Saturday, August 30, 2008


KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel (1995)

August is almost-Olympics month on the Infinite Wars! To reflect the spirit of the games the Smash Hits will be dedicated to artists from around the world! Artists like German industrial rockers, KMFDM!

Trainspotters might recognise the Metropolis remix as the version featured on the techno-alternative soundtrack to the Mortal Kombat feature film! While this video appeared as a competent promotion for the film, the film's violence was apparently responsible for seeing the clip pulled from the air by MTV. Fatality!

For many fans swept up in MK mania, the soundtrack to the mid-nineties Paul Anderson blockbuster left as big an impression as the film! KMFDM's contribution is admirable, but more recognised will be the anthemic Techno Syndrome, by the Immortals, which includes bouncing techno and the now famous wailing declaration of Mortal Kombat!!!

The MK film arguably set the standard for big screen adaptations of video game properties. Alas, few films have managed to live up to the MK movie, a 1997 sequel suffering a less thorough presentation. A decade later, it's fair to say the '95 feature holds up quite well, better than the early games, even!

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