Saturday, November 03, 2007

For the past few months we've been spending Sundays with characters from the hit video game series, Street Fighter! Starting next week the action will be coming to you on a Saturday to make way for poorly drawn cartoons. Before we resume the Street Fighting, why not take this opportunity to do a little catch-up on the series that is about to spawn a brand new instalment: Street Fighter IV!

And don't forget to stay tuned for tomorrow's action as Ryu faces one of the most powerful fighters in the Street Fighter mythos. I's said he earned his scars honing his skills fighting polar bears in the Antarctic. He's the Russian Czar of Wrestling, and he's about to pick a fight with Ryu's little brother. Be here tomorrow as the shotokan superstar faces off against -- Zangief!

Street Fighter II V Ep. 2 (April 1995)
"The King of the Air Force" Sugii

Get a taste of the Street Fighter universe as it might have been, as young versions of our favourite protagonists - Ken and Ryu - travel across the world honing their martial arts technique. What prompts this long journey?

A night at a local drinking hole gets rough when a gang of US Air Force thugs decide to pick a fight with the young fighters. The jarheads are no match for the supreme fighting machines, but when their drill sergeant might prove more sport... Sergeant Guile!

Get acquainted with three of the most popular martial arts heroes in gaming as they pit their special moves against one and other in a barroom brawl!

Street Fighter Alpha (1999)
"Akuma: The Dark Master" Yamauchi/Romersa/Yoshida/Thornton

Soak in the fighting rivalry of Ken and Ryu as they spend a little sparring time together. Don't be fooled, these two are as good a pair of buddies as you'll find, but that's not to say they aren't without their dark secrets.

Theirs is an ancient martial art of incredible power, but not without it's dark seduction. The threat of the murderous intent and the power of the dark hadou is one that threatens the most powerful of warriors, such as Ryu!

Is Ryu's philosophy of battle pure, or is this great world warrior destined to succumb to the darkness of his inner beast? One thing's for sure; Ken will do all he can to save his best friend -- even if it means defeating him in final combat!

Street Fighter #1 (September 2003)
"Two Years Ago..." Siu-Chong/Madureira

It was one of the greatest battles in Street Fighter history, and changed the course of many lives in an instant!
Watch as Ryu gains his legendary victory over the mountainous muscle of the King of Muay Thai -- Sagat!

It is a victory that will forge one of the strongest rivalries in Street Fighter lore, and bring Ryu's fighting potential to the attentions of the man secretly behind this first street fighting tournament: The lord of Shadaloo -- M. Bison!

Check out Joe Madureira's return to American comics as he details his own version of this milestone moment in delicious detail! PLUS: Chest scar origin!

Street Fighter II #1 (November 2005)

Some might say it is here that the Street Fighter legend begins. Though the truth was remained a mystery to gamers for years, here we see the brutal reveal of the death of Ken and Ryu's legendary master - Gouken!

Displaying the terrifying potential of the dark hadou Gouken's own brother is swallowed up by his own murderous intent, turning the ancient ansatsuken style to it's most vicious technique -- shun goku satsu!

It's the aftermath of this very scene that will prompt Ken and Ryu to enter the Street Fighting world and seek out their master's killer, who is not the vile Bison, but rather the legendary disgraced warrior: Akuma!

Street Fighter II #2 (December 2005)

It's the rematch that's been coming since the first Street Fighter, and the outcome will shock all!

Seeking the teachings of the yoga master, Dhalsim, Ryu could never have imagined that he would come prematurely face-to-face with the man who dedicated his life to Ryu's destruction: Sagat!

The two were supposed to face each other in the tournament, but baring the scars of his humiliation, Sagat unleashes the devestating full power of his Muay Thai style! Sagat has been training and his skills are better than ever, but will brutality defeat Ryu, or does Sagat have a new weapon in his arsenal?

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