Tuesday, January 15, 2008

COMIK-POLITIK: Brand New Day (A Stern Talking To)

"I was starting to zone. I like comics to a
certain extent but that explanation was getting a little...
I was like 'what the fuck was going on?'"
Comedian Artie Lang says what many are thinking, on The Howard Stern Show.

Average Joes flabbergasted by unnecessarily complicated Spider-man.
EIC "Joey" Quesada struggles to justify to broader audiences.
Shock jocks far from shocking. Polite acceptance; Aunt May also wanted dead!
Obsessive Compulsive fans eager for Brand New Day week two!
Other Obsessive Compulsive fans crippled by change in routine.
Sales bouyant. New readers, unlikely. Jackpot: Not worth price of admission.
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