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And They Shall Call Him... Champion! (Marvel)
Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7 When: October 1982 Why: Tom DeFalco How: Ron Wilson

The Story So Far...
The Thing has battled some of the most powerful beings in this universe and beyond, earning a fighting reputation that spans galaxies! Enter: Proja - Promoter Supreme!

Charged with signing worthy opponents to face The Champion of the Universe - Proja sees big box office potential in a match between Thing and his client! Madison Square Garden is the only arena that could stage this once in a lifetime title bout, but you can't have a main event without an undercard!

The Mighty Thor was disqualified when he brought his enchanted hammer into the boxing ring. His exit paves the way for a potential show stealer as Champion welcomes a challenger who may be the strongest one there is: The Incredible Hulk!

Tale of the Tape...
Strength: Champion 7 (Omnipotent)
Intelligence: Champion 2 (Average)
Speed: Hulk 4 (Olympian)
Stamina: Champion 7 (Unstoppable)
Agility: Draw 2 (Average)
Fighting: Champion 7 (Living Weapon)
Energy: Draw 1 (None)
Total: Champion of the Universe 29 (Metahuman)

If you subscribe to the theory that Hulk is typically stronger than his cousin: there's a compelling case for Champion of the Universe being in real trouble in today's bout! After all, we've seen She-Hulk beat him cold in She-Hulk #8!

Of course, She-Hulk's win only came after an earlier, ugly beating. Her second effort was facilitated by experience gained from the prior contest, three months of additional intensive physical training, The Champion under estimating her, and an argument to strip him of the Power Gem he was guarding, at that time.

Indeed, Champion of the Universe may be a merciless combatant, but as we saw in an earlier no contest against Thor: he plays by a strict set of ring rules!

Those rules helped She-Hulk turn her fortunes around, but they may not bode well for her rampaging cousin! This is a time when Bruce Banner wields some control over a more articulate Hulk, but the more he gives into his rage, the more he loses control. That rage is the source of his upper limits of strength, but it also means he's unlikely to be concerned with threats of disqualification!

Hulk is one of the preeminent powerhouses of the Marvel Universe and could very well have the strength to challenge The Champion! We've seen him lay vicious beatings on Juggernaut [Marvel Adventures #14], Silver Surfer [Incredible Hulk #95], The Sentry [World War Hulk #5], Thor [Avengers #5], The Avengers [Avengers #4], and The Thunderbolts [Incredible Hulk #449]!

We've also seen Hulk vex cosmic powers the likes of: Thing & The FF [Fantastic Four #12], Superman [Marvel versus DC #3], Green Lantern [Unlimited Access #1], Hercules [Tales to Astonish #79], and Thanos [Infinity Gauntlet #4]. Yet it must also be noted that each of these examples has ultimately concluded in a stalemate, or even the Hulk's defeat.

Given this is purely a contest of pugilistic power and brute physical strength - Hulk is in with a shot! Though an Elder of the Universe, we've seen proof Tryco Slatterus (as The Champ is otherwise known) can be defeated. Hulk is clearly among Earth's top tier of super-human fighters, but lacks finesse. His fists are fuelled with pure fury and everything depends on focusing them on the task of proving he really is the strongest one there is! Let's see how he did...

The Tape: Champion of the Universe Ranking: Hulk (#6)

What Went Down...
No sooner than Thor has been teleported from the Madison Square Garden spotlight does The Hulk suddenly appear! He warns The Champion that anger only makes him stronger -- and he's plenty mad with the alien's actions!In a demonstration of his awesome brawn the Hulk bangs his gloved fists together - reducing the boxing gear to strips of meaningless leather!

In truth, the hours of training and waiting have been a constant struggle for the man within the beast - Dr. Bruce Banner! As his resolve has weakened, his rage has stewed to the boil - blurring into madness as he finally takes the ring and begins a berserker charge toward his adversary!

It would surely be a main event worthy of the biggest marquees across the known galaxy -- but The Champion of the Universe is no mere barroom brawler! He deems this mindless Hulk unworthy of the contest he offers.

With but a raising of his gloved hand, Champion once again expels an opponent from the ring. The match is over before it started. Another No Contest!

The Hammer...
Oh, what might've been! If this were any other series, perhaps Hulk v Champion would've been one the biggest fights in Marvel Comics history! Alas, the green goliath was not the star of Marvel Two-In-One - and fated for an early exit.
Unlike the previous Thor fight; there were no actual blows exchanged during this battle, but a statement of intent was clearly made by the Hulk, and Champion initiated his method of avoidance. All of that is to say: this fight will go on the record as an inconclusive no contest (equal to a draw).

That means, to this point, The Champion has eliminated: Sub-Mariner by disinterested forfeit, Doc Samson by training injury, and Thor & Hulk by variations on disqualification and no contest. That sounds like an inauspicious start to the tournament, but it's all in favour of building to the main event!

When we next return to Madison Square Garden and Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7 - we'll get our first taste of pure pugilistic power when Sasquatch steps into the ring for a bona fide battle! We've also got Colossus, Wonder Man, and Thing waiting in the wings to take the challenge of the Champion of the Universe!

Sasquatch may not be your usual headliner from the Marvel Universe, but in the eighties, he and Alpha Flight were a cult force to be reckoned with! Canada's fuzzy, transforming answer to the Hulk has also been mixing it up lately in Marvel's current genre-bending super-hero/horror series: Immortal Hulk. Rest assured, it'll be a lot of fun to come back to his battle with The Champion!

It feels like next year is going to get a little cosmic, so providing all goes well, we might start getting some valuable data on the Elder known as Tryco Slatterus. To this point, his impact on the rankings hasn't been particularly impressive. He's exactly the kind of character Secret Wars on Infinite Earths was made to investigate - and that means big things lie ahead!

Technically Season 2019 begins here! Be sure to check out The Champion's recent entry into Hero of the Week, and vote for your favourite battles in the 2018 Feature Fight Recap! You can also keep your eyes on the Secret Archive for future updates and explore links throughout this post to discover an exciting multiverse of classic combat and superhero smackdown!

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Winner: No Contest (Draw)
#6 (--) Hulk [+1 draw]
#319 (+2) Champion of the Universe [+1 draw]

Monday, December 10, 2018

Real Name: Ronnie Raymond
First Appearance: Firestorm #1 (March, 1978)
Fight Club Ranking: #886

Featured Fights:
- vs BRIMSTONE: Legends #1 (Nov 1986)
- vs BRIMSTONE: Legends #2 (Dec 1986)

What a weekend! Narrowing it down to just one Hero of the Week has not been an easy task!

We had announcement trailers for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 and Mortal Kombat 11 at The Game Awards on Friday! The first official trailers for Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, (the latter, albeit, only witnessed by those attending a Brazilian Comic-Con)! There was also last night's broadcast of the first part of the hotly anticipated CW Three-Part Elseworlds crossover featuring previously discussed HOTW The Flash!

With all of these incredible multimedia heavyweights throwing haymakers from the hip -- what ultimately piqued my interest? It turned out it was something from comics! More specifically: Firestorm - The Nuclear Man, who had a major moment in this week's Doomsday Clock! Read on if you don't mind spoilers!

The highlight came in last week's Doomsday Clock #8, where Firestorm became embroiled in the "Supermen Theory", which supposes hostile military conspiracy is responsible for the high density population of super-powered individuals in the United States.

Newsarama documented the key events - most notably Firestorm's pursuit of Pozhar - which resulted in the accidental transmutation of everyone in Moscow's Red Square into glass. This unusual event, along with Superman's attempt to pacify Russia, has apparently brought them to the brink of war.

The political thriller has obvious overtones reminiscent of Watchmen, functioning quite openly as a controversial pseudo-sequel and crossover, but the eighties reference also seems to extend to the pre-New 52 DC Universe, where Firestorm and Pozhar were significant players, emerging together out of the American/Russian tensions that played a major role in late-eighties, post-Crisis DC Comics.

The more DC Comics can evoke the spirit of better days, the more interested I'm certainly going to be. We've been looking back at the period more often on Secret Wars on Infinite Earths, including two noteworthy episodes in this year's featured fights, from Suicide Squad #6 and Suicide Squad #43.

There's still a twinkle of hope that the entire exercise of Doomsday Clock, and its largely unnecessary exploitation of the Watchmen brand, might at last be walking back the damage done with Flashpoint and The New 52. At the very least, it's bringing the Golden Age heroes and the Justice Society of America back into the picture, which is welcome.

Whatever the end goal is: I got a real kick out of Firestorm being back in the spotlight, mixing it up with old enemies (and friends), and having a heroic moment as he reached into the matrix of his powers to restore human beings who were turned into glass.

Yes, I also enjoyed the People's Hero of Russia callously shattering those same people as they and military tanks rushed to attack a Superman desperate to protect the very lives they were ending. Somehow that just didn't seem in the spirit of Hero of the Week. Maybe if Stalnoivolk shows up, eh?

If you like late-eighties DC Comics, be sure to check out the 2018 Feature Fight Recap and vote for those Suicide Squad battles I mentioned. The Top 20 fights of Season 2018 will be crowned this month. All you have to do is click those links as many times as you like to register a hit for the respective battle! Vote for as many fights as you like - as often as you like!

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Technically the Secret Wars on Infinite Earths season begins and ends in December! That means it's time to reflect upon a big year of featured fights from the last twelve months! We had an eclectic mix of heroes & villains who were taking movies, comics, and video games by storm in 2018. There were major milestones revisited - and tributes paid to some of the industry legends who sadly left us.

This year you can vote for the best battles featured in 2018! All you have to do is revisit your favourite fights by hitting the recap links below! The battles with the most hits will be part of our Annual Top 20 Cover to Cover coming in the next two weeks! Some real gems went under the radar, so be sure to use social media links to help spread the word! You can vote for as many battles as you like, as many times as you like! So go forth and discover!

#1 Captain Marvel versus Thing (Captain Marvel #26)
#2 Deadshot versus Enchantress (Suicide Squad #6)
#3 Hawkman & Captain Comet versus Sinestro (Secret Society of Super-Villains #5)
#4 Black Panther versus Thing (Fantastic Four #52)
#5 Black Panther versus Ulysses Klaw (Fantastic Four #53)
#6 Wolverine versus Black Panther (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #3)
#7 Bronze Tiger & Vixen versus Stalnoivolk (Suicide Squad #43)
#8 Jessica Jones versus Scorpion (Alias #23)
#9 Captain Marvel versus Superman (Action Comics Annual #4)
#10 Superman versus Orion (Action Comics #586)
#11 Fantastic Four versus Gladiator (Fantastic Four #249)
#12 Nova & Drax versus Annihilation Wave (Annihilation #1)
#13 Iron Man, Thor, Firelord & Sub-Mariner versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#14 Hulk & Drax versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#15 Vision, Sub-Mariner & She-Hulk versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#16 Thor, Doctor Doom & Firelord versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#17 Wolverine versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#18 Scarlet Witch, Cyclops, Iron Man & Vision versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#19 Cloak versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#20 Firelord & Drax versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#21 Terraxia versus Iron Man (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#22 Spider-man & Thor versus Thanos & Terraxia (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#23 Nova versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#24 Quasar versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#25 Captain America versus Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #4)
#26 Deadpool versus Cable (New Mutants #98)
#27 Lady Deathstrike versus Domino (Domino #2)
#28 Spider-man versus Electro (Marvel Knights: Spider-man #3)
#29 Kingsize versus Wasp (Marvel Super-Heroes #3)
#30 Spider-man versus Vulture (Amazing Spider-man #7)
#31 Doctor Nemesis versus Giant-Man (Marvel Comics Presents #114)
#32 Ghost versus Iron Man (Iron Man #239)
#33 Guy Gardner versus Eradicator (Action Comics #688)
#34 Aquaman versus Ocean Master (Adventure Comics #444)
#35 Venom & Morbius versus Demogoblin (Venom: The Enemy Within #3)
#36 Juggernaut versus Deadpool & Siryn (Deadpool: Sins of the Past #3)
#37 Spider-man versus Mister Negative (Amazing Spider-man #621)
#38 Steel Serpent versus Iron Fist & Spider-man (Marvel Team-Up #63)
#39 Typhoid Mary versus Daredevil (Daredevil #255)
#40 Supergirl versus Martian Manhunter (Adventure Comics #450)
#41 Venom versus Spider-man (Amazing Spider-man #347)
#42 Venom versus Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #6)
#43 Solomon Grundy versus Bizarro (Solomon Grundy #2)
#44 Aquaman, Tula & Dolphin versus Mera & Tempest (Blackest Night #2)
#45 Deathstroke versus Robin (Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans #1)
#46 Hulk versus Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #12)
#47 Aquaman versus Black Manta (Adventure Comics #446)
#48 The Flash versus Rag Doll (Justice League of America #196)

You can find more superhero smackdown and classic contests by checking the Secret Archive for a full index! Stay tuned to the main page for more updates as Secret Wars on Infinite Earths continues!

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Real Name: Matt Murdock
First Appearance: Daredevil #1 (April, 1964)
Fight Club Ranking: #13

Featured Fights:
- vs BULLSEYE: Daredevil #132 (Apr 1976)
- vs HULK: Daredevil #163 (Mar 1980)
- vs TYPHOID MARY: Daredevil #255 (Jun 1988)
- vs PUNISHER: Daredevil #257 (Aug 1988)
- vs TURK: Marvel Comics Presents #19 ((May 1989)
- vs SCOPE: Marvel Comics Presents #49 (May 1990)
- vs SLADE: Daredevil: Man Without Fear #2 (Nov 1993)
- vs DEADPOOL: Contest of Champions II #4 (Nov 1999)
- vs BULLSEYE: Daredevil #49 (Sep 2003)
- vs PUNISHER: Daredevil #65 (Nov 2004)
- vs WOLVERINE: Wolverine #24 (Mar 2005)
- vs SINISTER TWELVE: Marvel Knights: Spider-man #11 (Apr 2005)
- vs JESTER: Daredevil #75 (Sep 2005)
- vs BULLSEYE: Daredevil #79 (Jan 2006)
- vs IRON FIST: Daredevil #87 (Sep 2006)
- vs TOMBSTONE: Daredevil #90 (Dec 2006)
- vs TOMBSTONE & MATADOR: Daredevil #91 (Jan 2007)

After three seasons on Netflix: Daredevil has officially been cancelled! The news came via Deadline, who reports Marvel may still have plans for Charlie Cox and the live-action series, which joins Iron Fist and Luke Cage on the chopping block. Jessica Jones and The Punisher are expected to follow suit, once already-produced third and second seasons debut for the respective shows.

High cost of production and plunging ratings have been the most cited cause for the break, but diverging interests have been developing between Marvel and Netflix for quite some time. Long awaited confirmation of a Disney streaming service signaled the end, but a struggle appeared to be brewing when Netflix made surprise moves in 2017 to purchase Mark Millar, and all his foreseeable Millarworld comic book creations. This included a venture into the publishing world.

Some assume Daredevil could play out unresolved plotlines on the Disney+ platform, but there's no shortage of options ahead. A continuation would be one way to encourage an existing Netflix viewer-base to explore the new alternative, but Netflix have made it known the various existing Defenders shows will continue to be available, suggesting the library could be tied-up for a little while. Disney are also already banking on three high-profile mini-series spinning out of their film division.

Falcon & Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch & Vision, and Loki are all set to utilize characters from the Avengers film pantheon, delivering the Marvel Universe to an extended television format in ways ABC's Agents of SHIELD -- and the Netflix dramas themselves -- never did. Their isolation and adult tone gave the Netflix shows some broad appeal, but a dearth of characters and reference also led to some of the greatest criticisms. Their value moving forward may be in parts, rather than shows.

The expansive implications of Avengers: Infinity War highlighted a desire to see Daredevil and his TV kin within the larger Marvel context. Indeed, if there were any way to continue on with Daredevil, the most desirable would probably be a team-up with Spider-man!

Sony have been talking up a crime-filled future of Spider-related films, building up prospects for the Black Cat, Tombstone, Silver Sable, and more. It would be awesome to see Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin assume his place at the top of that organized crime world!

To date Marvel haven't typically gone very hard with their properties, but the potential to be more interesting is being foisted upon them. The original film Avengers are increasingly flirting with an exit, and the winds of change present the potential to restock the movie tent-pole with characters whose history has already been told. Daredevil and the Netflix characters could usher in an era of New Avengers, or even bolster supporting casts, such as Iron Fist in a sequel to Doctor Strange.

If history has told us anything, it's that the most exciting prospects probably won't pan out. The future is never the less uncertain. Marvel is preparing to welcome X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer back into their fold via the FOX acquisition. With Daredevil and the Netflix characters now at loose ends, the future feels very uncertain. Which is good enough to make DD the Hero of the Week!

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Countdown To Crisis! (DC)
Justice League of America #196 When: November 1981 Why: Gerry Conway How: George Perez & Romeo Tanghal

The Story So Far...
In an effort to destroy his nemesis Superman, Ultra-Humanite forms a Secret Society of Super-Villains across two worlds. His goal: to orchestrate the capture of ten key heroes who will upset the balance of worlds - resulting in the orchestrated destruction of his own!

Earth-1 is home to a Justice League of America led by the youthful Superman, while Earth-2 boasts seasoned veterans of the Justice Society and a matured Superman. Despite a meeting between the heroes of two worlds, they are blissfully unaware of the forces plotting against them!

The Society's efforts have already led to the capture of Earth-1's Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Batman and Earth-2's Hawkman and Hourman! Now the wicked Rag Doll, and recently unretired Monocle, set their sights on Earth-2's Flash with the world only 40% away from cosmic annihilation!

Tale of the Tape...
Strength: Flash 3 (Athlete)
Intelligence: Flash 4 (Tactician)
Speed: Flash 7 (Light Speed)
Stamina: Rag Doll 6 (Generator)
Agility: Rag Doll 6 (Rubber)
Fighting: Draw 3 (Street Wise)
Energy: Rag Doll 2 (Projectiles)
Total: Flash 26 (Metahuman)

As the golden age Flash: Jay Garrick was the fastest man on Earth-2! Exposure to strange vapors unlocked the speedster's unique powers, later linked with the same esoteric Speed Force that fuels Barry Allen and Wally West!

How do you beat a guy who can move faster than you can see? A lot of villains have tried, but few methods have been as unusual as Rag Doll's!

If you've ever had a friend who was double-jointed, you've seen first-hand how a person can bend fingers and limbs the wrong way. In the case of Rag Doll: Peter Merkel was born triple-jointed -- allowing him to twist and contort his every joint into bizarre and impossible configurations!

Most notably: Rag Doll can compact his body into impossibly tight spaces. With such phenomenal natural pliability has also come a super-human quality to absorb impacts! The flow of his flexible limbs isn't super-fast, but he's been shown to react quick enough to twist between the flight path of gunfire!

Rag Doll's known to carry guns himself, and even though The Flash is faster than any speeding bullet, he can occasionally be caught by surprise! We saw Sandman use powers and terrain to chin-check Flash in 2004's JSA #64.

Rag Doll can exploit any nook or cranny in a given environment, allowing him to hide in plain sight and launch attacks on unsuspecting victims. He may look like a goofy child's toy, but it turns out Rag Doll is actually quite deadly!

The Tape: Flash Ranking: Flash (#143)

What Went Down...
A red & blue streak blazes a trail along a Keystone City dock at dusk. The Flash racing to meet an anonymous police tipster with information about Rag Doll!

Hidden between wooden crates, and obscured by hat and coat, the informant points Flash in the direction of a ship: The Lazy Sue. The speedster leaves with thanks in the blink of an eye -- never noticing the villainous Monocle!

It only takes a few more beats for Flash to have scoured the entire vessel and come up empty -- or so he thinks!..

It soon dawns on The Flash that his old enemy Rag Doll can hide in smaller spaces than any ordinary man! The realization comes with seconds to spare as the folded Rag Doll leaves his hiding place in a ventilation cowl and opens fire!

Flash reacts with super-human speed, blurring out of the line of fire and towards the protruding tube! He returns fire with a knife-edged chop thrown at speeds high enough to cut right through the rusting metal structure!

Rag Doll manages to escape injury and makes a leap for the cargo hold! The hero estimates the plunge at a leg breaking forty feet, but soon remembers the "rubber-jointed freak" won't suffer a scratch from the fall!

To avoid injury himself, Flash swings his hands fast enough to create two focused jets of downforce that glide him safely to the level below.

Before the speedster can begin his search of the hold - he spies a waiting bundle of dynamite amongst the cargo. It explodes -- launching the unprepared hero into the air with a devastating blast!

The Flash crashes back down to the hold with his helmet clanging beside him! The explosion leaves the hero unconscious as Rag Doll stands unscathed over his nemesis, gloating about his powers of resilience in victory!

The Hammer...
It was a plan that worked to perfection: Monocle lures The Flash to the trap - Rag Doll blows it up! Eloquent in its simplicity, and devastatingly effective at scratching one of the major heroes off The Secret Society of Super-Villain's hit list of two worlds!

This was part of the annual crossover between Earth-1's Justice League of America and the Justice Society of Earth-2. Ultra-Humanite is the mastermind, plotting to surgically remove key heroes in the hopes of creating a cosmic imbalance that will destroy his world. If you know anything about the Ultra-Humanite: you know he won't mind relocating!

There are a lot of fun villains in this one that've been slightly forgotten, or just overlooked. A recent spotlight in Hero of the Week got me thinking more about the original comic book Rag Doll, who hasn't featured on Secret Wars on Infinite Earths yet. I figured I'd pull this issue off my desk and take a closer look.

It's a nice quick showcase of what makes Rag Doll work as a functioning high-concept super-villain. He's hiding in the shadows right under the hero's nose, then he strikes with total impunity - unafraid of the shock of an explosion!

It's a good transposing of the old children's dolls that always seem to survive a plane crash or similar human crisis. I'm in favour of updating the design of the character to enhance the creepiness, but there is a charm to such a ridiculous visual. If blowing up Flash wasn't bad enough for you, he robbed a bank with guns blazing in the prior issue. A nice subversion of an innocent image.

Now that we've seen the original Pete Merkel in action, we'll have to find time to get Junior on the books. The 2005 Simone/Eaglesham creation reinvented the concept by cranking up the creepy weirdness, and doubling-down on the body horror of surgically acquired triple-joints. A nice updated, made all the more appreciated by keeping the original in tact. In fact, papa Doll hates his son!

Not such a great showcase for Jay Garrick, who's played a little too absent minded for my taste. All part of moving the three-issue story along with enough gravitas to threaten A-list assemblies from two worlds.

The tradition of the JLA/JSA meet-up essentially starts with 1963's Justice League of America #21. It became a regular staple of the seventies and early eighties, before it kinda became redundant once Crisis on Infinite Earths consolidated all properties in one continuum.

Justice League of America #196 is titled the "Countdown to Crisis". Before there was a Crisis on Infinite Earths, there were crises on multiple Earths.

I've always been of two minds about the idea. It's obviously a lot of fun to have two generations of heroes meet. Nice that the tradition ensures it's going to happen sooner than later. I just kinda prefer that they're all living on the same world. It loses a little bit of the sense of importance, but it also never gets silly as the years go by. It's also nice to have a DCU populated with all these great characters! When Jay Garrick was a recurring part of The Flash's world, that was great! When he was having his own adventures in JSA - even better!

If you want to cross between time and space, you can do it by picking yourself up a collected edition via Amazon! Today's story can be found in its three-issue entirety in Crisis on Multiple Earths Volume 6. If you shop with the link provided, you help support our Secret Earth that hosts The Comic Book Fight Club!

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Winner: Rag Doll (w/ Monocle)
#317 (new) Rag Doll
#322 (-179) Flash (Jay Garrick)
#545 (new) Monocle [+1 assist]