Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The Batman v Superman rivalry has finally been brought to life in a feature film! Throughout March the Secret Wars on Infinite Earths were all about The Man of Steel: taking you beyond the grim world of the film into the epic battles of the DC Universe!

In Old Comics Wednesday we've looked forward by looking backwards: witnessing the Justice League in action first-hand [Dawn of Justice], and remembering some of the classic adversaries faced by Batman on a regular basis [Batman Versus...]! We couldn't leave the Dawn of Justice behind without a much needed reflection on some of the fights featuring Superman!

By hitting any of the covers below, you'll be transported back through some of the greatest hits of Superman's feature fights, against foes like: Doomsday, General Zod, Captain Marvel, Hawkman, The Flash, Massacre, Eclipso, Jimmy Olsen, and even Marvel's Incredible Hulk and Thor!

If those last two tickled your fancy, be here throughout the month of April to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of DC versus Marvel! The latest inter-company crossover collision started last week with an all access pass to Superman vs Venom! You never know who'll meet next!

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