Set to rekindle interest comparable to the spark lit by Green Lantern: Rebirth; the series inducts the long dead hero into the DCU-proper after his return from a twenty-three year absence, in Final Crisis. While it's unfortunate the long-standing death will be undone, it seems unlikely the readership at large will have any lasting complaints.

Allen's return almost certainly relegates Wally West to secondary status, but this needn't be a negative. After being substantially bungled in the post-Infinite Crisis landscape of the DC Universe, the reigning Flash could only benefit from a rethink and revamp, by association. In truth, this combination could result in another Flash reneissance, assuring Allen a maintained position in 2009.

ARTWORK: JG Jones#4 Sonny Sumo (new) (DC)
Battles: [1] Last Opponent: [Megayakuza]
Win Percentage: [100%] Cumulative: [#145]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [DNR] 2008: [DNR]

With only four issues of Forever People to his name prior to Final Crisis; Sonny Sumo has to be the most delightful find to be revamped in Grant Morrison's Kirby-packed tour de force!

With his Street Fighter-style history as an underground fighter, it seems utterly fitting that Sonny Sumo be finally inducted into the ranks of the Infinite Wars. His role in Final Crisis was ultimately a small one, but no fan engaged by the series could possibly resist the simple charms of the character.

News of future publication is yet to emerge from DC, but as they order their affairs and begin to roll out the post-Final Crisis series, one can only hope that Sonny Sumo will be there to entertain. As a relatively unique creation in the DC landscape, I wouldn't mind seeing him enter the broad domain [ie; Justice League International], but a return role alongside Super Young Team in Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance, would be just as nice. Fingers crossed!

ARTWORK: Charles Marshall#5 Kung Lao (-2) (2) (Midway)
Features: [1] Last Opponent: [Shang Tsung]
Win Percentage: [100%] Cumulative: [#245]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [DNR] 2008: [DNR]

With the possible sale of Mortal Kombat looming like a dark shadow, one wonders what that will mean for the mythology of the series.

While widely dismissed as a bloody relic of the nineties, the story of Mortal Kombat has arguably been the most vital piece of the puzzle. Despite it's many bungles and contradictions, the mythic saga has come to possess a foundation comparable to the best of any of the corporate superheroes. Built upon a network of relationships and mystic rule sets, the MK universe has a rich landscape still fertile with possibility.

Unfortunately, as witnessed with Street Fighter IV, the priority of modern gamers has drifted substantially away from the communication of concept and plot. The success of the franchise might in fact now lie in improving the legendarily poor game mechanics -- something many surprised outlets noted as a bold positive in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. I'm personally still inclined to believe the true value of the IP is in it's unmined characters, story, and concept, and hope any game that does find it's way to production under Midway can live up to that.

#1 (+5) Interpol
#2 (-1) Justice League
#3 (new) Legion of Superheroes
#4 (-2) Green Lantern Corps
#5 (-1) Secret Avengers
#6 (+6) MI:13
#7 (+3) Birds of Prey
#8 (+5) Shadow Cabinet
#9 (+6) Thunderbolts
#10 (+7) Super Young Team
#11 (-2) Guardians of the Galaxy
#12 (+2) Shadowpact
#13 (-10) Dark Illuminati
#14 (+2) Outsiders
#15 (-7) Fantastic Four
#16 (-5) Justice Society
#17 (+2) Astonishing X-Men
#18 (-13) Secret Six
#19 (+3) Sinestro Corps
#20 (-2) Dark Avengers
#21 (-1) X-Force
#22 (+2) Mighty Avengers
#23 (-2) Earthrealm Defenders
#24 (+2) Lady Liberators
#25 (--) Special Forces
#26 (-3) Uncanny X-Men
#27 (-20) Shadaloo
2009 Fantasy League...
For those who came in late: last year various readers drafted characters into a fanatsy league team which accumulated points based on features on the site, and spotlights in the weekly shipping list.

This year, rather than subject actual human beings to the soul crushing inconsistency of our statistics, we're using teams inspired by the comics themselves! The company's print groups battle it out for our amusement month to month in this highly pointless game.

Month two sees Chun-Li lead the law enforcement legends of the Street Fighter universe to victory, even with the flop of Legend of Chun-Li in theatres!

Power players like the JLA and Secret Avengers live up to expectations! The handicap of high cost heroes won't slow their charge toward the end of the year, but singularly focused teams like the Legion of Superheroes and Green Lantern Corps propose interesting possibilities with Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds yet to finish, and Blackest Night lurking around the middle of the year.

Being that we're trying to reflect the decisions of publications, we have to make a few adjustments. Final Crisis has finally begun to catch up with the Justice League, forcing the omission of Batman and Hawkgirl, for the substitution of Vixen and Dr. Light (aka; Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi), who are both featured prominently in solicitations for coming issues. We also welcome versions of the Teen Titans and Titans, now that those rosters have made themselves more clear.

Substitutions & Additions:
Justice League: Batman, Hawkgirl (out) Vixen, Dr. Light (in) [Ttl: 821]
Teen Titans: Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Static, Bombshell, Kid Eternity [Ttl: 1577]
Titans: Cyborg, Red Arrow, Flash, Troia, Starfire [Ttl: 882]

This year, the basic set-up is a little different.
Teams start with an allowance of 3515 points; five times value of the top ranked character. Five characters suitable to the team are drafted at a cost derived from their cumulative ranking at the end of Season 2008. 715 characters, means #1 is worth 715pts, working downward to #715, valued at 1pt. This new rule not only offers an immediate reflection of value, but handicaps league leaders.
This year, unranked characters will cost 355pts, a fraction over mid-range.

Subsequent points are awarded based on results throughout the month.
25pts for a win, 7pts for an assist, 5pts for a loss, and 10pts for a draw.
Additional bonuses of 5pts are awarded for spotlights in the shipping list, and other articles sporradically featured throughout the site. As with last year; the final contributor to monthly scores is the cumulative super stock, which will provide literal additions and substractions to reflect the movement in ranking.

Due to the ever changing landscape of superheroics, and characters who hold membership with multiple groups, we will attempt to maintain a delicate balance between accuracy and suitability. Again encouraging some sense of interactivity, it is strongly encouraged for readers to use the comments section to suggest appropriate trades, and/or the inclusion of new teams.

To make the Fantasy League more managable, there may be a culling process in the future months, that eliminates some teams. Once again, be encouraged to make your thoughts on the subject known in the comments section.

Super Stock: Cumulative Rankings...
For those coming in late: the Infinite Wars was founded on a concept of reviewing superhero comics through the battles displayed within.
Results are tallied to form both annual rankings, and a cumulative tally.
These rankings bare no concrete value, but provide fun with lists and statistics on the site. The following reflects the months changes in the cumulative ranks.

1. Batman (-) (DC)
Year One: [1944]
Season 2009: [#8]
Last Opponent: [Killer Croc]
Everyone's favourite undying big man charges into 2009 with a brand new mini-series set to pit him against a host of different powerhouse opponents! We've already seen a bloody clash with Killer Croc, but there's much more to come, including a battle of pasty-faces when the cursed Grundy goes head-to-head with Bizarro! It's all part of his last chance to spend seven days finding the truth about his murder, to end his endless cycle of resurrection. With Blackest Night just around the corner, it seems Phantom Stranger thinks that would be an especially good idea, too!

Year One: [1991]
Season 2009: [#11]
Last Opponent: [Vega]
Despite stinking up theatres with her titular cinematic return, Chun-Li bounces off the walls of the successful release of Street Fighter IV on home consoles. The legendary gaming figure also stars in the sixty-minute animé which makes up for any live-action mistakes by reteaming her with Guile to hunt down SIN! You'll also find Chun-Li starring in UDON's line of comics, both in her own Legends series, and SFII Turbo!

Year One: [1959]
Season 2009: [#24]
Last Opponent: [Wood King]
The Hal Jordan revolution began way back in 2004 with Rebirth, and has been unstoppable ever since. Sinestro Corps War has given way to the rise of several other Corps from the spectrum, instigating a war of light! The light will soon be devoured, however, as the dead rise to form a new Black Corps in Blackest Night! This occurs as Infinite Wars favourite, Doug Mahnke, joins the GL team; a DTV animated origin looms with promise; and a GL movie gets the fast track toward a 2010 release date! All of this makes Hal Jordan one to watch in 2009!

Year One: [1986]
Season 2009: [NR]
Last Opponent: [NA]
For a comic book fight club, praise as one of the greatest stories ever told doesn't exactly help Watchmen hit the ranks if there's no punching. With all eyes on the Zack Snyder film, there's every possibility the bone-snapping Rorschach might just champion the legendary Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons tale in a review the likes of which the series ("graphic novel") will never have seen!

Year One: [1964]
Season 2009: [NR]
Last Opponent: [Zombies]
Marvel's Dark Reign has quickly established Norman Osborn as a new lynchpin of the universe. As leader of HAMMER and the public face of the official Avengers (as Iron Patriot), the former-Green Goblin is a light burning very bright, but will it burn half as long? If Spidey and the Secret Avengers have anything to say about it -- yes.
2. Spider-man (-) (M)
3. Iron Man (-) (M)
4. Superman (-) (DC)
5. Hulk (-) (M)
6. Wolverine (-) (M)
7. Captain America (-) (M)
8. Mr. Fantastic (-) (M)
9. Daredevil (-) (M)
10. Thing (-) (M)
14. Black Adam (-) (DC)
15. Wonder Woman (-) (DC)
16. Sub-Mariner (-) (M)
17. Ryu (-) (C)
23. Catwoman (-) (DC)
27. Green Lantern (-) (DC)
28. Nightwing (-) (DC)
29. Flash (-) (DC)
30. Phantom (-) (KFS)
32. Martian Manhunter (+1) (DC)
33. Green Lantern (-2) (DC)
40. Robin (-) (DC)
43. Deadpool (-) (M)
48. Dhalsim (-) (C)
49. Green Lantern (+170) (DC)
50. Ken Masters (-1) (C)
55. Red Hood (-1) (DC)
59. Dr. Doom (-1) (M)
70. Human Torch (-1) (M)
73. Powergirl (-1) (DC)
79. Guile (-1) (C)
85. Chun-Li (+160) (C)
90. Sentry (-2) (M)
93. Dr. Strange (-2) (M)
98. Sagat (-2) (C)
100. Hawkeye (-2) (M)
102. Ronin (-2) (M)
105. Fei Long (-2) (C)
111. Black Bolt (-2) (M)
127. Black Mask (-2) (DC)
134. Akuma (-2) (C)
136. Ganthet (-2) (DC)
145. Sonny Sumo (new) (DC)
150. Tally Man (-3) (DC)
154. Sakura Kusagano (-3) (C)
157. Zod (-3) (DC)
179. The Hood (-3) (M)
187. Rose (-3) (C)
189. Spoiler (-3) (DC)
200. Apocalypse (-3) (M)
207. Ares (-3) (M)
246. Menace (new) (M)
247. Dan Turpin (new) (DC)
248. Abel (new) (C)
250. Ms. Marvel (-4) (M)
263. Sinestro (-4) (DC)
265. Superboy (-4) (DC)
286. Harley Quinn (-3) (DC)
291. Poison Ivy (-3) (DC)
296. Spider-man (-3) (M)
300. Scarlet Witch (-2) (M)
308. Solomon Grundy (+381) (DC)
309. Vega (-31) (C)
310. Birdie (-14) (C)
311. She-Hulk (-5) (M)
317. Scorpion (-5) (Mid)
340. Alfred Pennyworth (-5) (DC)
346. Com. Gordon (-5) (DC)
347. Granny Goodness (new) (DC)
350. Catgirl (-6) (DC)
400. Scout (-6) (GP)
418. Scar (-6) (DC)
422. Dracula (-6) (M)
447. Balrog (-6) (C)
450. Turk (-6) (M)
461. Kingpin (-6) (M)
500. Roggra (-6) (DC)
533. Loki (-6) (M)
546. Mongul (-6) (DC)
548. Hammer (-6) (DC)
561. Gouken (-6) (C)
600. Knight (-6) (DC)
650. Reiko (-6) (Mid)
666. Shaggy Man (-6) (DC)
678. Megayakuza (new) (DC)
679. Mad Hatter (new) (DC)
680. Sabretooth (-8) (M)
700. Girder (-6) (DC)
705. Killer Croc (-32) (DC)
708. Iron Patriot (-7) (M)
711. Zangief (-7) (C)
712. Quicksilver (-7) (M)
713. Magneto (-7) (M)
714. Dan Hibiki (-7) (C)
715. Lizard (-7) (M)

The Hammer...
That wraps up this exceptionally late punch-up of the month's activities! Though so very behind schedule, we'll be pressing on with all plans for March, with the hope that they can be executed quickly and efficiently, so as to move onward.

Updates are set to include a special spotlight on a subject of particular relevance to March, a host of featured battles from releases during the month, and a very special post to acknowledge an anniversary I have not seen discussed very much in the blogosphere, but is of great importance to the comics medium as it exists today.

On that subject, we're also planning a series of posts to fill the Saturday slot that will unveil the most significant characters in superhero comics.
Whether or not the list begins in March will depend on how quickly we can get stuck in to the late posts. Remember, though they are dated several weeks behind, they are still new content and are reason to come back very soon.

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- Mike Haseloff; War Monger-in-Chief
Mike Haseloff, ship wrecked and comatose!

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