Sunday, December 30, 2007

COVER TO COVER: Green Lantern's Light!
Between the Fantasy Fights, and our usual brand of fisticuffery, there's been a whole lot of overdue love for the Green Lanterns! Even so, there's a whole lot of those crazy space-cops, and you might still be in need of a GL fix to get you through your day. Hey, let our decree go out across the universe! Secret Wars on Infinite Earths is a Green Lantern Corps friendly zone!

If you missed some of our recent banter, or are just looking for some of those forgotten gems (emeralds, to be specific) of the past, then look no further.
Well, okay, look a little bit further. You'll have to scroll down to get through all of the five covers and blurbs we've prepared for your dining pleasure!

Green Lantern/Silver Surfer (December 1995)
"Unholy Alliances" Marz/Banks

It's a day like any other in Greenwich Village!
Birds singing, children playing, inter-dimensional eloper attempting to take over your universe... Wait a second!

Kyle Rayner is rocked from his drawing table as Terrax the Tamer makes his presence known in the DC Universe!
Having crossed over with the intention to conquer the alternate world, the former herald of Galactus succeeds in his plans to lure out the Green Lantern: the one foe he has been told can stand in his way.

The inexperienced Rayner is in for the fight of his life as he goes up against the power cosmic, new school style!

Marvel versus DC #3 (April 1996)
"The Showdown of the Century!" Marz/Castellini

As the two cosmic brothers pit their champions against one and other; the Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner and Silver Surfer meet for a second time, albeit under unpleasant circumstances.

Forced to set their friendship aside, the inter-dimensional cosmic powers go head-to-head in a battle royale for the fate of the universe! Each does their bit to represent their universe, with tallied loser to be obliterated!

In their last encounter Green Lantern was thoroughly outclassed by Silver Surfer, but with the stakes so high, can anything be certain in the showdown of the century?

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 (December 2004)
"Blackest Night" Johns/Van Sciver

Mysterious elements are stirring in the background of the DC Universe, but irrespective, life goes on!

Green Arrow and his ward, Mia Dearden, are shocked by an explosion from the basement, as they suit up for a night of patrol as Star City's crime-fighting archers!

Below, they find the intrusion of Black Hand, who has come to seek artifacts from the forgotten past. The Green Arrow easily renders Black Hand incapacitated, but other forces would see a more damning punishments handed out. The Spectre has arrived to finish the job, but it's his true mission that may prove far more shocking than his method of justice!

Blue Beetle #1 (May 2006)
"Blue Monday" Giffen/Rogers/Hamner

Having played a vital role in the defeat of a wayward Brother Eye satellite; the new Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, plummets to Earth, unseen by his fellow heroes.

Alone in the desert, hope arrives in the form of the hotheaded Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, but there's only one problem: All signals are blaring as the GL ring identifes Blue Beetle as a dangerous magical threat!

Unhinged at the best of times, Guy Gardner launches into an all-out offensive, and the inexperienced Reyes has no control over his suit's defensives! Brutal battle, or hilarious display of slapstick? You decide, as Guy Gardner pits his might against a teenager!

Green Lantern #24 (December 2007)
"Home Invasion" Johns/Reis

Sinestro and his Corps of fear-wielding yellow lanterns has emerged from hiding in the anti-matter universe of Qward, and their plans prove very different to what is expected.

Leaving Oa to the Green Lanterns; Sinestro leads the Anti-Monitor and his men to Earth, where cosmic imbalances leave an multi-dimensional weakness exposed to attack.

As terrifying as the Anti-Monitor's plans to destroy the matter universe to inheret the remains may be, Hal Jordan has far bigger concerns! Kyle Rayner has fallen to the taint of Parallax, and in Coast City, he's about ready to have a little fun with Hal's brother and his family. Never cross a cop!

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