Monday, December 04, 2017

Real Name: Thanos
First Appearance: Iron Man #55 (February, 1973)
Fight Club Ranking: #352

Featured Fights:
- vs TERRAX: Green Lantern/Silver Surfer (Dec 1995)
- vs AVENGERS & JUSTICE LEAGUE: DC versus Marvel #4 (Apr 1996)
- vs DRAX: Annihilation #4 (Jan 2007)
- vs GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (Jun 2010)

Holy toot! The new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War finally lifts the lid on one of Marvel's most anticipated theatrical releases! There's a whole lot to unpack, but it goes without saying that the man of the hour is Thanos. The Mad Titan has been threatening for years - now he's coming to Earth!

There are a whole lot of pregnant images flickering through the packed 1 minute 44 second preview!

"Get this man a shield" serves double duty to forecast a new-look Captain America, and stir excitement for February's long awaited starring turn for Black Panther! There's also the usual bait and tease of familiar faces in peril, or new gear. An armored Spider-man, a concerned Iron Man, and a rampaging Hulk back from last month's space battles with Thor in Ragnarok.

One of the things that most interested me is what looks like the insectoid hordes of the Annihilation Wave! There was a lot of fan debate over whether the first Avengers film's mystery character "The Other" might actually be some version of Annihilus. This may lend some vague credibility to the theory, even if the Negative Zone villain is kept plausibly available to debut another day.

It was pretty much a given the movie would have little to do with the Infinity War of the comics. Evil doppelgangers of our favourite heroes might be interesting, but it's a concept that wears thin, and could tread on future plans for Skrull invasion [circa Captain Marvel].

The presumption, then, was that the movie would borrow most of its cues from The Infinity Gauntlet, but that now seems more likely for the former "Part 2" of Avengers 4. There are a few allusions to the Gauntlet story. Iron Man taking a thorough butt whooping, being one of them. Heroes rushing into streets flooded with panic -- another familiar scene to the 1991 story.

That little peak of Bruce Banner lying beneath a hole in what may or may not be Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum rings true of the beginning of The Infinity Gauntlet, as well, even if it may mean it's time to give up on those Silver Surfer theories I had.

There's bound to be more teasers and theorizing as we await next year's biggest blockbuster. For now, we commemorate anticipation with a humble entry into Hero of the Week!

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