Monday, December 03, 2007

Alright, in November you got mucked around a bit with these.
In the short period we've been feasting on ourselves, the Cover to Cover feature has made a tradition of carrying some sort of weight with a theme. Often it has been an opportunity to spin directly out of a recent post, giving new War Mongers an opportunity to take a look back at previously featured battles.

Well, we're not going to be anywhere near that original this month.
No, sir! December is all about reflecting backward in the most broad way possible! Take solace in the fact that, at the very least, our unoriginal take on the year end tradition is carried by features from this, the original comic book fight club (as far as we know).
Now press the button my friend, and send me back through time!

Power Man & Iron Fist #90 (February 1983)
"The Untouchable!" Busiek/Cowan

They call him 'The Untouchable', and as the Heroes for Hire are about to discover, Unus is every bit that!

The Italian mutant menace is hitting up mom and pop stores unopposed, and it'll be a sweet Christmas before the Heroes for Hire turn their back on that kinda jive!
For just a quarter Luke Cage accepts employment from a small child, whose father's candy store has been raided.

Having already been defeated by the man with the impenetrable forcefield, it's round two as the steely skinned Power Man teams up with his buddy, Iron Fist, to find the weak spot in Unus' unbeatable defense!

Marvel Team-Up #145 (September 1984)
"Hometown Boy" Isabella/LaRocque

On assignment in Cleveland; Daily Bugle photographer Peter Parker [aka; the Spectacular Spider-man!] finds himself in the middle of a Maggia meltdown at the 26th Annual convention for electronics engineers!

Marc Scarlotti -- aka the villain called Blacklash -- has been lured back to a life of crime by the Maggia organization, after struggling to turn his skills to a lawful life as an engineer.

Iron Man is on hand to team-up with Spidey as they seek to end convention besmirchment by Blacklash, but with powers blazing, the pair soon learn a far greater struggle is being waged within Blacklash himself.

Uncanny X-Men #194 (June 1985)
"Juggernaut's Back In Town!" Claremont/Romita Jr

The Juggernaut may be back in town, but he's the least of anybody's worries! The immovable magically powered Jugg-head is about to become the unsuspecting target of the mutant hunting android from the future - Nimrod!

The X-Men are forced into an unlikely team-up as they join the beseiged Juggernaut in a battle against unstoppable law-enforcing Sentinel technology from the future!

Designed to counter-act the abilities of the mutants, Nimrod proves a stubborn opponent for the assembly of powers. With teamwork failing, Rogue is forced to step-up, to prove the true strength of the sum of their abilities!

Dark Knight Returns #4 (June 1986)
"The Dark Knight Falls" Frank Miller

In a grim and gritty future, the superheroes are gone; forgotten in a time when humanity has grown suspicious of their mysterious protectors, and blamed them for the evils they combat.

Sick of leaving the city unchecked, Batman comes out of retirement to again plague the criminal underworld with his unique brand of brutal justice. Stirring the emotions of uncomfortable world leaders, Batman provokes the return of another -- the political puppet, Superman!

Having already defeated enemies old and new, Batman has but one final battle to wage. In a poetic conclusion, two heroes stand against one and other, the first, and the last, with only one of them able to walk away...

Suicide Squad #2 (June 1987)
"Trial By Fire" Ostrander/McDonnell

When the crime is too dirty for the colourful costumes of the world's greatest superheroes, the last line of defense is the most unlikely of collectives.

Headed up by Amanda Waller, and comprised of the purchased and the forced; the Suicide Squad march into secret war against the terrorist forces of the Crimson Jihad and their like, pledged to serve and protect - or else!

Divided to conquer in Northern Qurac; Deadshot takes the fight to the man-monster, Manticore! Fighting in the space of an elevator shaft, Deadshot puts on a clinic, revealing the perils of having chinks in ones armor!

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