Monday, December 24, 2007

2008 draws ever closer, and as we countdown the final days of 2007, so to do we countdown the years that have passed in reviews on Secret Wars on Infinite Earths! Join us as we continue our journey beyond the bumpy years of the nineties' "collectors boom" to emerge in the creative reawakening!

The Infinite Wars get into the thick of things as we get closer to today, which means not only more reviews to be found out of these, but also the opportunity to catch representation from across the board! Yes, that's right! DC (or is that, Batman?) finally get their cover-to-cover twenty-five dues! Now press the button my friend, and send me back into time!

Thor #1 (July 1998)
"In Search of the Gods" Jurgens/Romita Jr

For a year Earth's mightiest heroes were thought dead, but after the battle with Onslaught, time spent in a pocket universe, and a cosmic survivor bout with the Celestials -- the Avengers, Fantastic Four and Thor are back!

The Norse God of Thunder emerges after a near-death tussle with the sinister Dr. Doom, but his triumph proves hollow when he returns to an empty kingdom: Asgard abandoned and in ruins, devoid of even the foul Loki!

Thor returns to Earth to confront a new chapter in his destiny, and it begins with a confrontation with the Norse bringer of destruction: Avengers versus The Destroyer!

Street Fighter Alpha (1999)
"The Tournament Begins" Yamauchi/Yoshida

His master Gouken is dead - killed by Akuma - and on the eve of his murder, his star pupil Ryu is faced with the damning temptation of the same dark energies that empower Akuma and his murderous intent.

Ryu is far from alone in his internal struggle, joined not only by lifelong friend, Ken Masters; but also a cast of new friends including Sakura, Chun-Li, and a mysterious young Brazilian boy claiming to be his brother - Shun!

The street fighters head to the next big tournamnet, where Shun uncovers his own connection to the dark hadou energy when he faces the Russian wrestler- Zangief!

Batman: Dark Victory #3 (February 2000)
"Toys" Loeb/Sale

With the Holiday killings still fresh in the memory of Gotham city gangsters, freaks, cops, and heroes; the Dark Knight Detective finds himself confronted with a brand new slew of serial killings committed in conjunction with the calendar -- and this time the killer is a Hangman!

The cast of the Long Halloween reunite as the Falcone empire becomes embroiled in a new battle with Batman, Catwoman, and the police, as the lines between mobster and freak begin to blur.

In the early goings Batman is launching a preemptive assault, seeking answers wherever they may lie, beginning with the gangled silence of Jonathan Crane: Scarecrow!

Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 (November 2001)
"Book One" Frank Miller

When the Dark Knight returned he challenged an establishment that had shunned it's greatest heroes, and took the fight direct to their boyscout puppet: Superman!

After faking his death in the battle, Batman will Strike Again, but not before he frees a few more of his fellows from their oppresive bondage, and razes his army of Sons of the Bat -- former street punks who've joined his cause.

Superman brings the fight to Batman in a rematch that sees Batman not only well prepared, but with plenty of people lining up to take a shot at the superhero who turned his earth-moving back on the Justice League!

Batman #608 (December 2002)
"Hush: The Ransom" Loeb/Lee

A grossly mutated Killer Croc has joined a pack of mercenaries in an effort to kidnap one of Gotham's rich heirs to a fortune. Concerned for the child's predicament, the Dark Knight is swift in delivering his justice, but soon learns this is but the beginning!

Killer Croc's a man motivated, and Batman will have to pull out all his tricks to take on the hulking crocodilian in a rooftop battle. Meanwhile, Catwoman is ready to capitalize on the distraction and pick-up the winnings for herself!

Is she acting alone, or is their a heirarchy of alternates pulling the strings, leading to a brand new rogue in Batman's growing cast of enemies? Hush begins here!

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