Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well, of all the days to be regifting!
It's Christmas Day and the Infinite Wars may be running behind schedule, but that doesn't mean we can't leave a few season's beatings beneath the tree!

Take a look back at some of the best Christmas entries of Infinite Wars past, present, and future! Like any great Holiday Special we've got a whole range of clips featuring old favourites featuring: Kitty Pryde, the Thing, Dr. Doom, Spider-man, Mephisto, the Joker, Harvey Dent, and Robin!

Uncanny X-Men #143 (March 1981)
"Demon" Claremont/Byrne

Kitty Pryde remains one of the best known Marvel heroes of Jewish faith, and for her, the holiday season can be a little awkward. Not because of religious beliefs, but because, as one of the uncanny X-Men, she gets all kinds of unwanted visitors dropping by!

Take this classic tale from the all-star creative team of Claremont and Byrne!

When the X-Men are away, the villains will play, and X-student Kitty Pryde is about get a harsh initiation as the Xavier Mansion becomes the battleground between an X-Man in waiting and a survivor of the sinister N'Garai species that nearly defeated a full team!

Fantastic Four #361 (February 1992)
"Miracle on Yancy Street!" Ryan/DeFalco

It's Christmas Eve, and a whole lot of stirring is going on down on Yancy Street! At the request of his old pal, Slugger Sokolowski, the Thing heads back to the old neighbourhood to investigate a spout of disappearances, and the potential connection to drugs that have gotten a hold of Slugger's son!

It's the unlikley two-in-one team-up as Thing joins forces with his mortal enemies - the Yancy Street Gang - to track down the troubled Sokolowski youth, and uncover the diabolical scheme. The only thing more shocking than Thing joining up with the YSG, is the villain who's behind it all, and the reason he's come to New York!

Marvel Holiday Special (1993) (1994)
"Hopes and Fears" Grant/Broderick

With One More Day upcoming, don't miss the holiday hodown as Spidey comes face to face with Mephisto: the man who will one day force him to choose between the life of his beloved Aunt May, and the joyous marriage of he and his wife, Mary-Jane Watson!

When the angellic Spirit of Christmas is shotdown from the Manhattan sky and winds up in the pits of Hell, Spidey ineviably follows, and enters into a struggle of biblical proportions!

It's a nightmare before Christmas as Spider-man wagers his soul for the fate of the season, and the joy of man!

Batman: The Long Halloween #3 (February 1997)
"Christmas" Loeb/Sale

A new serial killer has emerged in Gotham City, and the Joker doesn't like it one bit!

The clown prince of crime is spending his holidays investigating the interference of the calendar killer called Holiday, who strikes only once a month, on a day of significance.

With the criminal underworld beginning to feel the hurt, and the Gotham police department in flux, the freaks are free to play, and neither establishment is happy about it.

Batman's the least of his problems as Joker takes the fight to Harvey Dent, offering the District Attorney a stern example of what it takes to be a murdering madman in the city of Gotham.

Detective Comics #826 (February 2007)
"Slayride" Dini/Kramer

Socks, ties, and underwear. Christmas with the old folks is a bore, so who could blame Tim Drake for heading out for a little patrol duty as the boy wonder, Robin?

Things are going well until a fight with a biker gang goes awry, leading a wounded Robin into the clutches of his worst enemy: the Joker!

What would a Christmas with the Joker be without a few holiday homicides, hit-and-runs, and hilarity?!
Forced to watch as events unfold out of his control, Robin gets seasoned in the seasons as he locks wits with Batman's oldest foe, and does his best to stop the madness.

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