Monday, January 22, 2018

Real Name: Lar Gand
First Appearance: Superboy #89 (June, 1961)
Fight Club Ranking: #DNR

Featured Fights:
- Yet To Be Featured on Secret Wars on Infinite Earths.

Hero of the Week has dedicated a lot of space to lamenting the designs of TV's current crop of live-action superheroes. There's been plenty to criticize, with an endless parade of off-the-shelf cosplay, and colorless bodysuits. I like to say Supergirl is 'the good one' when referring to these shows, but even with their many indulgences, the show is sometimes prone to shying away from the goods.

It was a notable let down when Season 2 ended without dressing Mon-El in a simple, but tasteful version of his well known comic book outfit. Red, high-collared suit with a blue cape doesn't seem to be much to ask for, especially when Supergirl looks so awesome, and episodes went out of their way to discuss his need for an appropriate costume!

I don't usually make a habit of throwing stones at creators on social media, but when Season 3 started promotion I voiced some dismay. A couple of days of later? Previews for the CW mid-season line-up and our first look at Chris Wood kitted out in a costume of Valor!

CBR highlighted the new look - and why wouldn't you? It feels a little overdue, but it's exactly the kind of splash of colour you'd hope to see from a show this fun!

They've made some minor modifications to the body of the costume, but there's nothing much to complain about. Which probably makes it all the more disappointing that the other members of The Legion of Super-Heroes don't look quite so good.

Brainiac 5 suffers from the kind of color-muting that so much of Supergirl stands in defiance of. The bright green, blonde "Brainy" of comics is replaced by a zombie-grey malformation with fright wig. Saturn Girl also appears to have forgotten to wash her whites and darks separately, generically without the more iconic pink and white!

I enjoy the energy and indulgences Supergirl does offer, so our Hero of the Week has to be the best of them. I hope the other Legionnaires can look forward to similar improvements, and perhaps we just skip the disappointment all together, next time. Supergirl is just too cool for this crap!

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