Monday, December 10, 2007

Now, some people will tell you that it's about here you want to start thinking about hitting the eject button, but you know what? Those people are nazi bastards who wouldn't know fun times if they read that opinion a message board, and regurgitated it at a later date! (Hypothetical burrrnnnn!)

For those who came in late: Mondays in December are all about taking a look back in the lead-up to the end of the year! The past twenty-five years are encapsulated by picks obscure and obvious, directing you to one from each annual. If you want to see more from that era, you can [as always] find the date's tag at the bottom fo that post, and find yourself a whole world of nostalgia!
Now press the button, my friend! And send me back through time!

Silver Surfer #13 (July 1988)
"Masques!" Englehart/Staton

The Kree Supreme Intelligence has been replaced in a devilish plot hatched by their bitter enemies: the Skrull!
In an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, the phony leader directs his greatest champion - Ronan the Accuser - to seek out and accuse their cosmic enemy, Silver Surfer!

Determined to serve, Ronan does exactly that, finding the Surfer faring the spacewaves with a fellow exiled herald to Galactus - Nova! Though she attempts to aid the Surfer in his battle; Kree science nullifies her ability to interfere.

Get a history lesson as two of the powers that opposed the Annihilation Wave come to blows in a cosmic showdown of epic proportions!

Amazing Spider-man #327 (December 1989)
"Cunning Attractions!" Michelinie/Larsen

Not a hoax! Not a dream! Not an imaginary story!

The villains have pooled their efforts to swap intelligence and test new attacks against their most bitter of foes. These acts of vengeance lead Magneto into an unlikely showdown with Spider-man, whom he believes may in fact be a mutant, like those in his Brotherhood!

It should be a cakewalk for the master of magnetism, but whoops. Spidey's found himself in possession of the cosmic power of Captain Universe, which means Magneto may just have bitten off more than he can chew! An omni-powered, spider-bitten, wall-crawling, Spider-man!

Captain America Annual #9 (1990)
"The Terminus Factor: You Are What You Eat" Thomas/Thomas/Valentino

Long before the Civil War; Captain America and Iron Man came to bitter blows as a result of a far more insidious influence. From beneath the Earth's crust, Terminus had begun germinating, and infected waters and all who drank from them -- including Tony Stark - Iron Man!

Captain America is forced to go up against one of his oldest friends in an effort to cure him of his blood lusting trance! It's the ultimate showdown of man and machine, and as the battle spirals out of control, the Captain is forced to fight for his life in a literal cliff hanger!
The pre-fight for the eventual main event that was Civil War!

Fantastic Four #358 (November 1991)
"Whatever happened to Alicia?!" DeFalco/Ryan

Skrulls have infiltrated the Avengers and quite possibly the Marvel Universe, but guess what? They've done it plenty of times before!

Watch in horror as the Fantastic Four learn the terrible secret that threatens to tear them apart: Alicia Masters is a Skrull! Whoa, cool your jets there, true believer!
What I meant to say is, Alicia has been replaced by a Skrull, which means she never married the Human Torch, and is being held in stasis on a Skrull warship!

Marvel's first family are fighting for their own as they clash with Paibok and an entire army of Skrulls, for the fate of Alicia!

Fantastic Four #361 (February 1992)
"Miracle on Yancy Street!" Ryan/DeFalco

'Tis the season to be jolly, but for the youth and vagrants of Yancy Street, that's easier said than done! The despondent of this small community are disappearing, and when Thing's brought in to investigate, all roads lead to the most unlikely of parties: Dr. Doom!

In a wacky team-up with the latest generation of the Yancy Street Gang; the Thing has to go solo against Dr. Doom and an army of Doombots to save his best friend's son! And the strangest twist of all will come when Doom reveals his reasons for returning to America, and the secret behind the kidnappings!

Will Thing even want to thwart Doom's plans?

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