Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well, it's been real, but this fourth Sunday means we must conclude our month of flashbacks to the issues that have made Iron Man a top ranked character in the Infinite Wars!

If you blinked, you probably missed our 'celebration' of the much anticipated release of the feature film. Alas, the best of plans were mislaid heading into new content, but you can track back through our many themed entries detailing the superhero, the Avenger, and the secret life of Stark!

This week we finish up with a theme very close to the heart of a website dedicated to superhero smackdown. 'With friends like these...' is a C2C entry sure to popup in the next couple of months' film features. Hulk and Batman have storied histories of in-fighting with their allies, but neither has ever eached the heights of distained garnered by Iron Man's pro-registration march across the Marvel Universe! For your teeth-grinding pleasure, all the clashes that bring back that slowly dissipating hatred you had for the moustached master mind; Tony Stark...

Captain America Annual #9 (1990)
"You are What you Eat" Thomas/Thomas/Valentino

Long before the superhero Civil War tore the Avengers, nay, the superhero community, apart, there was this little ditty pencilled by Image Comics founder, Jim 'not Jay London' Valentino!

The offspring of a cosmic being called Terminus is about to be reborn on Earth in an evolutionary rampage that will turn animals into nightmares, monsters into titans, and friends into an enemies. The first step begins here when Captain America unwittingly pilots an experimental craft into the volcano incubating the Terminii egg!

When Terminus goop works it's way into the local water supply, it's barbecue madness when man, animal, and mineral goes berzerk after ingesting the water -- including Cap's pal and fellow Avenger, Iron Man!

Avengers #501 (October 2004)
"Chaos" Bendis/Finch

Love it, or hate it; Brian Michael Bendis' first arc on the Avengers has reshaped the definitive image of the team and brand. As the keeper of the Avengers name four years later, Bendis has led the team(s) through the adversity of the Civil War and House of M, and now continues into the oncoming invasion of the Skrulls!

It all began in 2005's Avengers Disassembled -- a major Marvel event that saw bizarre and personal phenomena strike at the heart of Earth's mightiest heroes. Scarlet Witch would eventually be revealed as the unwitting perpetrator of the mystic crimes, but first Iron Man would have to battle demons of a drunken past, and the rampage of a fellow teammate - the sensatonal She-Hulk!

Marvel Zombies #5 (June 2006)
"Marvel Zombies" Kirkman/Philips

When you're slowly decaying, are apparently immortal, and have an insatiable hunger for human flesh, friendships have a way of going out the window. Such is the situation when the greatest heroes and villains of an alternate Marvel universe succumb to a weird zombie plague!

Having chewed their way through Earth's population, the marvel zombies face the daunting prospect of a food shortage, at least until a giant-size slice of cosmic irony descends upon their unsuspecting planet. The Silver Surfer is but the foil wrapping, to be peeled and chewed aside in anticipation of the coming of the main meal - Galactus, the great devoured!

Civil War #3 (September 2006)
"Civil War" Millar/McNiven

In the wake of a reckless battle waged by the New Warriors; hundreds of school children become the innocent victims of a super-villain explosion, and the catalysts for a superhuman registration act destined to cause a seemingly unrepairable rift in the superhero community!

Championing the demand for proper policing and training of super powers is one of their own, the politically and socially conscious Avenger, Iron Man. Capitalizing on his past as a United States Secretary of Defense; Stark again reveals his identity to the masses, and begins a campaign that brings him into bitter confrontation with one of his oldest allies -- Captain America!

Perhaps the most bitter of Stark's internal rivalries!

Marvel Adventures: Avengers #9 (March 2007)
"A Not-So-Beautiful Mind" Parker/Santacruz

When the Avengers descend on a secret AIM headquarters, none of them could have expected to be fighting amongst themselves, let alone in the name of Advanced Idea Mechanics!

Alas; this is exactly what happens when MODOK is quickly able to turn the tables on his attackers, using their own powers to dismantle and reassemble Earth's mightiest heroes in his own image!

As the MODvengers; Iron Man, Captain Ameirca, Hulk, and the gang are designed only for conquest! When the armies of Atlantis make their latest march to the surface, this fact becomes all too evident, as the Avengers turn the tides of war back on the undersea kingdom, using their sardonic brilliance to strike with supreme efficiency!

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