Monday, January 08, 2018

Real Name: June Moone
First Appearance: Strange Adventures #187 (April, 1966)
Fight Club Ranking: #532

Featured Fights:
- vs BRIMSTONE: Legends #3 (Jan 1987)
- vs BRONZE TIGER: Legends #3 (Jan 1987)

The DC fighting game Injustice 2 has unveiled its latest downloadable character and it's the wicked switcheroo-witcheroo we know as Enchantress!

The new trailer is on Mortal Kombat Online and showcases some of the sinister sorceress' attacks, which include player-possession, summoning spells, and other interesting magic based powers. Mortal Kombat X players will recognize some of the tricks from characters like Quan Chi and Shinnok -- no surprise given Injustice is from the makers of Mortal Kombat!

One of the most pleasing things about the new trailer is that it shows a more comic book friendly design. Injustice 2's gear system means other attire options will be available, but it's nice to see them avoiding the strangely deviant design choices of 2016's Suicide Squad movie! The strange synthesis of South America and Asia had its appeal, but didn't connect to the character of the comics.

Of course, I'll be hoping enchanted gear includes tasteful black leggings, fashionably tailored green shawl, a red scarf, and the classic pointed green hat. Because Enchantress was never better than that first year or two she was brought to us by Ostrander & McDonnell!

I've been romancing the eighties Suicide Squad series, so this one tickles my fancy. It was a natural choice for Hero of the Week, and later this week we may just have something from the classic comic, as well. Keep an eye out for it! Update: From trailer to comic, check out Deadshot vs Echantress!

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