Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a brand new year of Infinite Wars and we're opening this new chapter with a whole mess of other new chapters! Over two years we've accumulated quite a few reviews of first issues, and late in 2007 the quality of such an issue became a hot topic of discussion. Now's our opportunity to look at them all at once!

We're touring through the mid double-oh's as we hit eleven through fifteen.
Many of these titles will be fresh in mind. How will the benefit of hindsight have changed your opinion of how they developed? Were they as good or bad as you first thought? Why not let us know in the comments section?

Street Fighter #1 (September 2003)
"Stage 01" Siu-Chong/Lee

The tendrils of the international crime syndicate "Shadaloo" reach far and wide across the globe, even to the streets, where petty criminals like Birdie do their best to provoke the interests of the dark overlord: Bison!

When Birdie and his thugs threaten a restaurant, the travelling martial artist Ryu is on hand to stand up for the weak. Not that he has to! Law enforcement is also on the scene, and under the leadership of Guile, more than happy to clean up a little Shadaloo trash!

The first issue of UDON's all-star handling of the Street Fighter franchise. Never have SF comics looked so good!

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 (December 2004)
"Blackest Night" Johns/Van Sciver

The fall of any hero is a devestating case, but for Hal Jordan his legacy is one of destruction, and the end of the proud tradition fostered by the Green Lantern Corps.

Despite his passing he remains a beacon in the universe, and when one of his old foes comes looking for a long forgotten artifact in the care of Oliver Queen; aka Green Arrow; Jordan pays an unsolicited visit.

It's Green Arrow and his ward, Mia Dearden, up against the surprise incursion on the Queen Estate by the Black Hand, who has come looking for a trinket from the past. What he will find, instead, is vengeance from the Spectre!

Solo #1 (December 2004)
"Date Knight" Cooke/Sale

Lighter fare as the Dark Knight detective pursues clues to a robbery where Selina Kyle - aka Catwoman - is waiting for a little alone time with her would-be lover.

In the vein of the Batman animated series comes this derivation on the 'catch me if you can' formula, as Catwoman runs Batman through the smashmouth gauntlet of romance as only she can.

Flowers, dinner, and dancing; but come the end of the night, will Batman get his kiss, or will he taste the bitter sting of this cat's claws? Find out in the first issue of the exciting defunct anthology series from DC, that showcases the work of Tim Sale!

Street Fighter II #1 (November 2005)

Some might say it is here that the Street Fighter legend begins. Though the truth was remained a mystery to gamers for years, here we see the brutal reveal of the death of Ken and Ryu's legendary master - Gouken!

Displaying the terrifying potential of the dark hadou Gouken's own brother is swallowed up by his own murderous intent, turning the ancient ansatsuken style to it's most vicious technique -- shun goku satsu!

It's the aftermath of this very scene that will prompt Ken and Ryu to enter the Street Fighting world and seek out their master's killer, who is not the vile Bison, but rather the legendary disgraced warrior: Akuma!

Captain Atom: Armageddon #1 (December 2005)
"A Scream Across the Sky" Pfeifer/Camuncoli

Having been selected to pilot a rocket into an oncoming Kryptonite asteroid that threatened the mighty Superman; Nathaniel Adam - aka; Captain Atom - disappears in what seems to be a great sacrifice.

Instead, the strange properties of the alien alloy that encases him reacts with the explosion, peeling away as he too peels through layers of reality, to emerge in a new universe!

Destined to become Earth-50: the world of Wildstorm becomes the new home of Captain Atom, at least, until he can stop fighting Mr. Majestic and employ his help to find a way home!

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