Monday, November 26, 2007

Yessir! The Spice Girls are back together, and if you enjoyed yesterday's all-girl Street Fighter entry, why not spice up your life with some of the other feminine fisticuff free-for-alls? Alright, so maybe the use of the phrase girl power is fair cause for disinterest, but don't let that fool you! These are a-grade battles!

Many of these classic confrontations have appeared on the link supersite When Fangirls Attack, and boast everyone from Wonder Woman, to Storm, to Powergirl herself! I like to think in an obscure way, that kinda brings the whole theme full circle. Yeah, mind you, I haven't really slept much...

Uncanny X-Men #143 (March 1981)
"Demon" Claremont/Byrne

A legendary instalment, in a legendary period, but two legendary creators! Claremont and Byrne are at their best in this classic stand-alone story that sees Sprite, aka; Kitty Pryde; get a crash-course in being an X-Man!

It's Christmas eve and the youngster has the mansion to herself. Sounds like fun, until a N'Garai demonite shows up to break the silence otherwise stirred by nary a mouse!

It's the ultimate rite of passage as the phasing mutant is put to a test of courage and will. Forced to pit brain against demonic-brawn, all Kitty wants for Christmas is to survive, and it'll take all her tricks to do it!

Marvel versus DC #3 (April 1996)
"The Showdown of the Century!" Marz/Jurgens

The two most powerful universes in comics collide in the biggest inter-company crossover epic to ever occur in sixty years of comics! Forced to fight for the fate of their world, selected champions from each universe go head-to-head in one on one combat.

She who would become Wakandan Queen, Storm, is forced to pit her weather-altering powers against the Amazonian power Princess, Wonder Woman!
Having hoisted the enchanted hammer of Thor, Wonder Woman must put aside her atmospheric equalizer, to fight the good fight against her fellow hero. In a battle such as this, can there really be a winner? I say thee nay!

Adventures of the X-Men #7 (October 1996)
"Rites of Passage" Macchio/Kuhn

In the tradition of the Claremont & Byrne classic comes this animated reinvisioning of the story that put original X-tyke on the map, Kitty Pryde.

The cartoon series' junior Jubilee earns her X-stripes as Sabretooth comes to the mansion looking for a little payback for an arctic encounter with his arch-nemesis.

With the Professor taken out of the picture pretty quick, it's Jubilee who stands alone against the feral mutant who once held her all but for dead, if not for the intervention of Wolverine. Like Shadowcat before her, Jubilee must use all available tools to survive, and mature as an X-Man!

Ultimate X-Men #49 (September 2004)
"The Tempest: Part 4" Vaughan/Peterson

A mutant serial killer called Sinister is on the loose, and the X-Men elite have travelled to Manhattan to track him down. Just one problem: Sinister has left his digs in the city to stalk the students of the mutant academy!

Professor X is the first to fall, leaving many of the unseasoned, and emotionally unstable X-Men to fend for themselves. Leading the pack is the tearaway power-stealer, Rogue, who is able to call upon the strength of her friends to overcome her own inner-demons, as well as those of the gun-toting, mind-controlling Sinister!

It's classic X-dynamics for a new age, as the Ultimate X-Men face their biggest adversary: In-X-Perience!

Infinite Crisis #2 (January 2006)
"The Survivors" Johns/Jiminez

The villains have united, and in doing so have formed a super Society of super villains, orchestrated by the criminal brilliance of former US President, Lex Luthor!

Powergirl stands alone against a villainous taskforce of heavyweights including Clayface, Mister Atom, Giganta and Girder; designed specifically for tracking and defeating her!

Leading the troupe into battle is Psycho-Pirate, who seems to know more of his master's plans than the functioning muscles of the Society's group. Powergirl is set to be little more than a cog in a much larger machine, unless of course a speeding bullet from a forgotten past intervenes!

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