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Well, there you have it folks! The most jam packed month of Secret Wars on Infinite Earths you will ever see!

Don't forget! Yesterday's She-Hulk versus Champion is still fresh! Don't forget to scroll down!

Not only have we had an extra update every week, and our first fifth week fight, but Secret Earths is also finding it's footing with a clearer purpose to it's weekly updates.
Hopefully regular readers have found more meat in their weekly beat 'em up diet, not just with recaps and summaries of the wild and wonderful feuds in comics, but also events and opinions extending from those issues.

Secret Earths is all about the fun of superhero comic books. We endeavour to entertain not just with weekly feature reviews, but also by inviting new readers to explore some of the history, and learn about some interesting characters in an inviting, fight feulled atmosphere.

If anyone reading would like to see more of any of the characters already featured, or maybe some of their favourites, they should feel invited to drop a comment, and let us know!

For those who came in late...
Entries have been increased to twice monthly to accomodate for the tenth anniversary of the crossover megaevent - DC versus Marvel/Marvel vs DC!
Fridays continue our usual eclectic selections, while every Monday for the next two months you still have plenty of Marvel versus DC action to look forward to.

In the spirit of the Commonwealth Games currently running in Australia, perhaps it would be fitting to observe a win tally.

DC: 3 wins MARVEL: 1 win

If you're unfamiliar with the event, the challenge goes out to try to pick the winners of each and every fight.

As part of the effort to generate a superior format, coming updates will take a page from fight organizing, and try to arrange the month in an opener, mid-card, and finish with a big ol' main event. Not that any fights featured won't be a-grade.

This month, we've got an impressive list to look forward, including the next wave of DC versus Marvel bouts. Like our new system, DC vs Marvel is progressing in a similar carded fashion, saving the best for last. Here's the program for April:

Marvel versus DC Mondays
With the fate of each universe resting on both sets of heroes, there's no holding back. We're heading toward the business end, and with DC having the two win lead, these are the fights to watch.

Green Lantern (DC) versus Silver Surfer (Marvel) (April 3rd)
Elektra (Marvel) versus Catwoman (DC) (April 10th)
Wolverine (Marvel) versus Lobo (DC) (April 17th)
Wonder Woman (DC) versus Storm (Marvel) (April 24th)

Friday Fight Nights
The usual Friday night updates continue with an even selection from the big two, both Marvel and DC, continuing the rivalry featured in our Monday specials.

- Animated magic action from the DC universe kicks off, as the collective efforts of the Justice League specialists face off against three rogue demons. (April 7th) - A battle of composite powers as an unlikely cosmic hero does battle with magically charged machine! (April 14th)
- An out of control vigilante makes a deal that leads to the culmination of his feud with a city crime boss. A battle that may end in blood! (April 21st)
- The X-Men team up with one of their most unlikely allies, to do battle with one of their greatest enemies through time. (April 28th)

Stay tuned for all of those, and more in the coming month. Some of the fights may well surprise!

The Top Five...
And now what we're all really here for. This may be a gateway to comics and characters, but let's be honest, it's also all about seeing who kicks whose butt, and who comes out on top come month's end.

An ammendment to the ranking system has seen a slight shift for a couple of characters, but overall this is a top five well earned.

#1 Batman (-) (#1)
Despite not being featured this month, Batman maintains his dominance as the man to beat in the top five. In coming months Batman is guaranteed an appearance as part of DC versus Marvel, and unless other interests prevail, he will return after the event.
Perhaps the most deciding factor in Batman's reign will be selection, and whether or not that maintains his undefeated streak.

Working against the Batman's dominance is the new card approach to each month's fights. Dividing the card to rank mainevents means Batman may be held back by his own success, in the name of diversity.

- Batman versus Superman
- Batman versus Superman
- Batman & Red Hood versus The Society

#2 Daredevil (-) (#2)
Daredevil also goes unshifted, despite picking up an extra win this month. As Batman's greatest challenger thus far, Daredevil suffers from not being involved in the featured event; Marvel versus DC.

Though no doubt a stalwart of the website, greater diversity may eventually win over, forcing DD out of contention. Many of those featured in Marvel versus DC are likely to continue to enjoy greater exposure, with higher success. Never the less, thus far DD and Bats are equally undefeated, even though this month DD pretty much got a gimme via niche interest.

- Daredevil versus Scope
- Daredevil & Elektra versus Bullseye
- Daredevil versus Turk

#3 Green Arrow (+1) (#4)
You'll notice despite not being featured, Green Arrow has actually moved up the ranks. The late ammendment to the rankings system saw Captain America suffer, moving from the top five down to seventh.

Unlike Green Arrow, the Captain probably has a fairly probable chance to move back up the list with the upcoming Civil War crossover thrusting him right back into the spotlight. Even if not actively fighting, the event will no doubt renew enthusiasm for the character.

- Justice League (inc. Green Arrow) versus Deathstroke
- Batman (w/ Green Arrow) versus Superman
- Green Arrow versus The Brick

#4 Zatanna (+1) (#5)
As with Green Arrow; Zatanna also benefits from the adjusted rankings, moving up despite not being featured.
As a character less relevent to my own collection and interests, it's unlikely that Zatanna will logically sustain a position in the top five. However, as already suggested in this week's list, greater diversity of characters featured means the spread remains quite flat.

So, with new characters being introduced regularly, it's entirely possible some of these top five will manage to drag their tenure out.
This month ushered in the fiftieth character to be added to the rankings, in Aquaman, who is currently ranked fourteen.

- Justice League (inc. Zatanna) versus Deathstroke
- Zatanna versus Zor

#5 Hawkman (new) (#23)
When selecting each month's fights I try to not extrapolate results, because the top five is definitely a lot of fun each month. Especially when someone like Hawkman sneaks up out of nowhere to scrape out the bottom on a bullet.

Obviously Hawkman is a favourite character, but despite his notable prowess as a fighter, I don't see the character lasting in the top five.
Despite setting a milestone by reaching forty-nine issues as a Hawkman on-going title, this just isn't a character exposed well enough. My collection, recognizably short on DC, is particularly lacking in Hawkman.

- Justice League (inc. Hawkman) versus Deathstroke
- Hawkman versus St. Roch

The Hammer...
Bam! That it is! Another month wrapped up in colourful paper, tied with a neat bow, and carded from me to you. It's just that easy!

This month there's plenty more to excitement to come with month two of Marvel versus DC Mondays. As Marvel and DC slide into their next major crossover events, Civil War and 52 respectively, we continue on unfettered giving you all the dice you need on continuity relevent to nothing in particular.
That said, if you're reading those events and want to see more of another character, be sure to drop a comment, and we'll see what we can do.

If you're a genuine true believer, you're no doubt laying down money on the results on this here website, or maybe even having monthly drinking parties. So, as we close out this month's punch-up, here are some names to watch for the top five!

#15 Iron Man (Marvel) Having just completed X-Men Legends: Rise of Apocalypse, I have to admit my love for the character are renewed. With a win this month, and a starring role in Civil War, Iron Man could take the five by storm.
#19 Wolverine (Marvel) As a fan favourite featured this month in DC versus Marvel, Wolverine has a chance to improve his stock. At this early stage, it doesn't take much to climb the ranks. He's the deus ex we love to hate, but on a website like this, he'll always prosper.
#33 Hulk (Marvel) That ever lovin' Hulk hasn't been featured on Secret Earths yet, and with a major battle coming up in DC versus Marvel, he's a chance to make a stamp. Plus, as Civil War kicks off, Planet Hulk will no doubt play a role.
#58 Sub-Mariner (Marvel) As a personal favourite, yet to get a win, it would be a travesty to not see the Sub-Mariner proclaim his spot. Personally, I think I may have made a harsh judgment in December, but with many claiming The Illuminati to be the first Namor done well in a long time, he may be on the up and up.
#59 Superman (DC) One is the loneliest number of all for Superman, as DC's only hope listed here. In one of the big three DC versus Marvel matches, he's a super chance to move faster than a speeding bullet, from last, to top five. Assuming, of course, Batman doesn't give him a whipping, again.

NEXT: Cosmic catastrophe! The Green Lantern versus Silver Surfer!

March hit count: 828 (+386)

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