Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wolverine: Enemy of the State Vol.1 (2005)
Contains: Wolverine #20,#21,#22,#23,#24,#25
(W)Mark Millar (A)John Romita Jr (Marvel)

Enemy of the State brings together the superstar teaming of Millar and Romita Jr with the promise of unleashing their penchant for widescreen mayhem and excitment on a character that thrives on it!

The story begins in Japan, where Wolverine responds toa a distant familial struggle with gangsters who've kidnapped a child. The plot is soon revealed to be little more than a set-up designed to lure Wolverine into the clutches of Hydra; a terrorist organization working with The Hand with the intent to turn America's greatest heroes into premiere terrorist assassins!

It's been a long time since Wolverine has been this good. Rarely is the character afforded the opportunity to remind us exactly why he is the best there is at what he does.
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Cover artwork by TED WING IIIThe Kirby Martin Inquest #1
It's the series redefining the comics narrative, and the reviews are all good (all two of them)! Your favourite fight club referee, cum comics philosopher, officially made his foray into writing and creating in published form in July, and he's calling upon all the Infinite Wars readers to dive into this exciting project!

Comic has just featured the latest review to sing the series' unique praises. Noting the collision between pulp and comic book influences, the first issue of The Kirby Martin Inquest dives into the dense musings of Charles Scott, also known as White Ghost.

Part superhero adventure-part urban noir: this series takes you on a dense introductory journey as we learn facts past, present, and future, all revolving around our protagonist's perspective, and his pursuit of the criminal element.

"Mike Haseloff shares a tale that is thick with atmosphere and maintains a nice subtext of tension." - Chuck Moore,

"It's nice to see a tale that is easily approachable but actually requires some puzzle work..." - Bart Croonenborghs, Broken Frontier.

With gritty, pulp-inspired artwork by master penciller Pedro Cruz, The Kirby Martin Inquest merges the benign with the bizarre, to lay the foundations for an intriguing induction into the independent landscape. The twenty-two pages of full-size black and white art seem only to compliment the disguised grey of this urban landscape, and it's many black and white characters.


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