Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last month we took a tour of the past twenty-five years through reviews checkpointing each year. Now that the new year has arrived, it seems fitting that we take another look back into our vast catalogue to tour the many beginnings we've been witness to.

Late in 2007 the quality of a first issue became a hot topic, particularly in the light of contemporary issues that we felt were failing to achieve their fullest potential. Opportunity now arises to survey the many first issues we've seen, and observe some of the qualities that have made them enjoyable. Not a bad way to start the comics reviewing year!

Legends #1 (November 1986)
"Once Upon a Time...!" Ostrander/Wein/Byrne

With the Crisis on Infinite Earths behind them, the heroes of the DC Universe find themselves in a new world, but confronted by old threats.

Darkseid has initiated "Operation: Humiliate", an evil plot undertaken by his minions to sabotage the faith humanity has in it's heroes. Disguised as a social commentator, Glorious Godfrey hatches machinations of muckraking, decrying superheroes on a talkshow hosted by Billy Batson!

When Macro-Man attacks the station, Batson transforms into Captain Marvel, but will he protect the innocent, or damn the superhero community forever?!

Spider-man Unlimited #1 (May 1993)
"Maximum Carnage: Carnage Rising" DeFalco/Lim

The Spider-Boycott may be in effect, but there's still plenty of classic Spidey reading to be found in the back catalogue! Like the crossover series that gave us not only memorable team-ups, but also a great video game!

With Mary-Jane worrying at home, Spidey diverts from picking up Chinese food when trouble begins brewing.
Soon Spider-man finds himself locked in mortal battle with recent Ryker's escapee, Shriek, and as the web-slinger soon finds out, she hasn't just hooked up with fellow tearaway, Carnage, either.

The Infinity Doppelganger is back alive, and ready to prove himself the superior web-slinger!

Street Fighter II #1 (July 1994)
"Super Action Series" Masaomi Kanzaki

The man-made state of Shad has been left to ruin in the wake of an economic boom, leaving it to the whims of organized crime, and a culture in gambling and fighting.

Lured to town by it's fight culture, Ryu emerges as a beacon of justice when a tiny restaurant is attacked by goons. Disarming the thugs leads to a confrontation with ex-boxing great, now small time crook, Balrog!

Ryu begins to settle in and helps the owners of the restaurant earn a little extra kitty to make up for their troubles, as he steps into the ring with Balrog! Will the mobster fight fair, or will Ryu actually need the lurking guardian angel with brushtop hair?!

Fantastic Four: Unplugged #1 (September 1995)
"Adapt This!" Lackey/Oliviera

Too late to pick up a lottery ticket for the night's draw; the ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing is forced to walk home in the rain. The development gets even more revolting when after saving a woman from a taxi-cab line-cutter, Thing spots the FF's emergency flare in the overcast sky.

Forced to cut in on the cab himself, Thing hitches ride, only to come to a stop in congestion on the bridge.
It's there the hero soon discovers the flare was a ruse, launched by the Mad Thinker's power imitating android, the Super Adaptoid!
With lives already lost, Thing enters a fight he might not win, at least, not without his cab-sharer's help!

DC versus Marvel #1 (March 1996)
"The Showdown of the Century!" Marz/David/Jurgens/Castellini

Two omnipotent entities just happen to glance upon each other, and so, an interdimensional war is waged through the gladiatorial combat of each realm's champions!

In the most popular entry on the site, observe some of the mini-battles that occurred before the main event, as the two worlds begin to merge with wild results!

Engaged in battle on the X-Mansion grounds, Juggernaut soon finds himself punching the edge of the Daily Bugle, arousing the attentions of Superman. Meanwhile, in the Batcave, a confused Bullseye takes Robin hostage -- big mistake!

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