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They were once a peaceful race of shape-shifters, but once driven to a life of conquest, their battle lust became insatiable. The Skrull identity has become one inevitably characterized by battle and conquest - traits ingrained in the Skrull psyche by fervid wartime culture, as much as any genetic predispositions, though they would have you believe the latter, as they themselves do.

These militant invaders from beyond would come to seek conquest of the tiny planet Earth, finding an unlikely strain of resistance for a planet considered so remote. Over the decades they suffered innumerable defeats at the likes of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and Silver Surfer.

In 2008; the most recent invasion plans will be hatched, as the Skrull employ the use of technologies acquired from a cabal of Earth's most powerful heroes. Technologies that allow them to disguise themselves better than before, hidden in plain sight, and masked to even the most spirited of detection methods.

If Earth is to be invaded, then you the reader must be ready and informed to recognise any mistake, any sign, that will give these green skinned aliens away. The Infinite Wars archives offer you information on some of the Skrull's greatest champions, and defeats motive for revenge. Use it wisely, assuming of course, this entire resource isn't just another nestled ploy of Skrull misdirection!

Incredible Hulk #374 (October 1990)
"No Autographs" David/Keown

If you thought the Skrulls were new to disguised infiltration, then you have a lot to learn, friend!

Watch as the Hulk, Rick Jones, and Betty Ross come face to face with an incursion led by none other than Kl'rt; the Super-Skrull champion granted the powers of the Skrull's most hated Earthbound enemies -- the Fantastic Four!

Typical human compassion not found in the warrior-born Skrull elite... is on full show, as Rick Jones endures the psychological torture, while, as Bruce Banner; the Hulk walks helplessly into the alien invader's trap, lured by the helplessness of a lost little girl. It's clobberin' time!

Fantastic Four #358 (November 1991)
"Whatever happened to Alicia?!" DeFalco/Ryan

The Human Torch is about to discover the woman he married is not who anyone thought she was!

Watch in horror as the blind sculptress' web of deceit comes undone, tearing Marvel's first family apart! Revealed as a Skrull; the phony Alicia is tossed aside, despite her empassion pleas, as the FF take off for space to rescue the real Alicia who is being held in stasis!

Though the truth is revealed far sooner than the Skrull would intend, they welcome the Fantastic Four's opposition as the latest soldier of science is unleashed in the field: Introducing the Power Skrull -- Paibok!

Fantastic Four #6 (April 1997)
"Retribution" Lee/Choi

Trapped in a pocket universe of their son's design; Reed Richards and Susan Storm are again about to come face-to-face; with their allies Thing, Human Torch, and the Black Panther; with their oldest foe -- for the first time!

Prisoners in Latveria; the FF and Wakandan ruler become the guests of Dr. Victor Von Doom. As he reveals a plot to harness the unfathomable cosmic energies of a mysterious stranger from space, Doom's hand in the heroes' fate is revealed with yet another twist: His man is a double-agent!

With the Super-Skrull revealed, a struggle begins as the various super powers compete for the energies of a living star!

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (February 2007)

Hidden from their friends and allies, the collective known as The Illuminati make decisions to steer the course of super-human events on Earth.

Having been narrowly defeated by the combined forces of Earth's mightiest heroes, and the Kree armada; the Skrull plot their bitter revenge. Tired of invasion plots, the Illuminati confront the shape-shifting aliens with a warning: Earth is off limits.

Five alone against the Skrull armada prove to be odds too overwhelming, leading to the secret sect's capture, and the Imperial acquisiton of the secrets of the power!
The keys to the Skrull Invasion begin here!

New Avengers #27 (April 2007)
"Revolution: Part One" Bendis/Yu

Even before the Invasion begins, the Secret Avengers are unwittingly there to confront the machinations of the Skrull sleeper agent who has taken control of The Hand!

Disguised as Elektra, the Skrull soldier commands the mystically empowered legion of ninja against the one called Ronin, bringing her into full conflict with the American heroes who mount a rescue mission.

The defeat of "Elektra" marks the beginning of Earth's underestanding of their predicament. With the first Skrull revealed, the super community already divided by suspicion and paranoia is presented with what could be the ultimate answer -- or hardest question!

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