Monday, December 17, 2007

When you can't get enough of the Infinite Wars, sometimes you've just got to go back to the classics. In the lead up to the new year we're looking back on the last twenty-five years of comic book fisticuffs, all of which has appeared on Secret Wars on Infintie Earths during our two years of reviewing!

As we enter the nineties we pass through a tumultuous era where comics fall between the culturally significant, and the downright disposable! For many it was the obligatory time they were 'out of comics', so this might just be a great opportunity to catch up, even though Maximum Carnage got overlooked for a X-over... Now press the button my friend, and send me back through time!

X-Men #25 (October 1993)
"Fatal Attractions: Dreams Fade" Nicieza/Kubert

Tensions have been building for decades, but as Magneto declares war against humanity, so too does humanity respond in kind with it's Magneto Protocols.

With the Earth surrounded in an electromagnetic field, Magneto refuses to be exiled to his orbital headquarters in Asteroid M, and defies Earth's defenses by summoning all of his powers to return. The move inadvertently throws much of the planet into darkness, the result being an electromagnetic pulse.

With advanced technology and a responsibility to bare; Professor X leads his X-Men into a final battle with the master of magnetism, with horrifying losses to both sides.

Spectacular Spider-man #215 (August 1994)
"The Predator and the Prey: The Monster Within" DeFalco/Lackey/Buscema

The Scorpion is having an identity crisis, and is about to find direction from the most unlikely of places!

Finding an unusual kindred spirit in the broken facade of a Mac Gargan who has come to identify himself by his garrish costume; a wealthy china magnate, Phillip Cussler Sr, seeks to utilize the Scorpion's powers, while bestowing upon the sewer dwelling villain an intelligence and self-confidence he has come to lack.

Scorpion gets a shot at his long awaited rematch when he lures Spider-man to the sewers, but believe me, you won't believe the outcome!

Iron Man #312 (January 1995)
"Hands of the Mandarin" Kaminski/Morgan

The Mandarin's reign of terror on Iron Man's life comes to a head as the villain wages war on technology and America.

With the members of Force Works there to back him up, Iron Man throws himself on the coals in an effort to bring an end to his never ending feud with his ancient asian assailant.

Having entered the Mandarin's castle, Iron Man is at his mercies, but things are not as they seem, and as the villain is about to discover, the marriage of technology and organics can be a powerful thing. The story that kept Mandarin out of action until NOW in the lead up to the movie!

Fantastic Four #412 (May 1996)
"Settling the Score with the Sub-Mariner!" DeFalco/Ryan

It's a feud of super-Shakespearean proportions!

Throughout the decades the Sub-Mariner has often sought the hand of the fair Susan Storm, and during the absence of her husband he was there to aid her in her struggles -- but now that Reed's home, he's not too happy about it.

Having survived the ordeal that left his team believing he was dead; Mr. Fantastic has to survive the throws of passionate jealousy as years of pent-up aggression explode! It's an all-out macho throwdown and the Invisible Woman is the least of their worries!

Deadpool #4 (April 1997)
"Why is it, to save me, I must kill you?" Kelly/McGuinness

Earth's mightiest heroes are dead, and the only one who can save us from the rampage of the Incredible Hulk is the merc' with a mouth: Danananana -- Deadpool!

Well, okay, not quite.
It seems 'Pool's healing factor has been on the fritz, and the only thing that can get him back on track to restoring his dismembered digits is a sample of the Hulk's oozing, gamma irradiated green blood. Easy, right? WRONG!

The Hulk is none too keen to give up the sample, but with his better half trapped in a pocket universe, DP's actually in with a chance as he takes the war to the Hulk!

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