Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Infinite Wars are open to most forms of comic book related combat, but it's always just a little bit special when it neatly falls into convention. The thrill of the one-on-one measure is unparalleled, but if there's a close second, it's two-on-two tag team action!

If you enjoyed yesterday's battle between Sagat/Vega and Ken/Ryu, then why not sample some of the battle backlog for more tag team terror?! We've got everything from unlikely team-ups, to old hands, and they're all ready to duke it out against the most dastardly combinations in town!

Amazing Spider-man Annual #4 (1967)
"The Web and the Flame!" Lee/Lieber

The Human Torch has landed himself a part in a big Hollywood picture, and Spider-man couldn't be happier... to spoil it for him! This age-old feud kicks off once more when Spidey mistakes a scene in the film for a real-life rampage by the flaming superhero!

Little do the pair know, their bitter rivalry is soon to be fuelled by a dastardly duo hidden in the shadows!
It's movie set mayhem as the Wingless Wizard and Mysterio team-up to mess with the minds of their most hated foes! Can Spidey and the Torch put their differences behind them, or when the filming wraps, will villainy reign supreme in the final cut? Roll credits!

Power Man & Iron Fist #66 (December 1980)
"The Jade Tiger!" Duffy/Gammill

Nightwing Restorations has taken a job that involves "restoring" a priceless jade tiger to it's rightful owner, and even though few are better to deliver the goods, they're up against a new breed in crime!

Sabretooth and the Constrictor have been employed by the art stealing crime boss in question, and have trapped Misty Knight in the magnetized vault, leaving Colleen Wing to narrowly escape with her life!

Enter the tag team might of the heroes-for-hire, Luke Cage and Danny Rand! It's an old fashioned throwdown as Power Man abandons stealth in favour of strength! Sweet Christmas!

Ghost Rider #40 (August 1993)
"Hunters" Mackie/Garney

Blade has become the recipient of the Demogorge and is on a rampage to kill not only vampires, but ALL mystical elements in the lower city portion of New York.

Ghost Rider and Frank Drake are on the trail of the daywalker as he slaughters his way through the underworld, devouring the powers of all who fall before his sword, and Ghost Rider is about to be on the menu!

Sharing a twisted common goal; Demogoblin joins Blade in his extermination of sages and sinners, but a creature of demonic magic himself, surely he is in danger too!
Magic mayhem as these two powerhouse teams clash!

Captain America #6 (April 1997)
"Soldiers" Liefeld/Loeb

Earth's mightiest heroes are dead: killed by Onslaught.
Pfft, try telling that to the sentinel of liberty, Captain America!

It's a universe blurring team-up through reality as Cable somehow finds himself in the pocket universe of the Heroes Reborn. Not one to shy away from battle, Cable joins the Captain in the fight of their lives as they go up against the reborn team-up of MODOK and Baron Zemo!

With the odds stacked against the heroes, MODOK and Zemo may yet fullfil the prophecy of death that befell the Captain, and bring Cable along for the ride, too!

Batman #647 (January 2006)
"Franchise Part 2: The Away Team" Winick/Mahnke

Jason Todd has returned from the dead, and having assumed the identity of the new Red Hood, he has begun a rampage across Gotham. Destroying those that oppose him, and uniting the gangs that obey, the Hood is causing more than a headache for Batman and Black Mask.

Enter the Society, who have promised Black Mask the benefits of an unlimited army of super villains if he joins them, and offers them the same supports in-kind.

Thus, Batman and the Hood are together again, in an unlikely team-up against Captain Nazi and the feral Hyena! Oh yeah, and don't expect the Society to play by the tag team rules!

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