Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So it was that as 2008 ticked over to begin with a new number one, we thought we'd do likewise, and spotlight some of the [in]famous first issues of series reviewed over the last two years of Infinite Wars! With one more week of C2C fives to go, we approach ever closer to the present. A lot of you are going to have read some of these issues, so how do you feel in hindsight?

ARTWORK: Doug MahnkeSpeaking of hindsight, we're looking backward and running late yet again on the Infinite Wars. Unfortunately, writing this on the Wednesday, I regrettably lament on the shock accidental death of my countryman, and upcoming big screen Joker, Heath Ledger.
We've talked previously about having some reticence about the casting, but it's undeniable that the competence of Ledger as an actor, already seen in IMAX six minute previews, had him fixing for a major rise off the back of one of the most popular comics franchises going around. Very sad! He was twenty-eight.

Infinite Crisis #1 (December 2005)
"Infinite Crisis" Johns/Jiminez

Tensions between the Justice League are at an all time high as they real from the disappearance of Martian Manhunter, and the destruction laid to their satellite headquarters by an unknown assailant.

There to assess the damages, the "trinity" of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find themselves at odds over the course of their goals and methods. With cracks showing between the three pillars, an old foe is waiting in the wings to capitalize!

The fiend Mongul has found his moment of opportunity, but will the heroes suffer, or will it be he who tastes deadly defeat? The beginning of the event that reshaped the DCU!

Marvel Zombies #1 (February 2006)
"Marvel Zombies" Kirkman/Phillips

They came from beyond, and made contact with a young Reed Richards in the pages of Ultimate Fantastic Four, desperate to spread their plague of desperation and hunger.

From the story created by Mark Millar comes the twisting tale of a Marvel Universe overrun by a zombie plague that has claimed it's greatest heroes, and killed many others.

As one of the few super powered survivors, Magneto does his best to lead the resistance and ensure the survival of a trapped "Ultimate Reed", but with the interdimensional interloper saved, one question remains. Who'll save Magneto?!

Blue Beetle #1 (May 2006)
"Blue Monday" Giffen/Rogers/Hamner

With the crisis of the Brother Eye satellite and the armies of OMAC converts brought to an end, the crucial contribution of a new Blue Beetle goes unthanked, when young Jaime Reyes is hurled back to Earth by the mystic blue scarab.

Desperate to escape the Green Lanterns for reasons unknown, the blue scarab's worst fears come true when it's the Green Lantern, Guy Gardner, who discovers Blue Beetle upon his crash landing in the desert.

Unhinged at the best of times, Gardner is driven to madness when his ring responds to the magic of the Blue Beetle, and so, Reyes is forced to defend himself, even if it isn't he who's doing the fighting!

Civil War #1 (July 2006)
"Civil War" Millar/McNiven

When the New Warriors, starring in their own superhero reality television programme, corner a group of super villains, they soon discover the perils of fighting out of their depth in the realm of pseudo-fiction.

The resulting destruction results in the deaths of thousands of school children, with consequences felt far and wide across the Marvel Universe -- the most spanning being the initiation of a registration act to catalogue, police, and properly train superpowered individuals.

Approached by SHIELD; Captain America is the first to oppose the invasive initiative that looks to unmask many heroes with families. So begins the Civil War.

Street Fighter Legends #1 (August 2006)
Double KO/Siu-Chong/Dogan

The young Japanese puro, Rainbow Mika, is fast making a name for herself with her colourful costume, and high-flying antics inside the squared circle!

When Sakura Kusanago's idol and long distance sensei; the wandering world warrior, Ryu; tells his student of the importance of experiencing different styles, it's the perfect excuse for Sakura to take in a pro-wrestling event featuring her blue and white garbed idol!

The big match features R. Mika up against an idol of her own, the Russian Czar of wrestling, Zangief, who may be about to prove the choreography of his moves is anything but fake!

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