Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Boy, who woulda thought these back issue posts would've come in handy so quick? Yes, I'm slacking off as we bring our month to an end, catching up with a little bit of a recap on the guest of honor for October -- Dr. DOOM!

Dr. Doom was absent from our humble first year of Infinite Wars, but has made a worthy splash in 2007. Why not browse over some of the battles of the past, and marvel at Doom's cunning in battle. Be he stealing cosmic power from space aliens, or seeking a "cure" for drug addiction, you've gotta love the Latverian lug.

You've got to, because, if you don't, he'll find out and send a Doombot to CRUSH YOUR SKULL, YOU WRETCHED INFIDEL!!! Doom. DOCTOR Doom.

Fantastic Four #350 (March 1991)
"The More Things Change...!" Walt Simonson

Dr. Doom has returned to his rightful place as Latverian monarch, reprising the throne from his robotic stand-ins!
With the bitter intent of exacting revenge on his mortal nemesis Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, Doom gathers intelligence on the events that transpired during his absence.

Finding a weak link in the She-Thing, Sharon Ventura, Doom lures her into a metallic venus flytrap with the promise of something even Mr. Fantastic has never been able to achieve: A cure for the Thing condition!

The FF soon learn Sharon has four-hours to live, and Ben Grimm is forced to make a dramatic decision!

Fantastic Four #361 (February 1992)
"Miracle on Yancy Street!" Ryan/DeFalco

It's Christmas Eve, and a whole lot of stirring is going on down on Yancy Street! At the request of his old pal, Slugger Sokolowski, the Thing heads back to the old neighbourhood to investigate a spout of disappearances, and the potential connection to drugs that have gotten a hold of Slugger's son!

It's the unlikley two-in-one team-up as Thing joins forces with his mortal enemies - the Yancy Street Gang - to track down the troubled Sokolowski youth, and uncover the diabolical scheme. The only thing more shocking than Thing joining up with the YSG, is the villain who's behind it all, and the reason he's come to New York!

Silver Surfer #107 (August 1995)
"Weapon 'S'" Lackey/Grindberg

In the field of robotics and complex programming, Victor Von Doom is second to few. With an army of Doombots, he has fooled the world many times with automaton facsimilies designed to imitate and carry-out the orders of the one true Doom. At least, they're supposed to...

One Doombot was designed with the secret honor to do what Dr. Doom ultimately could not: Contain the stolen power cosmic of the Silver Surfer!

Time has led this Bot to develop another skill, a reflective philosophy based upon Doom's own flaws. Thus, he achieves another skill unknown by the true Doom, and it might just destroy us all!

Fantastic Four #6 (April 1997)
"Retribution" Lee/Choi

Victor Von Doom proper has developed yet another scheme to steal the power cosmic from the Silver Surfer, but in a world where the heroes are reborn, he has no knowledge of his many past failures!

With his old college peer and mortal enemy as an audience, along with his Fantastic Four cohorts and their newest ally - the Black Panther - the stage seems set for Doom to unveil his greatest triumph, but there's a monkey wrench in waiting.

The saboteur that [re]-created the Fantastic Four is about to reveal himself, and this sleeper agent is going to pull a double-cross on Dr. Doom as well! You won't believe it!

Black Panther #19 (October 2006)
"World Tour Part One: Holiday in Latveria" Hudlin/Eaton

T'Challa and Ororo Monroe, better known to the world as Black Panther and Storm, have united in marriage, instantly creating the most powerful couple on Earth!

With civil unrest in the United States creating an environment of suspicion and paranoia, the Wakandan royals plot a world tour around their honeymoon to meet with some of the world's greatest superpowers.

When these two ingenious minds meet, will Earth look forward to a golden age of peace, or the destructive conquest of a super-villain team-up?
[Like we don't know a fight's coming!]

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