Sunday, November 11, 2007

COMIK-POLITIK: When Fangirls Attack/No Comment!

"Wizard's creative brass has just proven themselves to be utterly deficient at anything resembling intelligence, insight, or self-awareness."
Prominent comics feminists unconvinced by Wizard parody.
Moral outrage traded for new moral outrage with less milage and go-faster stripe.
Some say feminist objection more important than reasons for objection.
Feminist free speech advocates not interested in comments.
Wizard still very happy journalistic integrity remains undiscussed.
[Kalinara: Reconsidering Wizard]


mordicai said...

Wizard's saying (if they are) "just kidding" just means it goes from being offensive to being an offensive joke. Not a great trade up. When your joke falls flat in the room, you generally did something wrong.

Mike Haseloff said...

That certainly seems to be a popular "feminist" opinion, yes.

The problem with that theory is that it's much like the oft dismissed 'sales figures' versus 'good comics' debate.
Most of us are willing to acknowledge that the broad consumery isn't always right.

I'm not about to deny Wizard's many flaws, but the "#1" issue (and the Kristen Bell photo) have reeked of agenda driven snap judgments, devoid of argument.

If it's not a joke: then it's probably a reasonable assessment of their habitual readership, and position in the magazine market place. I would assume sales have dipped over the years, particularly as the internet has slammed the last refuge of the scoop, so no one's blaming them for trying to move some units by the '#1' method.

If it isn't a joke: It's self-deprecating parody.

What sparked this poorly drawn cartoon follow-up was what I believe was a lack of consideration to the so-called "feminist" argument, and then the underlying irony that discussing it on a site about the issue was a courtesy not extended -- whilst defending the female right to discuss, regardless of strength of argument.

I'm not sure if you misunderstood and are clarifying for me, or are lodging your opinion, but either way thanks for dropping by!

I don't imagine I'll sway any opinions on the matter, but then, in an obscure way, that's kinda the point... :-p