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MONTHLY PUNCH-UP #43 (July 2009)
After over eighteen months of anticipation the moment has finally arrived!
We're counting down the final days of the prelude to DC's long awaited mini-series and crossover event -- Blackest Night! Spinning out of the uber-hot Green Lantern brand, the tale will go DCU-wide when Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis deliver the first issue of the core Blackest Night mini-series. Then there's all the wonderful spin-offs including the return of a JLA-favourite in Green Lantern!

As obvious as it would be to start [belated] July proceedings off with a rundown of the event, you can already find plenty of speculation and updates in the Infinite Wars Blackest Night Speculation post started last October. A more contemporary interest for the site is the milestone of featuring the 100th Quick Fix special entry!

The Quick Fix format was originally introduced to the site in 2006 as a way of expanding content and featuring superhero battles too small in scope to fill a regular review. After running as a lead feature in the Monthly Punch-Up for several months, the format expanded into a Double Feature version, and has since settled into a regular singular version on Mondays, to compliment the classic Friday Fight Night.

Like many elements on the site; the Quick Fix began with the intention of adding more content whilst lightening the work load, but ultimately became a mammoth task unto itself. More recent Single Features have eased that burden, but have continued to be more about discussing the artform and medium, than spotlighting a quick fight.

Looking over those old entries, you can really see how the Comic Book Fight Club has evolved in format and content. I'd like to think, even if the ship isn't running so great, the quality of input and coverage has improved. Don't believe me? Why not browse over all one hundred Quick Fixes and see for yourself? As always, the information has been arranged for your convenience, complete with numerical instalment and date of posts. It's a great reminder of some of the variety the Infinite Wars has been able to capitalize upon over three-and-a-half years!

100 Infinite Wars Quick Fix Battles
#1 Black Panther #18: Man-Ape vs Spider-man [September 1, 2006]
#2 Green Arrow #60: Green Arrow vs Brick [October 1, 2006]
#3 Batman: The Mad Monk #1: Batman vs Catwoman [November 1, 2006]
#4 Beyond! #1: Venom vs Space Phantom [December 1, 2006]
#5 Moon Knight #6: Taskmaster vs Moon Knight [January 1, 2007]
#6 Detective Comics #826: Joker vs Robin [February 1, 2007]
#7 Catwoman #22: Slam Bradley vs Batman [March 1, 2007]
#8 Batman #663: Batman vs Joker [April 1, 2007]
#9 Infinite Crisis #6: Black Adam vs Psycho-Pirate [May 1, 2007]
#10 JLA/Avengers #1: Superman vs Thor [June 1, 2007]
#11 Incredible Hulk #374: Super-Skrull vs Bruce Banner [July 1, 2007]
#12 Nova #2: Diamondhead vs Nova [August 1, 2007]
#13 Legends #1: Captain Marvel vs Macro-Man [September 1, 2007]
#14 Dark Claw Adventures #1: Dark Claw vs Ra's-A-Pocalypse [September 2, 2007]
#15 Legends #1: Deadshot vs Flash [September 2, 2007]
#16 Ultimates 2 #10: Hawkeye vs Axis of Evil [September 5, 2007]
#17 Civil War #1: Captain America vs SHIELD [September 5, 2007]
#18 Street Fighter Alpha: Vega vs Dan Hibiki [September 9, 2007]
#19 Street Fighter II #2: Sagat vs Dhalsim [September 9, 2007]
#20 Infinite Crisis #1: Mongul vs Justice League [September 12, 2007]
#21 The Demon #17: Wonder Woman vs Etrigan [September 12, 2007]
#22 Catwoman #49: Hammer vs Captain Cold [September 13, 2007]
#23 Catwoman #63: Triple Threat vs Catwoman [September 13, 2007]
#24 Hawkman #23: Hawkman vs Matter Master [September 20, 2007]
#25 JSA #51: Black Adam vs Kobra [September 20, 2007]
#26 Batman #629: Robin vs Batman [September 22, 2007]
#27 JLA #118: Batman vs Catwoman [September 22, 2007]
#28 Street Fighter #1: Ken Masters vs Ryu [September 23, 2007]
#29 Street Fighter Alpha: Ken Masters vs Ryu [September 23, 2007]
#30 Street Fighter II #3: Thunderhawk vs Thugs [September 30, 2007]
#31 Street Fighter #8: Fei Long vs Mobsters [September 30, 2007]
#32 Heroes Reborn: The Return #4: Thor vs Dr. Doom [October 1, 2007]
#33 Street Fighter II #1: Akuma vs Gouken [October 14, 2007]
#34 Street Fighter #1: Ryu vs Sagat [October 14, 2007]
#35 Street Fighter Alpha: Birdie vs Dan Hibiki [October 21, 2007]
#36 Street Fighter Alpha: Ken Masters vs Sodom [October 21, 2007]
#37 Adventure Comics #40: Sandman vs Tarantula [October 31, 2007]
#38 Incredible Hulk #335: Hulk vs The Stalker [October 31, 2007]
#39 Batman #628: Batman vs Scarecrow [November 6, 2007]
#40 Batman: Gotham Knights #49: Batman vs Scarecrow [November 6, 2007]
#41 Ultimate Spider-man #95: Spider-man vs Blade [November 8, 2007]
#42 Ultimate Spider-man #96: Spider-man vs Morbius [November 8, 2007]
#43 What if? Wolverine Enemy of the State: MEGAMIX [November 15, 2007]
#44 New Avengers: Illuminati #1: Tony Stark vs Skrulls [November 20, 2007]
#45 New Avengers: Illuminati #2: Illuminati vs Mind Gem [November 20, 2007]
#46 Street Fighter Legends #1: Rainbow Mika vs Zangief [November 25, 2007]
#47 Street Fighter II #1: Billy vs Chun-Li [November 25, 2007]
#48 Street Fighter II #3: Ryu vs Dhalsim [December 2, 2007]
#49 Street Fighter II #3: Ryu vs Akuma [December 2, 2007]
#50 Batman: Dark Victory #3: Batman vs Scarecrow [December 8, 2007]
#51 Batman: The Long Halloween #3: Joker vs Harvey Dent [December 8, 2007]
#52 DCU: Brave New World #1: Captain Marvel Jr vs Iron Goblins [December 12, 2007]
#53 Mighty Thor Annual #15: Hercules vs Termini [December 12, 2007]
#54 Street Fighter II V Ep.14: Cage Fighter vs Vega [December 16, 2007]
#55 Street Fighter: Vega vs Ryu [December 16, 2007]
#56 Hellboy: The Corpse and The Iron Shoes: Grom vs Hellboy [February 1, 2008]
Tekken Forever #1: Jin Kazama vs Ganryu & Bruce [February 5, 2008]
#58 Street Fighter Alpha Vol.1: Ryu vs Rose [February 5, 2008]
#59 Secret Origins #32: Martian Manhunter vs Stone God [February 14, 2008]
#60 Secret Origins #32: Aquaman vs Mercury Monster [February 14, 2008]
#61 Secret Origins #35: Martian Manhunter vs Kidnappers [February 21, 2008]
#62 DC: The New Frontier #2: Batman & M. Manhunter vs Hill Street Cult [February 21, 2008]
#63 Secret Origins #32: Black Canary vs Glass Man [November 28, 2008]
#64 Secret Origins #32: Green Lantern vs Golden Roc [November 28, 2008]
#65 Phantom #972: Phantom vs Masked Marvel [March 1, 2008]
#66 Mighty Avengers #10: Sentry vs Thing [April 1, 2008]
#67 Secret Origins #32: Flash vs Fire Giant [April 10, 2008]
#68 Secret Origins #32: Superman vs Crystal Creature [April 10, 2008]
#69 Super Powers #5: Darkseid vs Apokolips Soldier [May 1, 2008]
#70 Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #1 MEGAMIX [May 15, 2008]
#71 Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #2 MEGAMIX [May 22, 2008]
#72 Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #3 MEGAMIX [May 29, 2008]
#73 Tales of Suspense #39: Iron Man vs Wong-Chu [June 1, 2008]
#74 Final Crisis #1: The Society vs League of Titans [June 5, 2008]
#75 Flash #210: Flash vs Penguin [July 1, 2008]
#76 West Coast Avengers Annual #5: Wonder Man vs USAgent [August 7, 2008]
#77 Phantom #686: Phantom vs Jungle Thieves [August 25, 2008]
#78 Tekken Forever #1: Lei Wulong vs Bryan Fury [September 11, 2008]
#79 X-Force #5: Archangel vs X-Force [September 22, 2008]
#80 What if...? #24: Wolverine vs Dracula [October 6, 2008]
#81 Ultimate Fantastic Four #23: Thing vs Hulk [October 13, 2008]
#82 Marvel Premiere #28: Morbius vs Werewolf by Night [October 30, 2008]
#83 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon MEGAMIX [November 3, 2008]
#84 DC Universe 0: Wonder Woman vs Minatour [November 10, 2008]
#85 Daredevil #65: Punisher vs Daredevil [December 4, 2008]
#86 Batman Ep.2: Joker vs Batman [December 25, 2008]
#87 Mighty Avengers #10: Dr. Doom vs Iron Man [January 12, 2009]
#88 Final Crisis #2 MEGAMIX [February 16, 2009]
#89 Watchmen #2: Rorschach vs Moloch the Mystic [March 2, 2009]
#90 Flash: Rebirth #1: Flash vs Savitar [April 6, 2009]
#91 Marvel Comics Presents #83: Wolverine vs The Professor [May 4, 2009]
#92 Flash: Rebirth #2: Lady Flash vs Flash & Flash [May 11, 2009]
#93 Street Fighter II Turbo #6: Mike Haggar vs Zangief [May 18, 2009]
#94 Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1: Razzle vs Super Young Team [May 25, 2009]
#95 Batman and Robin #1: Batman & Robin vs Mr. Toad [June 8, 2009]
#96 Captain America #1: Captain America vs Nazi Goons [June 9, 2009]
#97 Flash: Rebirth #3: Superman vs Flash [June 15, 2009]
#98 Green Lantern Corps #37: Scar vs Lyssa Drak [June 18, 2009]
#99 Invincible Iron Man #14: Crimson Dynamo vs Iron Man [June 22, 2009]
#100 Green Lantern #42: Larfleeze vs Green Lantern [June 29, 2009]

With 2009 marking the first year the Infinite Wars have actively reflected the goings-on in weekly comics releases, it seems unlikely the extra Quick Fix features will be going away any time soon. Here's hoping the next one hundred can continue to develop and inform in ways comparable to the last!

My1UP Hero of the Week...
Both through my interests, and those of the mainstream market, the Infinite Wars have come to include various video game properties alongside traditional superhero comics icons. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have consistently been two of the biggest properties to attract traffic to the Infinite Wars from searche engines and links. Similarly, comics-to-game crossovers like Ultimate Alliance and Arkham Asylum encourage similar interest from readers new to the site.

Having joined the ranks of the members list nearly a year ago, I've felt compelled to make use of the free blogging tools they offer. Beginning in June, I added a weekly Hero of the Week feature to marry interests and share useless information with parties either side of the border. Though each HOTW features a video game lilt, influence is drawn from all mediums, including the comics.

@ The Infinite Wars
#1 Wolverine (#4)
#2 Batman (#16)
#3 The Flash (#14)
#4 Capt. America (#7)
#5 Green Lantern (#22)
HOTW for June 2009...
#1 Wolverine [June 01, 2009]
#2 Batman [June 08, 2009]
#3 The Flash [June 15, 2009]
#4 Captain America [June 22, 2009]
#5 Green Lantern [June 29, 2009]

To keep each week feeling fresh, I'm operating under a self-imposed rule that demands fresh offerings each week. I'll be interested to see which heroes and villains make the list later in the year, but for now, it stands to reason that the heavy hitters of the DC and Marvel universes would dominate the list.

Stay tuned for next month's features, or to stay up-to-date with these and other commentary, go right to the source:! You'll probably find me hanging around there when I should be updating this blog!

Season 2009: Top Five Update...
Here on the Infinite Wars we like to play a little game of rank and review.
At the heart of the site is a series of reviews that recap the battles that embody the superhero universes as we know them. By tallying these results, we shuffle stats in the pursuit of the knowledge of who truly is the greatest hero of all.

Breaking up the cumulative grind are our yearly rankings, which give us the opportunity to observe the success of characters each year. Season 2009 is now well under way, and unlike previous years, has shown particular reflection on the grind of weekly releases. Feature fights have been diverse and intriguing!

ARTWORK: Ethan Van Sciver#1 Flash (-) (6) (DC)
Battles: [7] Last Opponent: [Superman]
Win Percentage: [100%] Cumulative: [#14]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [#38] 2008: [#63]

As we begin our sprint into the second half of the year, it's getting difficult to imagine a 2009 Top 5 without Barry Allen! The Silver Age speedster's rebirth is well and truly confirmed and it's going to take a mighty effort for any hero to take away his spot before the year's final count!

The Flash's return to the DC Universe is about to become even more entrenched as he drifts out of the pages of Flash: Rebirth and joins classic partner in crime-fighting, Green Lantern, in combatting the menace of the Blackest Night and the resurrected Black Lanterns -- starting with Martian Manhunter! It's sure to be a big battle and a confident punctuation mark on the acceptance of Barry Allen as top Flash in the DCU, once again. Here's hoping it isn't at Wally West's expense!

ARTWORK: Leinil Yu#2 Wolverine (-) (15) (Marvel)
Battles: [35] Last Opponent: [Dormammu]
Win Percentage: [48.57%] Cumulative: [#4]
2006: [#4] 2007: [#6] 2008: [#20]

So far, the stand-out predictions have all come from DC, but with a feature film giving Wolverine an early boost, there's hope for the House of Ideas, yet! His association with the New Avengers manages to overcome the irrelevance of his solo-adventures, suggesting we might just be looking at a dark horse for the year-end Top Five! You've got to figure someone at Marvel will shoulder the weight, given the spread.

Without trying to sound overly negative about the Marvel side of the fence, the mind really does boggle at the handling of some of these prestige properties. It seems fair to say Deadpool is the property that's come out of the X-Men solo film with all the momentum, even if the comics haven't done well to put a quality representation of the character forward. It speaks to a problem the X-franchise seems incapable of escaping since the glory days of the nineties, but you'd think the mainstream exposure of Wolverine might've solicited a stronger effort.

Quantity is something jaded comics fans have come to expect of Wolverine, but for all the appearances the character's lodged, there seems to be a fundamental lack of intent to make it count. It's a tragic irony that a supporting role in New Avengers is really the most interesting spot for the icon, followed perhaps by the nostalgia brand of the First Class X-Men title. Perhaps things will turn around.

ARTWORK: Frank Quitely#3 Batman (new) (DC)
Battles: [8] Last Opponent: [Mr. Toad]
Win Percentage: [75%] Cumulative: [#16]
2006: [#25] 2007: [#99] 2008: [#34]

He finally inherited the mantle of Batman after some reluctance and a battle for the cowl, and now it seems Dick Grayson's transformation from Nightwing to Dark Knight is complete! Mere months after the Bruce Wayne original dropped out of his dominant position in the Infinite Wars Top Five, the student picks up where the teacher left off!

Grayson has struggled in previous years to rank amongst the upper echelon, but his role in Batman: Reborn is about much more than a simple appeal of the costume. Becoming Batman has given the character a chance to shine in ways he never could. Grayson's Batman introduces a whole new dynamic to the formula of the Bat-family, the Batman and Robin tandem brand, and to the orphaned circus acrobat, as well. The realisation of the Batman dynasty in 2009 is almost certain to carry Dick Grayson into the top ranks that have so long evaded him.

With DC juggling these brand-centric mini-events, they've set up the players for the Season 2009 rankings race, but with Blackest Night on the horizon, it'll be tough for Batman to maintain momentum. Moreso than Flash; Batman seems unlikely to play a significant role in the event, relegated to a tangential mini-series in favour of securing the new direction without interruption.

ARTWORK: Ivan Reis#4 Alpha Lantern Kraken (-1) (5) (DC)
Features: [3] Last Opponent: [Batman]
Win Percentage: [100%] Cumulative: [#50]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [DNR] 2008: [#121]

Kraken's reign in the Top Five should've been a done deal by now, but through diversity, 2009 has offered plenty of opportunity to dark horse upstarts in the early goings. Now, with Blackest Night looming on the horizon, the odds that Kraken could hold her top spot have suddenly increased ten-fold! Despite falling into limbo since featuring in Final Crisis -- the Alpha Lantern could very well be front-and-centre as the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lantern Corps are confronted with the mistakes of their past. Dead or alive, Kraken has a role, either as a resurrected skeleton in the closet, or a Green Lantern with a past to be haunted by.

ARTWORK: JG Jones#5 Punisher (-1) (4) (Marvel)
Battles: [6] Last Opponent: [The Hood's Syndicate]
Win Percentage: [50%] Cumulative: [#63]
2006: [DNR] 2007: [#163] 2008: [#347]

Rounding out the list is perhaps the definition of a dark horse in the 2009 competition. Punisher has been the subject of an unexpected and slightly weird revamp as a result of the relaunch of 2007's Punisher War Journal as simply, Punisher (which in turn forced a reclassification of Punisher MAX). A co-starring role opposite Deadpool in Suicide Kings compliments a steady run on the Infinite Wars which looks only to get better as the character delves deeper into a feud with The Hood via Dark Reign, and future battles with villains resurrected from the pit of hell.

Punisher doesn't seem likely to be a part of any of the key plot points of Dark Reign, (like he was in Civil War), but as a tangent there might yet be enough to earn him the vote of Marvel's contender for the year-end Top Five!

#1 (+21) Black Lantern Corps
#2 (+3) Green Lantern Corps
#3 (+5) Bat-Family
#4 (--) Justice League
#5 (-3) Secret Avengers
#6 (--) Shadow Cabinet
#7 (--) Thunderbolts
#8 (+7) Justice Society
#9 (+3) MI:13
#10 (+8) The Network
#11 (-2) Shadowpact
#12 (-2) Guardians of the Galaxy
#13 (-2) Fantastic Four
#14 (--) The Titans
#15 (+1) SF Interpol
#16 (+1) Teen Titans
#17 (-14) Astonishing X-Men
#18 (+1) Legion of Superheroes
#19 (-18) Super Young Team
#20 (-7) Outsiders
#21 (-1) Shadaloo
#22 (+1) X-Force
#23 (-2) Dark Avengers
#24 (+2) Secret Six
#25 (--) Earthrealm Defenders
#26 (-2) Uncanny X-Men
#27 (+1) MK Special Forces
#28 (+1) Might Avengers
#29 (-2) Sinestro Corps
#30 (+1) The Cabal
#31 (-1) Lady Liberators
2009 Fantasy League...
For those who came in late: last year various readers drafted characters into a fantasy league team which accumulated points based on features on the site, and spotlights in the weekly shipping list.

This year, rather than subject actual human beings to the soul crushing inconsistency of our statistics, we're using teams inspired by the comics themselves! The company's print groups battle it out for our amusement month to month in this highly pointless game.

The spread continues to put pressure on a wide range of teams losing points, but the good news in June was a high share being divided among the entire top five!

The Black Lantern Corps are: Scar, Black Hand, Earth-2 Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. As the subject of the Blackest Night crossover starting officially in July, they're sure to be a team to keep an eye on!

This year, the basic set-up is a little different.
Teams start with an allowance of 3515 points; five times value of the top ranked character. Five characters suitable to the team are drafted at a cost derived from their cumulative ranking at the end of Season 2008. 736 characters, means #1 is worth 736pts, working downward to #736, valued at 1pt. This new rule not only offers an immediate reflection of value, but handicaps league leaders.
This year, unranked characters will cost 355pts, a fraction over mid-range.

Subsequent points are awarded based on results throughout the month.
25pts for a win, 7pts for an assist, 5pts for a loss, and 10pts for a draw.
Additional bonuses of 5pts are awarded for spotlights in the shipping list, and other articles sporradically featured throughout the site. As with last year; the final contributor to monthly scores is the cumulative super stock, which will provide literal additions and substractions to reflect the movement in ranking.

Due to the ever changing landscape of superheroics, and characters who hold membership with multiple groups, we will attempt to maintain a delicate balance between accuracy and suitability. Again encouraging some sense of interactivity, it is strongly encouraged for readers to use the comments section to suggest appropriate trades, and/or the inclusion of new teams.

To make the Fantasy League more managable, there may be a culling process in the future months, that eliminates some teams. Once again, be encouraged to make your thoughts on the subject known in the comments section.

Super Stock: Cumulative Rankings...
For those coming in late: the Infinite Wars was founded on a concept of reviewing superhero comics through the battles displayed within.
Results are tallied to form both annual rankings, and a cumulative tally.
These rankings bare no concrete value, but provide fun with lists and statistics on the site. The following reflects the months changes in the cumulative ranks.

Year One: [1959]
Season 2009: [#10]
Last Opponent: [Larfleeze]
The past few years have seen Green Lantern return to the status of one of the hottest properties in comics! All that remains now is for that to be reflected in the Infinite Wars. 2009 should be the year of Hal Jordan as he plays figurehead to the event affecting the entire DCU.

Year One: [1964]
Season 2009: [NR]
Last Opponent: [Green Arrow]
As Hal Jordan's opposite in the construction of the Blackest Night event, you'd expect Black Hand to play a significant role in the upcoming event. He stars in the last of the Prelude issues this month, leading directly in to the event-proper. It's a sense of reflective symmetry evident in Black Hand's ascension from the role of bit-player in Green Lantern: Rebirth, to major villain in '09!

Year One: [1955]
Season 2009: [#96]
Last Opponent: [The Society]
Following Black Hand, Martian Manhunter will be among the first Black Lanterns to bedevil the heroes when he clashes with Green Lantern and Flash in the pages of Green Lantern! It's hard to imagine the Martian biting the dust just as the First Act kicks off, making him one to watch in the coming months! Perhaps a little revenge for his Final Crisis murder waits in the future?...

Year One: [1941]
Season 2009: [#36]
Last Opponent: [Nazi Goons]
With all the Blackest Night hype, it'd be all too easy to forget that another recently deceased hero is on the way back! Cap will make his long expected return in the pages of Captain America: Reborn, a brand new series that reveals the secrets of his 2007 assassination and undoes it -- which we all knew was coming, right?

Year One: [1961]
Season 2009: [NR]
Last Opponent: [Green Lanterns]
Beneath the action of Blackest Night is a War of Light waging between the multi-coloured factions representing the emotional spectrum. Walking a moral line between the good of Green Lantern and the evil of Black Hand -- Sinestro has a great potential to play a crucial role. Lest we forget the prophetic importance placed upon the fear wielding foe during the Rage of Red Lanterns!
1. Batman (-) (DC)
2. Spider-man (-) (M)
3. Iron Man (-) (M)
4. Superman (-) (DC)
5. Hulk (-) (M)
6. Wolverine (-) (M)
7. Captain America (-) (M)
8. Mr. Fantastic (-) (M)
9. Daredevil (-) (M)
10. Thing (-) (M)
14. Flash (+1) (DC)
15. Luke Cage (-1) (M)
16. Batman (+13) (DC)
19. Ryu (-1) (C)
22. Green Lantern (+6) (DC)
26. Catwoman (-2) (DC)
30. Phantom (-) (KFS)
31. Red Robin (+22) (DC)
33. Green Lantern (-) (DC)
36. Red Hood (-4) (DC)
45. Captain America (-) (M)
50. Alpha Lantern (-1) (DC)
56. Deadpool (-) (M)
61. Dr. Strange (+34) (M)
88. Son of Satan (+165) (M)
100. Sagat (-1) (C)
114. Ms. Marvel (+10) (M)
127. Scar (+311) (DC)
128. Z-Pool (+318) (M)
129. Green Lantern (+100) (DC)
130. Green Lantern (+96) (DC)
131. Green Lantern (+85) (DC)
150. Magik (-6) (M)
193. Hellboy (-6) (DH)
195. Jin Kazama (-6) (N)
200. Dr. Fate (-6) (DC)
250. Great Kung Lao (-3) (WB)
262. Typhoid Mary (new) (M)
263. Robin (new) (DC)
264. Crimson Dynamo (new) (M)
265. Brother Voodoo (new) (M)
300. Slam Bradley (-6) (DC)
302. Harley Quinn (-6) (DC)
307. Poison Ivy (-6) (DC)
310. Constrictor (+256) (M)
325. Two-Face (-6) (DC)
329. The Hood (-25) (M)
350. Yoshimitsu (-7) (N)
400. Squorm (-7) (M)
450. Vandal Savage (-6) (DC)
455. Bengal (new) (M)
456. Mockingbird (new) (M)
457. Green Lantern (new) (DC)
458. Green Lantern (new) (DC)
459. Green Lantern (new) (DC)
473. Spider-Woman (+230) (M)
500. Scarecrow (-11) (M)
549. Carnage (-11) (M)
600. Black Hand (-10) (DC)
650. Harold Allnut (-10) (DC)
700. Volcano Man (-10) (DC)
733. Bloodscream (new) (M)
734. Roughhouse (new) (M)
735. Mr. Toad (new) (DC)
736. Fire Hands (new) (DC)
737. Lyssa Drak (new) (DC)
738. Man-Thing (new) (M)
739. Dormammu (new) (M)
740. Larfleeze (new) (DC)
750. Human Bomb (-17) (DC)
771. Taskmaster (-16) (M)
773. Quicksilver (-17) (M)
774. Magneto (-17) (M)
775. Dan Hibiki (-17) (C)
776. Lizard (-17) (M)
777. Zangief (-17) (C)

- Mike Haseloff; Webmaster
The Infinite Wars is currently roughly four months behind, but still fighting!

June Hit Count: [8804/243007]* (-25.87%)
* Hitcount reflects content dated May.

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