Saturday, November 24, 2007

You might be expecting some super Street Fighting, given thant it is Saturday, but alas, the Street Fighters have been bumped back to Sundays, as per the War Plans [observed stage right, beneath the PayPal donate button -- wink-wink].
I finally deemed Saturdays are just too darn busy, while the sabbath provides an ironic window to get some work done. Chika-chika, oww!

If you enjoyed last night's update [Daredevil #91], then maybe you should try diving into the back issue bins for a slice of urban black and gold. On offer we provide a variety of urban bound heroes and villains, including the preceding DD appearance of site-favourite, Tombstone! Remember kids: he plays above his weight, so don't freaking mess with him!

Batman #621 (January 2004)
"Broken City: Part Two" Azzarello/Risso

The team from 100 Bullets deliver their own gritty urban take on the Dark Knight, as he pursues small time crook, Angel Lupo, for the murder of Elizabeth Lupo.

See Gotham City like you've never seen it before, as Batman delves into the quagmire of the criminal underworld, coming to blows with old enemies like the Penguin, Ventriloquist, and the bruiser, Killer Croc.

The Croc knows more than he's saying, and Batman's going to do whatever it takes to interrogate the information out of him, even if it means getting the information from his personal dentist. This gritty battle isn't for the faint of heart!

Solo #1 (December 2004)
"Date Knight" Cooke/Sale

Lighter fare as the Dark Knight detective pursues clues to a robbery where Selina Kyle - aka Catwoman - is waiting for a little alone time with her would-be lover.

In the vein of the Batman animated series comes this derivation on the 'catch me if you can' formula, as Catwoman runs Batman through the smashmouth gauntlet of romance as only she can.

Flowers, dinner, and dancing; but come the end of the night, will Batman get his kiss, or will he taste the bitter sting of this cat's claws? Find out in this superb short from living legends: Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale!

Green Arrow #45 (February 2005)
"New Blood Part Six: Coming Out" Winick/Hester

The criminal element of Star City is in flux, and the new power cleaning up the competition and organizing the gangs is Danny "The Brick" Brickwell.

A young product of the criminal justice system, Brickwell is from the school of hard knocks, rising rapidly through the ranks due to a public savvy, intelligence, and oh yeah, a mutated hide that makes him as hard as stone!

While Mia Dearden pursues aspirations to become a hero in her own right; Green Arrow goes head-to-head with the gangster years his junior, in a clash for control of Star City. It's a pure one-on-one showdown, no interference!

Batman #648 (February 2006)
"All they do is watch us kill: Part 1" Winick/Mahnke

Over in Gotham, the menace of the new Red Hood is plaguing mobsters and Batmen alike, as he orchestrates his own version of organizing the gangs.

Slightly unstable after his apparent resurrection, Jason Todd incurs the personal wrath of Black Mask, who has grown tired of his erratic demands, and many double crossings, often with lethal results.

Batman races to reach the location as Red Hood and Black Mask have their face-to-face final showdown, but as the tortorous kingpin of crime does battle with his former ward, he knows not the extent of Red Hood's plans!

Daredevil #90 (December 2006)
"The Devil Takes a Ride: Part 2" Brubaker/Lark/Gaudiano

Under the misdirection of a jail break-out staged by the Punisher, Matt Murdock takes flight to Europe, following the clues that lead to Alton Lennox -- the man who has been manipulating his life, and is ultimately responsible for the death of Foggy Nelson.

Having already involved himself in the goings-on of a local organized crime family, Daredevil is surprised to encounter the hired thuggery of NY resident, Tombstone!

DD is up to his neck in it as he confronts the stoney muscle, and does his best to rescue a woman who reminds him of his first true love, the late Karen Page!

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