Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The world of Marvel's live-action Netflix universe gets a little bit more complete this week with the premiere of Luke Cage - September 30th! The bulletproof Power Man will bring Netflix one step closer to their city ensemble, venturing into a world already populated by Daredevil, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Elektra, Kingpin, Purple Man and more!

Throughout September we've been featuring Luke Cage in Friday Night Fights, and this Old Comics Wednesday we're casting an even wider net to get ready for what's ahead! Iron Fist is the next Netflix series to look out for in 2017, before the heroes converge in The Defenders!

By hitting the covers below you'll be transported to a variety of classic featured fights starring the heroes and villains of Netflix! If you want even more, you can follow links in each throwback - or dive into the Issue Index for a complete catalogue! We've got one more Luke Cage spotlight left in September - be here to witness as the Hero for Hire becomes the ultimate Avengers villain!

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