Sunday, April 09, 2017

In the latest Hero of the Week we've been discussing the trials of introducing new creations into an established comic book universe. There's certainly no one way to ensure success! DC Comics spent the Silver Age and beyond proving there's life after first generation heroes, but Marvel's latest efforts to replace popular icons of the last fifty-some years have proven to be an exercise in self-defeat!

This edition of Cover to Cover is dedicated to some of the newer characters we've featured along the way. These creations were all introduced in the year 2000 or beyond! Were they successes, or failures? By clicking the covers below, you'll be able to reach your own conclusions!

These battles feature millennial heroes: Jessica Jones, The Sentry, Blue Beetle, The Hood, Larfleeze, Ghost Rider, Jack Staff, Fantomex, Brick, Extremis, Amadeus Cho, Elsa Bloodstone, The Gorgon, Arkillo, Genocide, Girder, Double Down, Fatman & Little Boy, Mas & Menos, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, The Circus of Strange, and Super Young Team!

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