Saturday, January 12, 2008

COMIK-POLITIK: Red, White, and Boobs!

"... That champion of truth, justice,
and American sensuality, Wonder Woman."

Playboy Playmate of 2005, Tiffany Fallon, appears on cover painted as WW.

Playboy fighting for #1 Men's Magazine status!
William Moulton Marston rolls in grave. Submissively.
Wonder Woman downgraded from Miss America to Playmate. Fan interests aroused.
Lasso of truth directs American women to garage toolbox' everywhere.
Articles said to be more interesting than WW comic has been in years.
Feminists enraged by existence of nude pictorials in magazines. Welcomed to 1950s.
Commentators exceed projected figures for easy jokes and innuendos in January 2008.
Infinite Wars Amazon referral rate increases mysteriously.
[Pink Raygun: You're no Wonder, Wonder Woman! (NSFW)]

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