Wednesday, November 14, 2007

COMIK-POLITIK: Pack your Bagleys!

"... long-time Marvel penciler Mark Bagley [...] will move to
DC Comics to take on an undisclosed high-profile project..."

1986 contest winner, Mark Bagley, to leave Marvel.
DC weekly series follow-up a likely destination. Mass panic ensues.
Future of Spider-man licensed pyjamas presumably jeopardized.
Brian Michael Bendis a convenient scapegoat for blame.
Marvel sign exclusive, Daniel Acuña. Fans and media outlets nonplussed.
[Newsarama: Mark Bagley moves to DC in 2008]


Pedro Cruz said...

who gets the kids?

Mike Haseloff said...

I'm pretty sure procedure is to just pretend there never was a child. It worked for Mary-Jane.