Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, it's barely even the holidays and we're already slacking right off!
Well, while you wait, maybe you've picked yourself up a Civil War script book, which means you need perspective. Never fear! The Infinite Wars of Christmas Past are here to deliver with their wisdom of many tie-ins!

Marvel as we include all five Civil War reviews previously featured on the site, and pretend like it passes for a comprehensive look back. Be dazzled by our scope, which doesn't even manage to span five seperate months of release!
Hey, I could spend all night selling it to you, or you could just get clicking while I go off and sleep, play video games, and slack off before delivering a new post!

Civil War #1 (July 2006)
"Civil War: Part One of Seven" Millar/McNiven

When the New Warriors, starring in their own superhero reality television programme, corner a group of super villains, they soon discover the perils of fighting out of their depth in the realm of pseudo-fiction.

The resulting destruction results in the deaths of thousands of school children, with consequences felt far and wide across the Marvel Universe -- the most spanning being the initiation of a registration act to catalogue, police, and properly train superpowered individuals.

Approached by SHIELD; Captain America is the first to oppose the invasive initiative that looks to unmask many heroes with families. So begins the Civil War.

Civil War #3 (September 2006)
"Civil War: Part Three of Five" Millar/McNiven

With the lines clearly drawn, the division of the superhero Civil War reaches it climactic peak as the pro-registrants lure the illegal Secret Avengers into combat by faking an industrial disaster.

Revealing the lengths to which he is willing to go, Iron Man pursues his desire to give the heroes the opportunity to police themselves, before others do it for them.

Lengths which include merciless strategic application of SHIELD resources, the deployment of an army of heroes, a willingness to attack children, and worst of all, the decision to deploy a cyborg clone of the deceased god of thunder, and former Avengers, Thor.

Black Panther #18 (September 2006)
"Bride of the Panther: Here Comics a Storm" Hudlin/Eaton/Andrews

They have become the Marvel Universe's most intimidating power couple, and in the wedding of the decade, Black Panther and Storm unite in royal Wakandan marriage.

With both Wakanda and the mutant X-Men maintaining neutrality during the supehero Civil War, the occasion is monumentous enough to cause a brief cease-fire, allowing the pair's many friends to attend without fear.

That is, of course, unless they intend to spend time at the bar, where certain unruly guests may be inclined to take drunken offense, and engage in unwarranted fisticuffs. Oh, Man-Ape!

Blade #5 (March 2007)
"Vendetta's Echo" Guggenheim/Chaykin

The Super Powered registration reaches far and wide across the Marvel Universe, even to the streets, where clandestine individuals such as the daywalking vampire hunter, Blade, stalk the streets in search of vermin.

With the "living vampire" Morbius already consigned, SHIELD are able to entrap the typically cunning and evasive Blade. Their reasons become apparent when acting SHIELD director, Maria Hill, reveals that Wolverine has gone rogue to search for the villain, Nitro.

Blade's unique skills are employed to bring the mutant in, but the purity of battle may be about to rekindle lost memories.

Punisher War Journal #3 (March 2007)
"How I Won the War: Mutually Assured Destruction" Fraction/Olivetti

The registration battle proves so prevelant in the world, it reaches even the street-bound Punisher, who ultimately falls into an area of grey; lacking super powers, as well as being generally regarded as an unhinged murderer.

Perfectly suited to the paranoid trenches of the super hero Civil War, Castle enters into a battle where both sides ally themselves with a criminal element he can bare no tolerance for. This divide sees Castle quickly rejected by the underground heroes, leaving him to fill the void left by they and their wartime enemies; a fact the villains will come to rue. Spider-man never fought like THIS!

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